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It was brilliant.”. “My husband Orlando [who heads Christie’s private collections and country house sales] has also spent a lot of time reading contemporary accounts of the house and looking at old engravings. Following his death in 1981, his daughter, Lady Victoria Leatham, brought her family to live at Burghley to run the estate on the Trust’s behalf. From my office I can always hear people moving round the house, and I remember my mother saying how she found this strangely comforting.

It is lovely, for instance, to see things slot back into the window bay for which they were designed. The children knew Burghley because mum and dad were living here, but it was a still a big change for them. There was a fantastic gamekeeper here then who taught my brother, and tried to teach me, to shoot. And expect to see more of Burghley on the big and small screens too. That’s part of its magic, you get that atmosphere of a family place. An experienced coach and counsellor, with over 5,000 hours of one to one practice, she aligns her understanding of human behaviour with her business experience of working in HR at a senior level.

We also host a lot of weddings, corporate functions and other events, such as the Battle Proms Concert and Race for Life and then, of course, there are the horse trials. But neither does she want to smash that illusion. Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 3JY The first floor, a sort of piano nobile, is where all the State Rooms are, so we don’t come down to breakfast in our pyjamas. It’s my hope that this continues. If we didn’t love that atmosphere of a country house, we wouldn’t be here. We’ve had a lot of TV lately.” Especially fascinating was Climbing Great Buildings, despite the collective gasp that must have gone out when a crew turned up asking to scramble all over the historic building with climbing gear. I know they are safe so they can gallop around endlessly. Miranda is Accredited as a Master Executive Coach by the Association for Coaching, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. View the profiles of people named Miranda Rock. “My grandparents had moved here in the fifties, when my mother was a young girl, at a time when all the heating and the lighting was still provided by gas, manufactured on the estate. It’s the sort of thing that sends a chill down your spine, knowing that the ninth Earl went to Naples, chose a picture, and you can see where he hung it. We live on the ground floor of the house and sleep on the second floor. FULL OF SURPRISES

Towards the end of their tenure, my parents launched the Garden of Surprises, a water garden designed by my mother and the garden expert, George Carter, which is based on the Trick Garden at Lord Burghley’s other great house, Theobalds. When I applied for the job at Burghley, we had a house in London, the children were in school and we had a really good family rhythm. It opened in 2007, the year that we moved in and it has become a favourite destination for families in the area. see: www.burghley.co.uk, This website also has a searchable database of some of the art to be seen at the house, with more items being added all the time It is a drop in the ocean but it is still very, very important to us. In a good year, they might pay for two chimneys to be restored and pinned. Built between 1555 and 1587 by Elizabeth I’s confidant and Lord High Treasurer, William Cecil, Lord Burghley, the house has changed little over the centuries, save for the loss of a wing and the addition of some magnificent parkland, both thanks to landscape architect ‘Capability’ Brown. Miranda believes that self-awareness produces self development. “It had to be hurriedly taken out of Venice by night on a gondola. I remember my grandparents sitting right there, endlessly doing puzzles,” she gestures, across the expansive drawing room in which the interview with The Moment is taking place. In 1969, the 6th Marquess of Exeter, finding himself with no direct male heir, entrusted the estate to the Burghley House Preservation Trust. //echo $msg; ?>Welcome to The Moment magazine online - Saturday 7th November 2020, Touching history at Peterborough Cathedral. Small and selective is what we want to be, with everything we do, rather than mass market.” The Bjorn Again ABBA tribute concert is, perhaps, the most mainstream event that Burghley stages. That has been slightly spoilt by the later wall paintings, but the ceiling is amazing. And we were really pleased with that event. And you try and do the right thing.”, Seeing her own four children – ranging in ages from two to 11 – growing up here is also something quite special. With 30 years’ experience of working psychodynamically, and 10 years with a Cognitive Behavioural approach where appropriate, Miranda brings a deep understanding of human behaviour which underpins her coaching style. Television is just as major as big budget cinema though, “because you get an instant response. We hit it off … “Part of my responsibility is to live here, which is a great honour. He had affairs with housemaids, who he then immortalised on the ceiling in compromising poses. It is one of only five State Rooms that [Antonio] Verrio painted here at Burghley, and it is definitely the most successful, although his Hell staircase is a pretty staggering achievement as well. Registered in England and Wales Company No 07352411. In the last few years she has been bringing this experience to her work with teams, and is currently part of the faculty, developing and delivering a team coaching programme within a coaching organisation. It’s a bit like going to the cinema for the afternoon, there’s that escapism. Before becoming a full time coach, Miranda spent 10 years in senior HR positions in the offshore financial and legal sector. There is a finite amount of money so we have always got to be very careful where we spend it. They have an amazing amount of freedom. About 12 years ago in New York, I was introduced to Miranda and Orlando Rock, a charming British couple living in a loft in Tribeca. “We’re very conscious of what we want to project here, we don’t just do anything. It really is a job for two people, as you have got to be able to share things in the evening. It’s endlessly fascinating.” And she shares one of her favourite works, a Bassano depiction of The Adoration of the Magi. This September they celebrate their 50th anniversary, and they are still massively important for Burghley. “It’s them, as well as my grandfather’s hopes for Burghley, that I carry in my head every day when I’m working. It is rather nice to restore things to where they ought to be. It is more of a hook into people’s lives. People see the plastic toys lying around in the courtyard or footballs by the front door. I forget sometimes how much they have all adapted to life here. “But everyone loves ABBA,” Miranda confides. After a gap of nearly seven months, Peterborough Cathedral is starting up its guided tours again this weekend, Friday... You can view The Moment Magazine online using our virtual e-reader. It’s not just about stepping back in time.”, Although increasing visitor numbers – and therefore the money that can be put back into the house and grounds – is important, the image of Burghley is foremost in Miranda’s mind, as demonstrated by the sort of events held in the park. It is that sort of movement that keeps the building alive.”, Read on for insights of Houghton Hall in Norfolk, Receive monthly interiors inspiration and design ideas delivered directly to your inbox. “By the time she came to live here, my mother had been working at Sotheby’s for years, and was a very experienced generalist, so we always had a lot of art experts coming to the house. It’s 24/7, all through the year. I can go and look at his portraits and then see the things he chose to buy. Words: The Reverend Canon Tim Alban Jones, Vice Dean of Peterborough. So that’s the set-up we have; a mechanism where there is a body of trustees who take the big decisions and oversee the budget, and I work for them as part of the trust.”, But, being family, the role of director is much more than just a job. A celebration of the quintessentially English style of decorating, The English Home magazine showcases beautifully elegant interiors alongside expert tips and buying advice from internationally acclaimed designers.Add to this an appreciation for distinctly British traditions and craftsmanship, plus seasonal entertaining ideas, and the result is a gloriously evocative and engaging read. I would like to carry on, as it has taken about three years to feel confident with all aspects of my job here, plus it would be nice to move on from this period of retrenchment and consolidation.


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