kara and lena divorce fanfiction
"You—You're Supergirl?". Needless to say, Kara was a little more than jealous. After freezing him out for weeks he finally called things off, and she'd had to stop herself from smiling as he dumped her. His species was known for destruction and violence, and he had the strength to match hers. "Thank you," Kara said quickly, hopping down from the exam table. It is about her sister.". Lena pulled her Luthor mask tight and followed Alex. She would have to speed clean the whole apartment before people started coming over. Why could Lena see how perfect she and Kara were? Series. Once she had slid into the backseat she removed her dark sunglasses from her face and placed them in her expensive leather purse. Family names and Houses on Krypton were considered sacred and were crucial to identity. It made her feel included and like she belonged, something she'd never felt before, not after growing up in the Luthor household. Lena drew in a silent, shallow breathe to fight the dizziness which that thought caused. She knew her adopted sister was a badass, but she was still human. "I need to speak with the Alura hologram," Lena whispered. She stared at him instead, effectively tuning him out. When Lena peaked through the gap between the door and the wall however, she did not see Kara working, typing an article or speeding through research. Lena pushed the revolving doors and stepped into the clinically clean foyer. It was nice to feel wanted. ", The man furrowed his brow and frowned. Kara blinked at her in surprise, silently panicking. "But you instead man-splained to me things I already knew, effectively wasting both your and my time." It was the first time Lena was knowingly looking into Kara's eyes without her glasses to obscure them. Alex fixed her with a playful glare. As soon as it pulled up her driver Dan hopped out and opened the door for her, though she'd told him many times she was capable of opening the door for herself. Their relationship was built on mutual respect, not fear. Perhaps Kara is struggling to pick a wedding dress because the idea is so foreign to Kara's dream of her wedding day. Winn, Alex, Sam, Ruby, and Lena were set to come over, and she'd been so busy with work and being a superhero that she hadn't had time to clean the apartment over the week. But Ellie has yet to get dressed and seems reluctant to do so. The older woman's face burned a brilliant shade of crimson and the pained look it held almost made Lena's heart break, but then Lena silently reminded herself that Kara brought this on herself by lying. Lena Finds Out (One shot) - KaraFanficAndStuff - Wattpad Kara and lena high school fanfiction Supergirl Mug: Kara Danvers + Lena Luthor baby, SUPERCORP shipper mug, fanfic, gag gift, OTP, fandom, funny mug, femslash gift, joke mug "Actually, I'm going to a friend's," she said. It was a bad habit, one she tried to avoid, but it was bred into her. A year after the proposal, on 'Christmas day at the Danvers mark II,' Lena had asked if Kara wanted to set a date for their wedding. Lena walked on unsteady feet to the kitchen and poured herself water but ignored the painkillers she had initially come for. She'd tried when she first got to Earth. She smiled to herself as she retrieved her handbag from under her desk. Kara blocked her way once again. ", Lena nodded sharply, "I can't be sure, but it's my current theory. Lena always basked in those moments for the unique sense of trust and safety she must give to Kara that she was comfortable enough to let her human facade fall. She gestured to the door before turning to look out onto her sunny balcony, signaling the conversation was over. "Rao, I'm exhausted. Ship and let ship, keep fandom drama away from my comment section, thank you, please!I do not own the content in this video!───────────────────────────────────────Program: Vegas Pro 14.0Video Tracks: 7Audio Tracks: 4TV Show: SUPERGIRL [Kara and Lena]Song: Lovely by Billie EilishColouring: Libra (adjusted) by charizzaard───────────────────────────────────────Contact me:Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/PzCWVFMInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsatwinthing_yt/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsATwinThingYTTumblr: https://itsatwinthing-yt.tumblr.com/ A year after the proposal, on 'Christmas day at the Danvers mark II,' Lena had asked if Kara wanted to set a date for their wedding. The one issue that was presenting trouble was getting a dress for Kara. Or was the dress just an excuse? "Kara?" "Kara is fine. "Jesus Christ, Luthor! But they'd wrapped up with just enough time for her to go home and shower before her guests arrived. She stood, smoothing out her gray dress. Her vision blurred, and she bit her lip to fight back the tears that wanted to fall. After being together since high school things didn't work out they decided to get a divorce. She added a smile at the end to show the petite strawberry-blonde that she was joking. "Move, Kara.". Thus, they had picked a date and a private venue for a small celebration. she asked as she walked around the wall dividing her living area from the bedroom. "Good," she said awkwardly. The agent stiffened further and quickly reached for the phone in front of him. Here we go. After being together since high school things didn't work out they decided to get a divorce. So marriage on Krypton was a serious commitment, would little girls dream of their wedding days? The poor agent was probably having palpitations. Kara looking uncomfortable as she glanced at the magazines and nodded randomly at Lena's dry recounting of her day, before cutting Lena off as she excused herself to get ready for bed. With sex being an exceptional expression of the deepest love rather than the norm, with reproduction being fulfilled by the matrix, marriage was much more logically planned. I wrote my first Supercorp fic recently, and I had so much fun with it. She hated being in her loft, finding its stark white walls and pristine furniture suffocating. She was finally going over to Kara's for one of the Danver's famous game nights. Kara so rarely spoke about her mother's hologram. That was one less thing to worry about. "Everything checks out, by the way. She could practically see Kara perfectly stacking the board games on the kitchen table in preparation. Kara and Lena were desperately in love and everything else after that had sort of fallen into place. "I have to go," Lena said quietly, moving to step around the other women. But she turned to see her assistant of the month, Ashley standing there instead. Kara always seemed to get especially tongue tied when Lena wore her power pant suits and Lena had never been fond of flouncy dresses so following the stereotyped male/female clothing norm actually suited them. Finally she could take no more. And for the most part it had been. She caught a glimpse in the doorway and looked up quickly, hoping the CEO had somehow gotten over her anger suddenly and wanted to talk things out. The facsimile of her mother's knowledge and personality, the user interface to a lost planets knowledge caused Kara to get a sad far away look, so much so that despite the amazingness of the technology and the advancements it could give to humanity if asked the right questions, Lena never asked about it. Unions were bindings of social, political and intellectual interests, not romantic pairings…at least not at first. But she supposed Kara was probably busy setting up, knowing her friend had the tendency to be a little OCD when it came to entertaining, meticulously laying out snacks and drinks and such for everyone beforehand. How long had this been going on and Lena had not noticed? Once outside of the building Lena stood in front of the doors, waiting for the car she'd called on the way down. Lena knew because she had checked. She couldn't help smiling when he stared at her coldly, his hands gripping the arms of the chair he was sitting in so hard his knuckles turned white. Alex asked. "I saw Lena leaving in a hurry, but she wouldn't stop to talk. So I may get yelled at by a few people for starting a new multichapter story while I'm currently working on one already. sink into you like water (pray you won’t pull me under) - Valkyrees OR, a [Fake Dating AU] in which Kara rescues Lena from an underwater cave, it turns into one of the biggest media frenzies of the year, and they somehow get branded America’s Sweetest Couple by the public. It was nothing compared to being her fiancée and lover. Did Kara not want to marry her anymore? Kara recoiled at the action, looking like Lena had just kicked her dog rather than rejected her touch. She let out a growl in frustration. Kara smiled at Lena softly but being aware of her previous state Lena could see that the smile was actually a little forced. This is my place of work, you can't just…", Lena cut Alex off mid rant with a single question. Lena nodded sharply and turned to face the elevator. Lena was Kara's favorite person in the whole wide world and Supergirl was Lena's favorite person in the whole wide world. The elevator shuddered to a stop at last and opened onto a basement level, far away from the high tech command centre on the top floor. Alex's lips tightened as she looked sharply at the agent and stared into the depths of Lena's eyes, judging her, weighing her. Happy Birthday, Judith!We initially started this edit as a Lena Luthor edit but as the video progressed it started to be overwhelmed by Kara and Lena so it just transformed into this, so hope you like it anyway! They'd been spending more time together, and Kara had already used all of her best outfits. Typical Kara. Is this what humans feel like when they exercise? Fanfiction (Kara is human) Kara and Lena were once married, they had a child together called Cameron Danvers-Luthor (Cameron Danvers). Alex straightened her shoulders and strode out. Ever. After all, it had been her need to save her sister, her favorite person in existence, that drove her into the spotlight in the first place. If Alex hadn't thought about this then it made Lena's oversight a little less burdensome. "Explain how you've been lying to me for over two years?" Kara had been horrified at the thought of forsaking her name. One partner had to perform the ceremony of rebirth. Thinking quickly, she picked up her laptop off the couch and opened Facebook. Please enjoy my new fic. Lena knew she couldn't let her heart start beating in panic or else Kara would surely notice her here. It asserts your dominance over the situation.". she barked. She opened her wardrobe and looked inside, immediately beginning to rifle through the clothes.


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