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Deceased One day David comes to rescue her killing almost everyone in the building. Sydney tries to give her pie to David but Amy forbids it. Handsome, Mr. My friend is a person who has an exuberant zeal for life, no matter her current situation.

At the Adult Education Annex, Lenny teaches a class on "How To Chew Tobacco".

His income comes from driving a bus. After finally finding something that would pay enough to cover medical insurance and daycare, she was laid off from that job due to the economy. They show LOVE can conquer all. This season will be very different from the past. Her daughter also lives with her and attends college and works many hours to help support. Most of the time she wants to go out in public, she has to be with either her mother or I, and often uses a wheelchair to access places, because walking around is one of the biggest causes of her blood pressure drop and fainting.Because of her condition, she is unable to attend school, work, or drive a car. It would warm my heart this Christmas if they had $500-$1000 to spend on gifts this year. Thank you so much! She's very giving she places the needs of others before her own. She is pregnant with her first child and i would love for her to give her first baby the best christmas ever. My daughter has had it rough. Throughout all of this the family has remained so positive and hopeful and wonderfully kind and thankful and the list could go on. She is a customer of mine at a pep boys in knoxville.She has a disabled daughter and was stranded here when a Lenny's employee ran to work to get them lunch to eat.Forever grateful. As fall approached she was able to earn extra hours and things started looking up for her. Come to find out, this luncheon was in her honor to help pay bills for her sick mother who had just found out that she has stage 4 colon cancer and NO insurance. Sandwiches. I think it would be awesome to surprise her with $1000 so that she can do something nice for herself. My Husband has been suffering Major health Issues, in the last year has been living on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant, has suffered a stroke, and 3 heart attacks, we're very lucky that he is still with us. This submission for the "Lenny's Holiday Gives Back" is truly wonderful and just goes to show that with everyones help a person or family can see that they are important not only now but year round. She is unable to get her car fixed because she uses her hard, earned money to support her children and the child she took in. This young lady does her very best to share encouraging words to those around her and to treat others with respect and love. She was moved to Brownsville, TX over 600 miles away from her family. Lenny revealed that he carved Carl's face on a mountain, and called it Mount Carlmore. She is a proud young lady and is not looking for a handout. My friend and her husband spent Thanksgiving in the hospital as well as the next 2 weeks. This person has gone thru hardship starting with her illness, and without a completely working refrigerator, one half works and the other side does not, she has her daughter and granddaughter living with her, and she has gone back to school to better her life and makes sure that her family is well taken care of by herself, she is my shero, I have some of the same illnesses that she has but she gets up everyday with the pain and partial blindness that she has and still had a smile on her face. She drives back and forth to the small town where she works everyday. Just goes to show you even though he is in a tuff spot he is always willing to try and help others out.

On top of that my father has been sick for the last 13 years of there marriage he has been in a coma. After countless MRI’s, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, surgeries, therapies and medications, the family understandably struggles to meet the ongoing financial burden. In "Homer at the Bat", he gets hit in the knee by a baseball bat. Also, the transmission in his car sounds like it may go out soon! No money could ever express my gratefulness! This holiday season she can't afford to get gifts for her six year old daughter because of the financial burden of caring for her family. There are also cases in which the staff member is merely reprimanded or quits without allowing the owner to render action against him/her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I have a God-sister that means the world to me. The trip costs over $2000.00 and her parents just don't have that kind of extra money. Poor boy lost his parents very young, took it rather badly. I think I'll have lunch at Lenny's today and take a friend to share with them all the awesome things you're doing this holiday season. I can't think of a more deserving person than my best friend. Please consider the family for your $1000 Lenny's Gives Back prize. Recently, after suffering with a wound on her foot for over a year, the doctors told her there was nothing more they could do. I believe his kidney transplant happened about 10 years ago and he is now in need of another as it is failing. My daughter has been very ill for the past 13 years. She deserves this! The narrator reveals that Doug continued to donate the money to charity and the staff only focuses on their jobs. He had been under investigation nearly four years we have since learned. Please help if you can. Andy White (I don't know his e-mail or phone, but will be sure to get it for you if needed. He has called both me and my brother to tell us that Christmas he would not be able to buy us a gift, which is fine with me but I could tell it really hurt him. She is set to graduate next year. She is a beautiful young lady with a sweet spirit. Her husband of a few years suffered a truly bad stroke that has left him wheel chair bound with the loss of an arm and leg. He was playing basketball when his feet were knocked out from under him and he landed on his elbow. His mother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and his family is having financial struggles. In April of this year, her doctor declared her home-bound, and she was not allowed to go to school because she presented a danger to herself and others if she were to pass out alone. she is a single stuggling mother lost her husband in a tragic car accident due to drunk driving her life is no where near the same this wont fix it but maybe put her at ease for the holidays thank you.

i think this would help my mom until she can get back on her feet and when she does she still will be in debt cause she owes for her health coverage so it will not be cancelled. Sydney finds herself and David (Farouk still in control presumably) standing and facing them. He is a Music Education major carrying a very heavy load. Because of the heavy responsibilities of all the activities as a Music Education Major, he has not been able to work but one afternoon each week. She had a really good job then out of the blue she was fired and then denied unemployment. Money is not everything and we all know this especially my mother. My friend has had a tough couple of years. She was a dedicated and loyal worker who was always at work on time, and always went the extra mile for her employer. She's done so much for others, I pray that the Lord blesses her also. The medical bills are over $100,000. He also tutors tuba students in two separate school districts. She is a giver and loves to bless others but is concerned this holiday because she wants to go home to see her family for Christmas which is out of town. He is a veteran of a foreign war, and served as a medic in Iraq. This has not slowed her down. I am because my friend is in need of a financial miracle. I haveknown the amazing woman that I am nominating since third grade. He has had the same twin size bed for 5years now needing a new one due to him having to live in it, meaning he is either in his bed or in his wheel chair.

I have been in the receiving end of their giving so many times and I want to let them know how much it meant to me. My friend needs a substantiantial amount of dental work done. She will cook, sitting with an elder people, paying someone bills instead of her own, or babysitting her grand, great grand, great great grand and any children in the neighbor. She will find a number of ways that she can be of help to someone.


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