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Bundle Savings Available! Mic Stand Thread Adapter found in: WindTech M-11 RCA Microphone 5/8-27 to Male 1/2 Pipe Thread Adapter, Atlas QR-2 Quick Release Mic Stand Adapter, Atlas AD-5B 5/8in #27 Thread Female Coupling Adapter … It is 5/8" male to 3/8" female thread adapter for microphone stand with 3/8" thread. Threaded adapter for lighting stands or camera tripods to convert from 1/4"-20 to standard microphone thread. 1/4"-20 female to 5/8"-27 male. In Stock Compare. Quick-release Microphone Adapter for 5/8" Threaded Microphone Stands $21.99. 0% interest for 48 months* i. To check whether this clip is suitable, the outer body diameter of your microphone … Standard Slimline Microphone Clip/Holder Thread Adapter Included - 5/8" Outer to 3/8" Inner Used For - Will fit the majority of wired, slim-body condenser microphone such as the SM-57 or similar. AEA R44CE Ribbon Microphone Ribbon Microphone with Case and Stand Adapter … 3/8-16 Female to 5/8-27 Male Euro to US Mic Thread Adapter w/Flange. 3/8in to 5/8in Flanged Mic Adapter The K&M 217 Threaded Adapter features a 3/8"-female and 5/8"-male connection for converting stud types to accommodate various microphone … Microphone Threaded Adapter 5/8 \"male To 3/8\" Screw Threaded Plastic Adapter Features: 1. Since 1976 WindTech has manufactured the highest quality American made microphone … 2. Made of good quality …


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