johnlock post reichenbach recs

But I am still counting this pairing for reunion.). I have to move on - if I can, that is. Of course, we would save the ones most likely to spread the truth for the end - idiots like Donovan and Andersen. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Feelings had never worked for me.

And when that didn't work, I turned to drugs.

Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers; Completion Status. "Bloody hell, Sherlock.". Unless you're a hallucination and I'm -", I scoffed. post-Reichenbach. Potterlock at Hogwarts. But sometimes my feelings were too strong for me to simply play pretend. But in the end, he was so much more than just that. In the end, we had decided, yes - but a little at a time. Analyze PHENOMENAL Fanfiction to Improve Your Writing with our Free 5-Day Fanfiction Writing Mini-Course: We respect your privacy and will not use your email for spam!

Ah, I was thinking of doing this, but now I’m just going to hitch to your wagon. A year has passed since Sherlock's suicide, and Sally can't help wondering if she was right about him, or whether her involvement just made everything worse. Did that feel fake? So, only those things appear here. Copyright © 2017 | Fanfiction Recommendations Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy. I watched him at the grave as much as I could, but he stayed out there for sometimes hours on end, and I had appointments with Mycroft to talk about coming back - if I ever would. And I am reccing it even though *I* don’t care much for parentlock. Now, I crouched in the grass, hiding behind trees, waiting for my blogger. Post-Reichenbach written after series 4. He knelt by my grave and opened the box. It is a … I heard his phone ding, and apparently he did, too, because he fished it out of the pocket of his khaki pants and checked message. Post TSOT from Sherlock’s POV. If someone knows, add to this please! He usually came three times a day - he was nearly due for his second. Also, now after much devouring, many scenes from different fics have got mixed in my head. There's Greg and Molly, of course, but they're always busy. I saw his facial expression and smiled ever so slightly. My blogger.

His hands were rough and had needle pricks on them - from his doctor work, I assumed. And Donovan and Andersen are idiots - it's almost like they've all forgotten you. I hope that's better format for the person who gave me the advice - didn't totally understand it, but I hope this helps. The Woman even came once, wearing a hood that hung over her eyes except for when she kneeled over my grave and whispered "I know you're there, Sherlock." So just clubbing them here. Johnlock Fic Rec.

"Idiot." I've been watching John since the beginning.

So help me out and rec some of your favorite Johnlock Reichenbach Reunion fic and other fan works. Sherlock Holmes Returns after Reichenbach (306) Post-Reichenbach (130) Angst (77) Hurt/Comfort (28) POV Sherlock Holmes (27) Fluff (26) Sherlock Holmes Has Feelings (26) Reunions (20) Reichenbach Feels (19) Angst with a Happy Ending (19) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Your email address will not be published.

was the first thing he said, and it was completely ridiculous, because that's not at all what you're supposed to say when your best friend supposedly comes back from the dead - but then again, there's no handbook for this stuff. But author updates very regularly, twice a week. He's such a little sh*t. Also, I might not update as much as I'd like to (or, possibly, as much as you'd like me to), but I'll try to post a few new chapters every week. When he finally sees that John is not fine, he doesn’t come to the right conclusions about why his best friend is decidedly unwell. This is parentlock with a bit of twist. "Present tense, John," I managed to choke out, and then he was standing up, his face tense, and I was sure he was about to punch me - but then he kissed me. "Like you used to. my time has come. I'm still talking to your grave, two years after the Reichenbach fall. Person by person. So I pretended they didn't exist, and sometimes that worked. RDJ!Sherlock (fics based on the films starring Robert Downey, Jr.) Reality show AU’s. Follow/Fav Johnlock Post-Reichenbach - FINISHED. His wife divorced him, finally. I didn't come out.


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