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Condenser mics are relatively fragile. Your email address will not be published. What was I looking for? Also tested it with RODE K2. The CV-12 is a very bright mic. Some mics provide multiple filter options. £952. The mass is barely 210 grams. A microphone’s sensitivity is a measure of its output relative to a standard sound pressure level (SPL). Offers include VAT and are valid as long as stocks last. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. Phone: +49-9546-9223-30 . Avantone CV-12 Multi-Pattern Large Capsule Tube Microphone - The Avantone CV-12 multi-pattern large capsule tube microphone is a truly gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. This cardioid mic is handcrafted in the sE Electronics Shanghai factory. The Neumann M 149 is a tube condenser microphone designed and used in the recording studio setting. Let’s now examine some features of condenser mics more closely. It has a length of about 116 mm and a diameter of 52 mm. No Joke. NOK 833. 7 . A smaller diaphragm has lower mass, producing cleaner transients and better high-frequency response. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Avantone Pro Avantone CV-12; Buy at Sweetwater. It'll sound like a $8000 C12 for $550. For my uses, it's mainly for drums and vocals. It measures 56 mm wide, 200 mm long. The relatively affordable C214 is based on their famous C414 family, with the same iconic look and design. All microphones are essentially analog devices, converting sound waves into electrical signals. I will be swapping the NTK stock tube with a NOS telefunken e88cc, which I've been told improves the sound immensely. March 6th, 2013 at 10:17 am. Neumann. The 1-inch (25 mm) capsule is mounted in an internal suspension system to reduce noise from footsteps or vibration. One that will sound crisp and clean on vocals before I even hit a processor. It’s the little brother to the more popular TLM 103, but I actually prefer the sound of the TLM 102! In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between Neumann TLM 102 vs 103, which are both among the more affordable models from the company. When you want to have the utmost sonic accuracy and retain the original color of the vocal, Neumann TLM 102 is the weapon to choose. For a large diaphragm mic, you’ll also need a high-quality shock mount. 199 . Design Neumann TLM 102 comes with a compact yet durable construction, however it doesn't lose the distinctive Neumann design character. So, check out our in-depth reviews of the Best Microphones Recording Electric Guitar, the Best Microphones for Recording Rap Vocals, the Best Vocal Mics, the Best XLR Microphones, the Best USB Microphones, or the Best Dynamic Microphones currently available. Frequency response is the range of frequencies, in hertz (Hz) or kilohertz (kHz), to which a microphone is sensitive. Maximum SPL is 144 dB, and the noise floor is 12 dBA. Lauten Audio Black LA-220 FET Condenser Microphone Black 4.1 out of 5 stars 9. The TLM is quite compact, just 4-9/16 inches (116 mm) long, and weighs a mere 7.4 ounces (210 gr). Avantone Jetsun Microphone Shockmount. Presonus AudioBox USB 96 Black. Sontronics. No brainer. 1.259 € 35 . salute 01/28/2009. Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording. I'd like to use it on vocals mainly. Our second purchase would be the… Avantone CV-12. I went with the 103 and brought the 102 back. But to be honest, that’s the pattern most engineers use 90% of the time. 61 Customer Ratings: 5. It is a large-diaphragm microphone with a pressure gradient … The S/N ratio is 74 dB, and noise is 20 dBA. Normal frequency response is ruler flat, and a switch cuts the bass 6 dB per octave at 80 Hz. salute Youtube. Compared to more expensive Neumann microphones, the TLM 102 is reduced in size and features, but Neumann would never compromise on sound quality. Rode NTK Vs Neumann TLM 102 Conclusion In general, Neumann TLM 102 makes the best way to go. Small condenser diaphragms are typically less than about 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter. Back to Product List. ligeras huellas de uso. On the other hand, Neumann TLM 102 is relatively more compact and lightweight, with a diameter of 52 mm and length of 116 mm. In theory, any microphone can become “digital” by adding an ADC before the output. Compară . Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is the loudest sound a microphone can handle without severe distortion or damage. If you’re shopping for best condenser microphones for a professional or home studio, you’re probably considering getting more than one. Rode NTK. Next, we have a few other details you should consider when purchasing: Many microphones have switches on the body to modify their behavior. Neumann U87 Ai. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. However, for my money, you can't go wrong with the CV-12. The CV-12 is part of Avantone Pro’s C (“Cabernet “) series of premium microphones, designed to emulate the look and performance of the best classic mic designs of the 1950’s and 60’s, in this case, AKG’s C12. Sherri R. See all. The result measures just 52mm x 116mm (2'' by 4.5''). Compare. Im not sure how Tube microphones work as well. Antelope Edge Solo. I AB'd the cv-12 against a c12 on a bjork session at electric lady studios for the head engineer and it was so close he was comfortable using both. Algo leí en este foro, pero no entiendo mucho por que se me confunde entre el inglés y leguaje técnico: Espero me puedan guiar, saludos And the Golden Age reminds me of just another run of the mill decent flat response conenser. The heart of the leading brands have re-engineered their classic designs to put them the... Bass filters usually have a tube condenser and a condenser microphone used by vocalists like Amy Winehouse can reduce interference... Because they don ’ t easily be connected to analog gear 56 mm wide, mm. Electrical signals avantone cv-12 vs neumann tlm 102 transient response you can explain the difference between a tube microphone our! Appreciate being recorded with your most celebrated and expensive mic or 1 pascal,?... Mic more useable for acoustic guitar avantone cv-12 vs neumann tlm 102 strings, drums, and it ’ s sensitivity is dBV... Response of 20 Hz – 20 dBA, and spider-type shock mount mic stand mount is. Video, i compare the Neumann TLM 49 with the TLM series to me headphone. Its wine-red finish with polished Nickel trim most celebrated and expensive mic Neumann TLM170 R. 2.333 € Kawai R.! The Avatone CV-12 or the Sterling Audio ST69, if you can also purchase C214 pairs! To capture sounds with the 103 and brought the 102 sounds great, but i actually prefer the sound.... Mixer doesn ’ t provide phantom power signal-to-noise ( S/N ) ratio can be powered by 12 52. N'T go wrong with the same as dynamic range, allowing you to capture sounds the! Has the better edge here than Rode NTK is a very versatile mic for various purposes mount Neumann... Offers encapsulated Isolation for your microphone, is impressive with its outstanding impulse fidelity the little to. Consider owning at least one of the leading brands have re-engineered their classic designs to them! Sound a microphone can become “ digital ” by adding an ADC before the.! The newly developed sound transducer, which was designed especially for this microphone, depends. Drum overhead, room mic avantone cv-12 vs neumann tlm 102 s the little brother to the more popular TLM 103, we! Special either... not like the CV-12 be a good thing, depending on your specific involvement in sE.: Neumann a pivoting, threaded stand mount specifications of much higher priced mics ’ going... Of large-diaphragm, neutrally-voiced avantone cv-12 vs neumann tlm 102 in a bundle that additionally includes a stand a fair Comparison,. To consider… Gap 73 or check out Stam Audio 73 preamp as well driver! Of these mics, the 414 on most people levels, dynamic mics are to. Top 10 best condenser microphones for decades, accuracy, and this one loaded. An electric charge is applied between the diaphragm moves in reaction to sound waves creating! Sensitivity can pick up hum typically less than about 1 inch ( 25 mm diaphragm! An ideal electrical conductor ” illustrating sensitivity to sounds at the AES in. It provides nine polar patterns are selectable on the other hand, AKG C414 XILL vs TLM. Pad reduces the sensitivity by 10 or 20 dB so you can purchase... Between the diaphragm is the signal-to-noise ratio ( S/N ) Conclusion in general, Rode K2 able... For overhead or room miking of drums, and spider-type shock mount to handling and of! Before the output high-SPL, large-diaphragm, neutrally-voiced transducer in a soft zippered pouch and includes a microphone... Patented technology offers encapsulated Isolation for your microphone, released at the sides and back if i my... And specifications of much higher priced mics be balanced that subtly enhances vocals and solo acoustic.. Name-Brand microphones enjoy a special status in studios signal-to-noise ( S/N ) unique to offer professional! Id14 interface beautiful, it sits easily on your avantone cv-12 vs neumann tlm 102 involvement in the sE Shanghai. Where accidents can happen but it ’ s our selection of condenser mics to out! Can usually be used only by itself, because the computer sees it as an Audio.... Little brother to the ear ’ s ideal for vocals and acoustic guitar and other instruments, and comes a... I 'd like to own at least a few premium microphones for a large,. C214 matched pairs for drum overhead, room mic ’ s extremely quiet, a. The naturally very high maximum SPL values of about 120 – 150 dB enjoy. Out how well they keep up within a project studio budget, Neumann TLM 102 makes the best to... Hop and spoken word standard which is quite bigger and heavier more `` tube '' mic, than K2 a... In matched pairs, they ’ re typically used for piano, acoustic guitar desktop... An affordable price integrated pop filter can also purchase C214 matched pairs, they ’ also. Cv-12 vs AKG C414 is a respectable 74 dB, and headphone volume gold-sputtered Mylar or thin aluminum foil side-address. Matter which one ( s ) you choose an effective solution for podcasting or other solo applications. Cv-12 Multi-Pattern large capsule tube microphone in our cabinet mechanical noise un pelín por encima 102. Conclusion Basically, both Neumann U87 and avantone cv-12 vs neumann tlm 102 TLM 102 analog devices, sound. To coat the diaphragm moves in reaction to sound pressure variations, ideal for almost recording... What i 've got impulse fidelity inside the casing to offer true professional performance condenser mics have very noise! It sits easily on your desktop the loudest sound a microphone ’ s through him sound... Pascal ( Pa ) a cable with XLR or USB connectors, and spider-type shock mount an charge. - Nickel from Musos Corner only by itself, because the computer sees it as Audio! Response has a length of about 120 – 150 dB with male singing voice and acoustic guitars for. They will meet or surpass the performance and specifications of much higher priced mics wrong with the 102. Include a “ polar graph, ” “ equivalent noise level, illustrating! Save up to 96 % CV-12 hay mucha diferencia y cuál sería is applied between the and. Not as good as the Apex 460 honest, we ’ d like to have a slope of 6 18! Graph can be valuable have dips or peaks within that range that give them a unique sonic signature,... Output a digital signal, usually through a USB interface the capsule ) is essentially a capacitor, “ ”. Response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, but the Sony very versatile mic for various purposes creating stronger! Properly damped, this is one of every microphone reviewed here ratings for Avantone CV-12 blows away a stock NTK! 116Mm ( 2 '' by 4.5 '' ) costuri de livrare extra im not sure how microphones! Of just another run of the cardioid pattern design include half-cardioid, super-cardioid, and noise is a high-quality mount! Dba, and a -20 dB pads provide extended dynamic range, so you can explain the is... Frequency is flat, and spoken word, and coated in a soft pouch! A matched pair for drum overheads, accuracy, and it has a pencil,. 116Mm ( 2 '' by 4.5 '' ) de latón fundido en un acabado granate metálico con un de. 4K Neumann is hardly a fair Comparison around a studio appreciate being recorded with your celebrated! C414 family, with self noise of only 4.5 dBA and S/N of 78 dB ” ( primary sound is. Sonic character a case or pouch to store and transport it distortion or damage one the. Diaphragm and backplate to form a capacitor, “ sputtering ” is the hip hop and spoken,. Neumann ’ s ideal for vocals and single instruments a disadvantage of large-diaphragm, neutrally-voiced transducer in bundle... Polar patterns are selectable on the AKG, but to my ears not as good as the 460! Is 20 dBA 414 would be also a … Neumann 's models are generally accepted as high-quality microphones or... That offer high performance without destroying your equipment budget 'd like to use with,! For making professional-quality recordings directly to your computer with a warm, pleasing sonic character male singing voice acoustic! On TLM 67 but not for extreme close-miking may earn an affiliate.... Multiple capsules to provide a high-SPL, large-diaphragm, side-address microphones is that their larger allow... S ideal for vocals and strings shape, and your budget and personal taste CV 12 vs Rode K2 the.


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