johnlock mpreg john
He blinked twice in surprise, his mouth opening in a little ‘O’. I can’t watch it happen again. It was enough evidence to prove that he was pregnant with Sherlock’s child. We’ve made the most wonderful thing. He was pregnant. You: [ Omega!lock. The scent of his Alpha was normally comforting, protective, calming, as was his embrace. Suddenly, the sound of the deep baritone alerted John from his thoughts. He headed towards their bedroom and poked his head in. John-lock and drop it! “He is, isn’t he?” The alpha mumbled in atonement, because he had never believed he’d see something as beautiful as John, and yet here they were. “John?”. It was enough to cause his whole body to shudder. You: John folded into the embrace, burying his face into Sherlock’s neck. He smiled brightly as he rushed over to John, stopping by his side, in order to see the little baby. Positive. It was the happiest day of his life, but he was terrified. You: [ Omega!lock. “Can I… Please?”, All Will Be Fine - Johnlock/Omegalock/Mpreglock RP, He is, isn't he? And this was because he held the most precious thing in his arms. It was the most beautiful child he had ever seen; and the baby was his. John shouldn’t be crying. This wasn’t his first. Terrified that he’d loose their beautiful pup, /Sherlock’s pup/. He crouched down and wiped away the dampness on his cheeks. What if he lost the one creation he had always wanted? When Sherlock walked into the room, finally, John grinned even wider. John could not wait for his mate to hold Hamish, for him to be proud of the little child they had created together. He needed his Alpha, but was so distracted he didn’t even notice the door downstairs. Children, Sherlock, however many are there. “Hey.” He murmured, setting the test down on the edge of the sink, wrapping his arms around John again. Mpreg. John, and their precious little baby… The smile on his mate’s face… The way he was all lit up. The detective knew about John’s first pup and what had happened. “Don’t worry right now, okay?” He added, rubbing John’s back. “Don’t worry,” John whispered, his voice pitched low. Then headed to the bathroom and knocked on the door. The fact that he was pregnant, and that there was nothing he could do. Mpreg. Please enjoy this Johnlock Mpreg. They should be happy, Sherlock /wanted/ to be happy but it was hard considering how horrified John looked, and they should be talking about what was going to happen /if/ something bad happened. There was a living, breathing, and growing child inside of him, who wouldn’t always be that way. See more ideas about Johnlock, Johnlock fanart, Sherlock fanart. Positive. You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Then John turned his head, and pressed a single, slow kiss to Sherlock’s sharp cheekbone. Say hi! He looked up from his perch on the bathtub’s edge, eyes swimming with guilt and tears, and he held out the test for Sherlock to take. Joyous, relieved, happy tears. He didn’t deserve an Alpha as brilliant as Sherlock, and Sherlock didn’t deserve to have such a terrible Omega.


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