militia sentence
4. In England the French rather than the German threat gave rise to the Volunteer Force, which supplemented the regular army and, He plans to double the number of the security forces, and create a million-man, He comes from Liberia where he was forced to become a child soldier and fight in a rebel, Using brutal tactics Duvalier created a rural, It is this dynamic that the intelligent field commander of a local, Most of the children escaped, although it is reported that some of the older ones were forcibly recruited into the rebel, Firing at point-blank range, roughly one hundred, Aid workers have been caught in crossfire between warring groups of, Many of those fleeing are trying to escape the press gangs to which the, Volunteer soldiers came to military duty no better armed, equipped, or trained than had their earlier, A dozen men armed with clubs set upon a corporal in the colonial, Massachusetts enjoyed a qualified success with its, The purpose of this follow-on operation was to further reduce the offensive capabilities of the, The soldiers were quartered in city hall, three hundred, He seems to have gone round the bend and gone after, The government called off helicopters sent to attack the rebel, A former congressional staffer stands by to emphasize the vital difference between an army of volunteers and an armed, The trio were arrested by the Colombian authorities in August 2001 and accused of travelling on false passports and training the FARC, There had been a demonstration the day before that ended in a charge on the governors' mansion, but it had not led to major, He'd be better off in a coastal battery or at the head of a, Movements by leaders and fighters during and after the air strikes indicated the, This tiny force is completely outgunned and outnumbered by an estimated 200,000, The proprietors ordered the first governor to organize the, The evidence suggests that a strong case can be made for a planned strategy using, His is one of a number of forces with armed, She described him as a drinker and wife abuser who was also a patriot who served as a, The US is buying off regional warlords and, I mentioned at the beginning that he is the one commander of a, Johnson's army, on the other hand, was composed primarily of New England, Based on eyewitness accounts, the report described how Pashtun villages were attacked after being disarmed by local, One is the fear of the funded components that mission creep of the, Sure they were bothered by the state police and hassled by the communist, On the other hand, the report says, the boys in the, I see from the Independent that Mugabe is arming his youth, At 21, he had become a chemist and bookseller in New Haven, and a few years later success in foreign trade earned him a captaincy in the, It expanded by calling upon the states for, The British stories that civilians were forced to take up arms by the, We think of Washington at Valley Forge, or we think of Washington with his ragtag band of, When Albany refused to go along with the New York junto, Leisler sent some, After weeks of dreadful anticipation, a rebel, In 1675 Maryland abandoned the pretense of a, The uprising led to a fierce, and widely condemned, retaliation by government forces and allied, The military base is the principle strategic airhead for the, And conscription was only used to recruit the, Apart from some garrison artillery, the regular army comprised staff officers and instructional cadres for the volunteer, For six weeks there was no confrontation between the, The Taliban emerged from Pakistan's universities and religious schools as a loosely organised student, By 1901 there were 230,000 volunteers, augmented by the Royal Navy and Royal Artillery Volunteers, the, There was no claim of responsibility, but renegade groups in one, The security personnel then resorted to aerial firing to scare away the rioters, which prompted the Taliban, During the first part of Hals's career the, Her archconservative, often libertarian, and sometimes extreme views made her popular with, Men plow fields, cut grain, litigate in court, and serve in the local, One minute they're playing video games, the next they're acting as lookouts for patrols of, Under this rubric are included such forces as the local, Establishing a safe area of operations for the Belgians brought these soldiers into direct confrontation with a clan warlord's, The White House is already threatening sanctions against Sudan if, The police made no more than a token effort to disguise their enthusiasm for the, The older men were discharged from service in the, By the 1808 Treaty of Paris the Prussian army was restricted to a mere 42,000 men and forbidden to raise a, The due process clause permits military justice but restricts its application to the armed forces or to the, The Senate Judiciary Committee agreed that marshals could summon both the, A third line of defence was the bourgeois, The military still had not released names but said the four included a Republican Guard corps-level chief of staff, a guard division commander and a paymaster for the, It is worth mentioning that ricin plots have been associated with domestic, In other words, a bunch of guys grabbing their guns and waving a flag emblazoned with a rattlesnake is not a, These men became free burghers or citizens who had gained their release from their contracts with the VOC by taking up plots of land and by entering into a burgher, Members of the militias led by bin-Ahmed and al-Gharabi overlapped with the February 17, A healthier outlet for these energies was required, and pumping contests became popular events at picnics, holiday parades, county fairs, and, What Boston celebrates as Patriots' Day has been morphed by many into a, He was killed when his plane was shot down and that only encouraged the Hutu, Islamist brigades including Suqur al-Sham, a 9,000-strong, But there is a middle way from clean-cut hunkdom to looking like a, Without stopping, as soon as the sun rose Banastre Tarleton ordered his unrested Legion and dragoons to charge into the American. When the militia members finally left, the sheriff swooped in. The governor has called upon the militia to assist … Society suffers from dangerous sects and cults, The affair quickly escalated and colonial, Parked around the loading dock were some of the vehicles, mostly civilian but with a variety of military transports, which the, In a running battle that took a heavy toll of British soldiers' lives, the New England, The only time he felt nervous was when the janjaweed, The incident began in Kunar province in operations against a Salafi, But April 19th has deeper significance for members of the, Men with avocational interests in military affairs organized uniformed, The austerity measures have created a pool of discontented young men, with no prospect of a job or a future, who are being exploited by, We have destroyed significant armoury of the Taliban, Orwell's frustration was tempered by his growing realisation of the significance of the, Outside the cities, in the towns and villages, the situation is even more anarchic with local, By 1915, Fallon farmers seriously considered forming a, Finally satisfied with the job that they had done, Loren and his, On the night of April 18, 1775, General Gage sent 700 men to seize munitions stored by the colonial, The 2nd line was made of the auxiliary troops, also, The Portuguese Army was then organized in three lines, with the 2nd and 3rd being, Since the revolution, reports of clashes and violence by, Eventually Turner was captured with 17 other rebels, who were subdued by the, In response to this the government had pushed through a Militia Act which created a large, Attempts were made to draft such levies, much to the chagrin of the, In 1775, the standing British Army, exclusive of, On June 7, an invasion of 6,000 men under Hessian general Wilhelm von Knyphausen met stiff resistance from the local, On March 3, 1776, the Americans landed after a bloodless exchange of fire, and the local, In Virginia, the Royal governor, Lord Dunmore, had attempted to disarm the, On April 18, 1775, 700 troops were sent to confiscate, British attempts to disarm the Massachusetts, Besides the regular militias, a number of volunteer, The Continental Congress appointed George Washington to take command of the, Instead of the expected welcome the Jacobites were met by hostile, Harley obtained a commission as a major of, For that purpose Harold had of course to trust to the landfyrd, the, He raised and was responsible for the efficiency of the local, On 27 July, a tricolour cockade was adopted as part of the uniform of the National Guard, the national police force that succeeded the, The people thus incited, De Witt and his brother, Cornelis, were brutally murdered by an Orangist civil, Before joining Parliament's forces Cromwell's only military experience was in the trained bands, the local county, Charles raised an army using the medieval method of commission of array, and Parliament called for volunteers for its, The Militia Ordinance was passed on 5 March by Parliament and gave Parliament control of the local, Wolsey had many years before conducted the censuses required for an overhaul of the system of, Due to fear of rebellions and other uprisings, they were forbidden to be armed at, The Easter Rising of 1916 was carried out by the latter group together with a smaller socialist, The Luddites rapidly gained popularity, and the British government took drastic measures, using the, This was resented by some and the Militia Club, soon to become the Poker Club, was formed to promote the raising of a Scottish, Although muster rolls were prepared as late as 1820, the element of compulsion was abandoned, and the, During the nineteenth century, each of the states maintained its, News of this disaster sent a fresh wave of panic around the British colonies, and the entire, Elsewhere he identifies the settlers as 40,000 prisoners of war, only a fraction of the yearly draft of, Such wealth gave rise to social upheavals, which were for the most part harshly contained by the, It gained flexibility and high prestige by close ties to a guild of organized, The abduction of hundreds of young Nigerian girls by the, Retaliating against the French Catholics, the Huguenots had their own.


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