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More than 2.5 million dogs a year are reared on thousands of dog meat farms across South Korea. Log in, Under 8 months old: $880 USD or $1,200 CAD, 8 months and older & under 8 yrs old: $780 USD or $1,060 CAD, 8 yrs old and older or special needs: $380 USD or $520 CAD. Learn more More than 70 dogs have been rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea thanks to the Humane Society International (HSI), all of which will eventually be flown to shelters in Canada and the U.S. and put up for adoption.. Dogs rescued from South Korean dog meat farm to be sent to Canada for adoption. Sadly, it is likely that many never left the cramped cages they have been confined in. Our organization is made up of approximately 75 semi-permanent volunteers, 100 on-call volunteers and 50 foster homes. The lives of Elvis & 70+ other dogs will be changed forever because of YOU! It is heartbreaking to imagine how much they have suffered in their lives. As a result, many of the dogs are small breeds such as Chihuahuas, corgis, Yorkshire terriers, poodles, Pomeranians, shih tzus and French bulldogs. Load The facility doubled as a puppy mill, with the dogs being sold as pets or for slaughter depending on where the greatest profits could be found.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The dog meat industry is in legal limbo in South Korea, neither legal nor illegal. In turn, the owners sign contracts stating they will not return to the dog meat trade. "As global pressure builds for countries across Asia to permanently close wildlife wet markets amid coronavirus risks, the array of undeniable human health risks posed by the dog meat trade in South Korea and across Asia, is strengthening calls for action across the continent. The practice has also recently been banned or severely restricted in several other regions, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. "After years of sending the animals to slaughter, Mr. Kim is not the first farmer to be relieved to learn that HSI rescues, rehabilitates and seeks happy homes for all the dogs. Each year we approve approximately 400 homes for one of our overseas or local dogs. Together, we specialize a Korean dog breed Jindo dogs and those that are commonly thought to be of dog meat breeds in South Korea. The dogs are now receiving love and care at a temporary boarding facility before we can safely transport them to the U.S. and Canada for adoption! You can unsubscribe anytime or. Unsubscribe anytime or, Sign up for our free email newsletter so you’re always in the know. It also enables us to study their personalities and needs based on behavior to make the best match possible. You can learn about our requirements, adoption fees, procedures, and currently adoptable dogs on this page. Approximately 160 dogs are bound for Canada where they will be temporarily sheltered in Cambridge, Ontario, with some destined for Montreal where they will be rehabilitated at HSI/Canada’s emergency shelter. Free Korean Dogs is a not for profit registered Canadian charity (BN:80580 0166RR0001) founded in Toronto on July 1st in 2015. Thanks to the diligent work of the Humane Society International (HSI), 90 dogs and puppies have been saved from the South Korean dog meat industry. Loved at Last Dog Rescue is a Vancouver-based, registered non-profit organization that focuses on finding homes for dogs in need.

"Despite Korea's dog meat industry attempting to claim a difference between pet dogs and 'meat dogs,' the reality is they are all just dogs whose fate ultimately depends on where greatest profits can be made.". For those ready to expand their family with the addition of a rescue dog, Free Korean Dogs, a U.S. and Canada-based rescue organization, and Korean K9 Rescue are two great places to start looking. comments, Someone just spotted one of the weirdest looking fish washed up in Canada, Bear in Calgary caught eating Halloween pumpkins while residents were sleeping, Vancouver woman shoved out of bus after spitting on a fellow passenger, Air Canada and WestJet bicker over plans to refund airline tickets, Poppy donation boxes in Canada will soon take credit cards, COVID internment camps in Canada don't exist despite what you might have heard, Canada won't be having a snap election this fall, Someone is setting fire to toilet paper at Walmart stores in Canada, Sign up for our free email newsletter. Humane Society International/Canada is shining a global spotlight on the connection between South Korea’s cruel puppy mill trade and the dog meat industry by helping to rescue 200 dogs and puppies from a horrendous dog meat farm. Media Contact: Christopher Paré, Director of Communications – Office: 514 395-2914 x 206 / cell: 438 402-0643 / email: cpare@hsi.org. The owner of the facility is eager to leave his business as his family disapproves and it is becoming less profitable. We are an international rescue group partnered with a Korean nonprofit organization called "Welcome Dog Korea". pic.twitter.com/zo371iP37Z. ", Join the conversation This is HSI’s 14th dog meat farm closure in South Korea. Before the dogs are put up for adoption, they will be cared for and rehabilitated and hopefully given a whole lot of love. Our team is eager to see these wonderful dogs leave this horrible place and arrive in Canada to get the love and care that they need. A June 2018 survey by Gallup Korea showed that 70 per cent of South Koreans say they will not eat dog meat in future, but up to 2 million dogs are still bred and raised on thousands of dog meat farms across South Korea every year. Dogs are mainly killed by electrocution, taking up to five minutes to die. As political and public momentum to end the dog meat trade grows within South Korea, HSI hopes its program will demonstrate a phase-out model that can one day be adopted nationwide with state support. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Of those 90 dogs, 64 of them will be flown from South Korea to Canada and transported to Friends of HSI in Montreal. A new opinion poll shows growing support in South Korea for a ban on dog meat consumption. In November 2018, in Seongnam City, HSI/Canada participated in shutting down Taepyeong, the largest dog slaughterhouse in the country. Hanging is also practiced.

DOG MEAT FARM UPDATE: We've removed the last dog, named Elvis, from this South Korean dog meat farm & shut the facility down for good! Most people in South Korea don’t regularly eat dog, but it remains popular during the Bok days of summer in July and August, when it is eaten as a soup called bosintang. Upload credit : Maya Kolankowska | HSI The dogs that were rescued are a variety of breeds: golden retrievers, a poodle, Korean jindos and mastiffs, Pomeranians, terriers and a Labrador. The dogs from Kim's farm have been relocated to a temporary boarding facility in South Korea while the organization waits for travel restrictions to relax, and they're each receiving a full veterinary check-up and settling into the temporary quarters to begin their rehabilitation. Start your search by visiting the website of the rescue group you’re interested in (or search within Petfinder.com), where you can find profiles of the available dogs. Many provisions of the Animal Protection Act are routinely breached, such as the ban on killing animals in a brutal way including hanging by the neck, and on killing them in public areas or in front of other animals of the same species.


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