Others: N/A II. It is charged by shipping companies for handling heavy containers that weigh more than the standard limit of a cargo. Declaration must be received the latest 24 hours before loading and declared before 48 hours before departure. /Metadata 28 0 R

Lo/Lo stands for Lift-on Lift-off.

Alternatively, Limited Operational Flexibility (LOF) ECAs are useful for companies that may make changes in the near future, whose clientele are often requesting different kinds of products necessitating their facility to change, update or expand.
/OutputIntents [30 0 R] The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) AP-42 provides a list of emission factors publicly available by industry type and operations, which can be used to estimate emission rates from each facility process. 845 Harrington Court, Unit 200B, Burlington, ON L7N 3P3. This site is available in 24 languages. Rubidium is always committed to assisting companies with cost-effective and easily achievable solutions without having to invest in costly mitigation measures to begin with. Comprised air/sea/rail modes. /Filter /FlateDecode

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/Pages 2 0 R It is applied to damages for detention if the agreed time for loading or unloading has lapsed and there is no demurrage days allowed. This is for security measures. It is an emergency expense for covering higher fuel prices than the ones that were originally anticipated. �f��L���#�r_6�%�m��1����˶��}T�:\�,�)\���W�Ue�)��D�4��(%y���O�؇���t����$Қ�<>�=>BR?1�oe�zpH��vo��W�1���N��D�M��������w�^�t٭�^�����C4�p��(G}SL�0��q�6i\��:�O�op�&�L9E��9m H�80P B�-���T�����O&'��Msm���r_���kޓ����-΍�4D�i�:�R7e�ʢ��F��>?0�=�j>\�&K'&��,��K a����/���(H�I��vS�I!wX�nS$ӚٴV�zyh��k�1������CS��:)$̦�����l�1!�,���"�h= The Gulf of Aden is in the Republic of Yemen. >> It is an additional charge for security measures to protect the territory of the United States. Businesses who are subject to an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) or an Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) are required to prepare an Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling report (ESDM).

It is a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation that requires importers to provide electronic data of the imported goods to the US customs. /XIPLAYER_CM3 11 0 R Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling…, Description of facility operations, processes, and NAICS code, Description of the raw materials, and products produced, A detailed Process Flow Diagram (PDF) of the various types of emissions emitted associated with each process and operation at the facility, Table identifying all facility sources and its contaminants, Table identifying all insignificant sources and contaminants, and rationale for deeming them insignificant, Description of operating conditions for each significant process, Description of methods used to estimate emission rates, and its data quality, Sample calculation for each methodology used, Table with summary of all facility sources, Copy of the land use zoning designation plan, Input and output results from dispersion modelling, Description of contaminants without MECP POI limits. It is a charge for loading and secure cargo applied for the provider of the service.


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