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Nutrition experts typically recommend ground flaxseed over whole seeds … FLAX SEED BEST WAY TO BUY IT AND EAT IT; The Best Way To Eat Flax Seed (health and fitness) How To Eat Flaxseed For Maximum Benefits; Should one consume flax seeds raw or roasted for PCOS? Do You Eat Flax Seeds Raw?. Small, shiny, flat and with a slightly pointed shape, you can eat flaxseeds in a number of ways -- including raw -- and add them to a number of dishes to increase the nutritional profiles. Flax is a great source of fiber, which is beneficial for digestive health and can also help lower cholesterol. Ms. Sushma Jaiswal; Flax Seeds and Testosterone: Do Not Eat These Seeds… Nutrition 101: How to Eat Flax Seed for the Most Health Benefits Add oven roasted flax seeds to baked goods and other dishes to gain the nutritional benefit with the flavor enhancement provided by oven roasting. Flax seeds offer high fiber content and Omega-3 fatty acids, packing a powerful nutritional punch. After they're roasted, you can grind the seeds … Why Eat Flax Seeds?


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