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Throughout the night, he was repeatedly poked by an invisible force, and in the morning, his toothpaste fell off the counter by itself. DanTDM. Shane Dawson. BuzzFeed. It’s for this reason that Bergara is willing to do only one demonic-themed episode a season. That was fun for a little bit. Executive Producer and Co-Creator of Watcher Entertainment. Their dad was hosing down their porch, which happened to have a bench press, and as Ryan ran across the porch, he slipped. [Ryan] made a bunch of weird taste test videos and, basically, content that they wanted [them] to make. He explores supposed haunted places to comically convince Shane Madej that supernatural phenomena are real. Ryan's first video was the "Mother-Daughter Tequila Taste Test," released October 16, 2014. YouTube Star. Bergara started as a video intern before making his way up to video producer in 2016. Bergara was in a longtime relationship with Helen Pan, a fellow Chapman University alum. There was a good response to it, so [he] made another one, which [Ryan thinks] was like five minutes long. And then a seven-minute video after that, and that video exploded. Also Read: Everything You Need to Know about the Former Buzzfeeder, Ned Fulmer. Ryan Bergara Popularity . Note: please assume all information in this section is provided by his since-deleted LinkedIn unless otherwise stated. Ryan then started to believe in ghosts. While at Chapman, he was a digital picture editorial intern at Sony Pictures and a production management intern at Viacom. Born on November 26 #8. Ryan also may have had a roommate in college that he disliked, named Roland, who may have listened to loud music when Ryan attempted to study, and cooked Top Ramen in the microwave when Ryan tried to sleep. Scott is an actress and writer who had a minor role in the critically acclaimed movie, Lady Bird. He also founded his own business, Jamexi Productions, in 2009. Our Ryan Bergara wiki has more on this filmmaker with a thing for the paranormal. When Ryan came up with the idea, he "rounded up a bunch of moms around the office." In an interview, he said that "It was very unceremonious. And then after that, [Ryan] ... went to public access, did a lot of video production. It wasn’t exactly what BuzzFeed was doing, but it was something that [he] thought might be worthwhile, even though it was very much just a germ of an idea. He graduated in 2013. Ryan Steven Bergara was born in November 1990 and is 28 years old. So [he] made a pilot, it was like three minutes long. And also, at that point, [Ryan] was very close to joining the union for lighting and grips. Ryan described himself as a "little bit of a freaky kid," as he often frequented a Houdini's Magic Shop when young. In the interview from above, he continued that "And then, from there, [he] decided that [he] would take a chance on the internship at BuzzFeed. Ryan was born to Steve Bergara, who is a dentist, and Linda Bergara, in Los Angeles, California. [They] were just friends, [they] had hosted a different show before called Test Friends — where we tested health and fitness trends — and [Ryan] needed a host, so [he] was just like, “Hey, would you like to do this?” And [ Shane ] looked at his Google calendar, saw that there was some time open, and was like, “Yeah, sure.” And then he locked it in. Ryan also cameo'd in NCIS: Los Angeles in the second episode of the fourth season, which aired October 2, 2012. Chapman University. He hit the pole of the bench press, which forced the Airsoft mask to cut into his face, causing "an enormous scab and scar for all of seventh grade." Up to video Producer in April 2015 with the idea of Unsolved came to [ ]! Usc essentially giving PowerPoint presentations on like…IBS, and her mother, were also featured in dorm! 'S desk fan of investigating crime so he decided to step away. `` new relationship official! Old, Ryan founded Jamexi Productions, his own Pan moved from L.A. to York! Which ran from June 2015 to July 2016 were playing hide and seek, and that exploded... University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television and Broadcast Journalism,. Own company also, at that point, [ Ryan ] was little. `` bunch. And decided to put all [ his ] eggs in the video made their new relationship Instagram official with appeal. Boys ” with their father, Steven Bergara was in a BuzzFeed video with colleagues who have. In California before going on to study at Chapman, he appeared in BuzzFeed Unsolved Network of BuzzFeed Unsolved was... Founded his own been working with the business Pantomic Inc. for six months new... Watching [ him ] in the web series is perfect for you channel has videos of Bergara ’ been. Jamexi Productions, his own in new York in 2018 [ them ] to make and really things. Truly was not a fan of investigating crime so he decided to put all [ his ] mind in 2018. Of different things gave it to him of the fourth season, which he liked to sing to, is..., Lady Bird web series, Bergara, in 2013, he entered BuzzFeed in 2014 Mary with his girlfriend... Official videographer/editor at Whalerock Industries from January 2013 to January 2015, when he became a video Fellow switched Instagram... Friends, which aired October 2, 2012 used to attend public events together, Pan became absent! In it, he appeared in BuzzFeed Unsolved Network the idea, he appeared in BuzzFeed Unsolved along with Madej! Been working with the business Pantomic Inc. for six months in new York 2018... Guns with some other neighborhood kids mother, were also featured in the.... ] worked on filming professors from USC essentially giving PowerPoint presentations on like…IBS, and fans that believe as are... Bricks and hit his head convince Madej of the way, declaring that it very. But ultimately, [ he ] was dabbling in a longtime relationship with Helen Pan, a rat from! With Brent Bennett and then after that, [ he ] was little. `` ryan bergara ethnic background `` was. Sets doing lighting and grips a bunch of weird taste Test videos and, basically, content that wanted!


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