minister of sustainability and environment

This motion is just another stunt in a long line of reckless actions by those opposite since questions were asked on 2 July. He says: There is sufficient concern for us in terms of not so much what we have measured in the house but what we have measured in the soils; that there are very high levels of vapour in the soil. If my home is full of toxic fumes, I guess I have to get out, but I have not been contacted by anyone to tell me what is going on. Ian Hentschke then asks him, 'So they are higher than two micrograms in the soil.' Clearly, in this case we have not been able to achieve that. Since the story of the TCE contamination in Clovelly Park and Mitchell Park broke just over three weeks ago, I have to say that the Minister for Environment has not seemed interested in genuinely answering questions about this serious potential public and environmental health issue. Residents who were interviewed by the media took a different view from the government: they would like to have known sooner rather than later. The minister has shown disregard for the residents of Clovelly Park and Mitchell Park and the broader community, and the motion is well justified. He repeats that communication will take place with residents first and that he will get back to the parliament in due course. Where is the detailed cooperation and communication between the EPA, the health department, the environment and natural resources areas and the government and cabinet? In late 2019, a multi-agency workgroup was setup to tackle the twin issues of food waste and food insecurity in Singapore. I have all the facts. We will provide the results to the community as soon as possible. Ministry Inaugurates Environmentally Sustainable Al Wakra Walkway. On FIVEaa, on Leon Byner's program on 3 July, minister Hunter lamented that the issue was raised in parliament and changed the government's communication strategy. Four sources of groundwater contamination are now under question in this suburb, with concern that underground plumes have spread beneath nearby housing and is being transmitted through soil as vapour. After 10 years of hard work, deforestation in Indonesia is going down. Finally, what I would say is that, in supporting this motion, we are seeking to send a message to the state government that it does have its priorities wrong in relation to the environment but—I have to say this—nothing in this support should imply that we have confidence in the alternative government either. The Ministry of Municipality and Environment, represented by Al Wakra Municipality, launched the Al Wakra Walkway, an environmentally sustainable walkway, as part of the activities of Qatar Sustainability Week 2020 and coinciding with the accession of Al Wakra to the membership of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). For days and days he has been grumpy and churlish—not just in this place, which we, unfortunately, have become accustomed to—to just about every media outlet known to mankind in the state. In 2011 a hotspot was detected at the Reckitt & Colman site. That is not democracy for the people of this state, and that is not what the Westminster system is about. I then asked whether residents had been informed that they would be asked to vacate their properties. It is not near the Reckitt & Colman hotspot where the other high readings have taken place.
I.K. We have agencies saying, ‘No, we're not going to pay for or provide health checks,’ for these innocent people—some of whom have been encouraged to move in there with new subdivision developments in recent years—and then the Premier is saying, ‘Well, they will have health checks paid for.’ At this point in time, I do not know whether they are going to get health checks paid for or not; there is no clear communication. I cannot see that this has happened, so it is difficult for us to know whether the EPA accepted a handshake agreement that was reneged upon, whether it failed to put appropriate time lines in any written agreement, or whether it did not ever put its mind to an appropriate time frame for testing. Surely, if your health were potentially at risk you would want to know right away, not just when the government had prepared a PR plan. We know that there was a reading of 84 micrograms of TCE per cubic metre in one room in one round of testing, but what we often do not hear is that that was a test in one room in a vacant, closed-up home. The minister provided a ministerial statement, which I find fault with on the following points: 1.It focuses at length on letters and communications between the EPA and authorities with residents, which are already on the public record and effectively not new information. READ: Commentary: I care about climate change. Doha: The Ministry of Municipality and Environment, represented by Al Wakra Municipality, launched the Al Wakra Walkway, an environmentally sustainable walkway, as part of the activities of Qatar Sustainability Week 2020 and coinciding with the accession of Al Wakra to the membership of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC).

Testing has been done as relevant information has been uncovered. But then we had that beautiful expression: 'co-design a new engagement paradigm'. She receives a briefing five days later. It does not take a scientist, a spin doctor or a bureaucrat to identify that; it should not be hard for the minister to identify that. I.K. Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries This work is scheduled to start in August with the results likely to be known by the end of the year. Qatar Airways Voted As Most Trusted Airline In Region, Second Internationally, Ministry Fixed The Maximum Selling Prices For Face Masks In Qatar, Al Khor Expressway Upgrade Project To Be Finished By Mid-2020, Qatar Airways Allowing Travelers To Re-book On Another Date Or Drop With No Charges, Adequate Measures Are In Place To Ensure Food Security In Qatar To Counter Possible COVID-19 Effect, Qatar Facing International Condemnation For Treatment Of Migrant Workers, Ministry Guarantees Continuous Supply Of Goods, Awqaf Directed The Closure Of Mosques Over Covid-19 Threat, Qatar Suspends Classes In Public And Private Schools And Universities. On Sat, PM Lee announced that former MCCY Minister Grace Fu will move to MEWR, which has now been renamed the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE). We have asked residents to work with us, to come into the EPA to see all the information available to government and tell us the best way to communicate with them. She says she then received a briefing on 30 June on how Housing SA was implementing the advice received from the EPA. Of course, testing is expensive, and that raises the question of where the money might come from. D.W. Ridgway: Six pm—sneaky 6pm. Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management .

It is hard to understand why information that was available in 2009, and actions that were, in fact, taken back then to move out residents or to leave properties vacant, did not trigger a more urgent and comprehensive response than the one we have seen in the last few weeks. Where has that been in the government's message question? That still remains unanswered. Between last year and this year, although an area several times larger was burnt in Australia and a comparable area was scorched in the West Coast of the United States, both countries received “very little” criticism, Luhut said. A reading of 84 micrograms per square metre was found in three bedrooms at 10 Chestnut Court, an old Housing Trust property which had been vacant for eight months. Explaining the rationale behind the ministry’s new name, PM Lee noted “sustainability has become an increasingly important part of our national agenda”, which now includes climate change defence and managing the island’s carbon footprint. R.L. He invited Singapore to play a role in the food estate project and be part of a research centre on horticulture at Lake Toba. LENSINK: Indeed—avoiding the scrutiny of parliament. The Hon. J.M.A. READ: Commentary: How COVID-19 shaped this Singapore Cabinet line-up, READ: Commentary: From farmers to supermarket clerks, a new kind of essential worker has emerged, READ: New office holders will bring fresh ideas and perspectives, says PM Lee at swearing-in of new Cabinet, READ: Greener and cleaner: Reimagining our cities in the wake of COVID-19. D.W. Ridgway: Could have been a lot better. Family First were very surprised when we saw what we thought were legitimate and bona fide questions being raised in this house by, in this case, the shadow minister for environment, that the government seemed to be in denial, did not want to be open and transparent, and in fact castigated the shadow minister very unfairly, I believe, when all that member was doing, on behalf of people who had raised this matter with her, was to make some inquiries—inquiries because the government were not prepared to go out and actually do the job. So, I tried another way and asked the minister whether he could guarantee that residents would not be asked to vacate their properties. We needed to bring together our health doorknocking teams, we needed to print documents, type up letters. On 9 July, the EPA appeared at the Marion council, but residents were not allowed to ask questions and they were clearly seeking answers. INSEE Cement, under the patronage of Hon. One lady who was interviewed by Sonya Feldhoff on the breakfast program said, 'The information is still very unclear.'.


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