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Reply. Bill Babler of Blue Eye was fishing Lake Taneycomo on Wednesday when he landed a 40-pound, 6-ounce brown trout only a few minutes after starting to … The world record for lake trout is 72 pounds, caught by Lloyd Bull in August 1995 at Great Bear Lake in the Northwestern Territories of Canada. The Lake Athabasca Sand Dunes, the largest active sand dunes in the world north of 58°, are adjacent to the southern shore. Knight, of Meredith, New Hampshire, caught a lake trout last Tuesday that weighed in at 37.65 pounds, easily breaking the state record that was more than 60 years old. Greg Vespe 9 months ago Guy caught a state record .. that bet a fish that has stood for a long time… give him a break … Reply. Laker that big would taste like sh*t. Take som measurements and see if it can live another 10 years and make more fish. The dunes were designated a "Provincial Wilderness Park" in 1992. Lake trout are an important species for both recreational and commercial fisheries. Lake Athabasca contains 23 species of fish, with a world record lake trout of 46.3 kg (102 lb) caught from its depths in 1961 by means of a gillnet. Larger fish do exist however, and the largest lake trout on official record weighed 102-pounds and was caught in a gill net from Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan in 1961. 102 on “ 37-Pound Lake Trout Shatters Record ” Jeremy Hillcrest 9 months ago Nice fish, but throw it back. Recently at Plummer's Lodge on Great Bear Lake there was a 78.85 pound trout that was caught and released and is the unofficial World Record Lake Trout at this time. 83-Pound Lake Trout that Would’ve Smashed the World Record OutdoorHub Reporters 03.20.17 The rod-and-reel world record for lake trout is 72 pounds and was caught in 1995 on Great Bear Lake … The world's largest recorded kokanee salmon was caught, smoked and eaten before anyone realized what a prize fish it was. The Ontario trout fishing record is just over 63 pounds and was a world record for 39 years until broken in 1995 when a 72.5 pound Lake Trout was caught on Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. Their flesh is firm, with an excellent flavor, and may appear white, pink, orange or orange-red. The previous record …


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