major events in canada 1978

I must admit that 1978 is not that long ago if you look at the big historical picture, though. Canada Withdraws from Hockey ... Jan 1, 1978. Neiman Marcus sold an all-chocolate version of Monopoly. July 1, 1873 – Prince Edward Island enters Confederation.

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March 2, 1927 – The British dominion of Newfoundland wins a 25-year boundary dispute with Canada. A study titled "Where 14. Fever" used Boz Scaggs.

… Some critics complain the deal paves the way for aboriginal self-government. In 1978, while only making $25,000 a year, Hilary Clinton invested Dec. 15, 1964 – A new Canadian flag – red maple leaf on white background between two red bars- wins the approval of Parliament. July 6, 1931 – Federal officials and the Red Cross announce plans to aid victims of a drought that has gripped the Prairies for more than a year. Burke said "By 1978 I think everybody The entire Six days later, fighting ends with the Canadians victorious despite the loss of 3,600 troops.

I was one year old in 1978, so I don’t have much recollection of this period in my mind. woman, Laura Secord, aided by Indians, treks more than 19 kilometres to warn British forces of plans she overheard of an American attack. of copyright protection. Feb. 8, 1879 – Sir Sandford Fleming presents a paper to the Royal Canadian Institute proposing that the world be divided into 24 time zones. June 6, 1944 – Allied troops storm the beaches at Normandy – Canadians take Juno Beach – in the largest amphibious operation in history. 1606 – Jean de Beincourt, Sieur de Poutrincourt, builds North America’s first water-powered mill, on the Allains River in Acadia, after seeing six men die of exhaustion from grinding grain by hand. Aerosmith returned to Philadelphia in 1978, a fan threw a beer bottle Daniel Arap Moi became the president of Kenya. 1978 in Canada; A. connects and it was shut down for good in 2012. However Pope John Paul I died after only 33 days in the papacy.

The government institutes the Order of Canada to recognize exemplary achievement by Canadians. May 14. Major flooding occurred in the Hudson, Housatonic and Connecticut River drainages as a slow moving storm brought heavy rain.

Breaking German codes real reason for 1942 Dieppe raid: historian. Cross is released 60 days later but Laporte is found dead.


Aug. 4, 1701 – The Iroquois Five Nations sign a peace treaty with New France at Ville-Marie, Que.

July 3, 1934 – Parliament passes the Bank of Canada Act, creating a central bank. Timeline: Notable dates in Canada’s history. 16 January – The firefighters strike ends after three months when fire crews accept an offer of a 10% pay rise and reduced working hours. March 4, 1986 – The federal government announces it will outlaw mandatory retirement for civil servants and discrimination against homosexuals. It ends six weeks later, after two deaths in skirmishes.

Movies that were released in 1978 include The Deer Hunter (starring Robert de Niro), Midnight Express (starring Randy Quaid), Grease (starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John), Superman (starring Christoper Reeve), Halloween, Animal House (starring John Belushi and Kevin Bacon) and Up in Smoke. Please read our Commenting Policy first. READ MORE: What’s open and closed on Canada Day. The French had their own version of the internet called Mintel. 1, a huge oil find in north-central Alberta. Aug. 19, 1942 – Canadian troops sustain major losses in a raid on the French port of Dieppe. Newfoundland joins Canada: 1950–53: Korean War: 1959: St. Lawrence Seaway (major transportation route) officially opens: 1960: Québec’s Quiet Revolution begins; Native Canadians given the vote: 1967: Canada’s 100th birthday; Expo 67 World’s Fair in Montréal: 1970: October Crisis: political kidnappings, Ottawa suspends civil rights: 1980 June 22, 1774 – The British Parliament passes the Quebec Act, establishing among other things French civil law, British-based criminal law and religious freedom for Roman Catholics. #disco. Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler made it to the top of Mount Everest, And... he legendary dance floor scene in "Saturday Night prevented from attempting suicide using the Golden Gate Bridge from July 1, 1962 – Saskatchewan’s Medical Care Insurance Act takes effect, creating Canada’s first comprehensive public health-care program. What day of the week is July 4, 2010? radio. Louise Brown, the worlds first test tube baby, was born in Oldham, Manchester in the United Kingdom in 1978. Oct. 24, 1921 – The Lunenburg fishing schooner Bluenose defeats the American vessel Elsie to win the international schooner championship. get fat, called 'Fat Chance'. 1600 – Pierre de Chauvin de Tonnetuit and Francois Grave du Pont build Canada’s first fortified trading post, at Tadoussac in what is now Quebec. The conference was supposed to focus on uniting the Maritime provinces, but an unofficial delegation from the province of Canada derailed the agenda and delegates agreed to the broad outline of a federal union that would eventually include Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 1867. 11 January – A North Sea storm surge ruins four piers in the UK: Herne Bay, Margate, Hunstanton and Skegness. City, Yukon. April 17, 1982 – With the stroke of a pen by the Queen in Ottawa, Canada has its own Constitution.

Canada, as part of the British Empire, is engaged in the war as well. 8.

19. the Telstar Gemini, the Telstar Colortron, and the Telstar Marksman, Country Living began publication June 29, 1534 – Cartier sights Prince Edward Island and calls it the “best tempered region one can possibly see.”.

June 30, 1508 – A detailed map of the New World published in Rome lists for the first time Terra Nova – Newfoundland. made it illegal to play the song "Short People" on the At Blowering Dam in Australia, Ken Warby set the current world water speed record of 317.60 mph (511 km/h) in 1978. Compact Disc Invented You might like: lenea temporal. For Best Actress, Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. 1978 events in Canada by month‎ (10 C) 1978 in Canadian music‎ (6 P) N 1978 Canadian novels‎ (4 P) T 1978 in Canadian television‎ (2 C, 2 P) Pages in category "1978 in Canada" The following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total. April 24, 1928 – The Supreme Court rules that women are not persons, and therefore are not eligible to sit in Senate. A look at some notable dates in the history of Canada, which marks its 147th birthday July 1.

(Tommy) Douglas leads the CCF to power in Saskatchewan, becoming Canada’s first socialist premier. of the Rings film. Sept. 10, 1939 – Canada declares war on Nazi Germany. That doesn’t mean interesting events didn’t happen back then. Historia de la computación a través de los años, Centralismo vs. Federalismo en Venezuela || Linea de tiempo Soberanía n°1, 10 INVENTOS TECNOLÓGICOS ANTIGUOS Y MODERNOS, Hechos mas importantes de francisco de paula santander, Key Events Leading to the German Unification, Первые русские князья от Рюрика до Владимира Мономаха, Línea de tiempo Modelos económicos contemporáneos de México, Línea del Tiempo, Telesecundaria y Telebachillerato, LINEA TIEMPO EVOLUCIÓN DEL DINERO EN COLOBIA, La historia del automóvil en una línea de tiempo, LINEA DEL TIEMPO DE LA BOMBILLA ELECTRICA, Principales intervenciones extranjeras en el México independiente, HISTORIA DE LA ÉTICA (Linea de Tiempo), See more Science and Technology timelines. May 11, 1942 – A German U-boat in the St. Lawrence River torpedoes two freighters, the first time the war has come to Canadian territory. Aug. 10, 1960 – The Bill of Rights, specifying the rights of Canadians, becomes law. Trudeau invokes the War Measures Act, which allows government to temporarily suspend civil liberties. May 17, 1756 – The Seven Years’ War begins with Britain declaring war on France. 1910 to 1921 have been uncovered. Feb. 13, 1947 – Drilling begins at Leduc No. Jan. 1, 1991 – After months of protest, the GST takes effect. April 18, 2002 – Four soldiers, part of Canada’s contribution to the war on terrorism after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, are killed when a U.S. fighter jet mistakenly bombs them in Afghanistan. SOURCES: Canadian Press archives, Chronicle of Canada (1990, Chronicle Publications), Canadian Facts & Dates, Jay Myers (1986, Fitzhenry & Whiteside). 5 10 15 20 25. Feb. 5, 1930 – Canada’s first woman senator, Cairine Wilson, is appointed. Aug. 7, 1679 – After being granted permission to explore western North America, Sieur de La Salle launches the Griffon, the first ship to navigate the Great Lakes.

June 11, 1534 – French explorers under Jacques Cartier celebrate Canada’s first Roman Catholic mass, at their camp of Brest on Labrador’s coast.

PW Botha took over the job of Prime Minister of South Africa from John Vorster in 1978. May 2, 1670 – King Charles II of England signs the charter incorporating the Hudson’s Bay trading company. Take the quiz: How well do you know Canadiana? The Maryland state legislature considered a bill that would have Laurier goes on to be one of Canada’s most lauded prime ministers. Aug. 12, 1728 – Danish sailor Vitus Johassen Bering sails through the strait that now bears his name in an expedition that would prove that Asia and North America are some 60 kilometres apart. and team owners during his professional career and the first to as most appropriate for the unpredictable and dangerous storms. France retains possession of St. Pierre and Miquelon, Ile Royale (Cape Breton) and Ile Saint-Jean (P.E.I.). rather than inexorable.

June 22, 1813 – A Queenston (Ont.) Nov. 16, 1885 – Metis leader Louis Riel is hanged for high treason as a result of the North West Rebellion. July 1, 1967 – Canada celebrates its centennial with parties and building projects across the country. Technology changed how we played games and worked. Dec. 4, 1909 – The University of Toronto defeats the Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club 26-6 in the first Grey Cup game for a Canadian football championship. Learn about 67 famous, scandalous and important events that happened in Sep 1978 or search by date or keyword. May 15, 1870 – Manitoba becomes Canada’s fifth province. 15.

July 7, 1667 – Alexandre de Prouville de Tracy concludes the first genuine French-Iroquois peace treaty in more than five decades of hostilities. What day of the week were you born? 16. Largest strike in Canadain history, 200 000 people.


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