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Unsplash/Arleen wiese. When you know what is best to do all the time, you’re a wise person. “Be careful about conversations children are listening in on. The following fleshes out my metaphor of being hit on the head with a hammer. He has sought to protect the free exercise of religion, welcomed into his administration evangelical Christians such as Vice President Mike Pence, nominated a godly woman to the Supreme Court (in the face of Democratic bigotry), and honored Christ and God in Good Friday and Easter proclamations. Site by Mere. Pray all the way to the grave for your children’s conversions and for the perseverance of their apparent conversions. By encouraging thousands of Christians to consider not voting, or—even worse—make way for a candidate who supports abortion up to nine months, John Piper (and those in agreement with him) are like the four members of Parliament in William Wilberforce's day who, when the slave trade could have been ended years earlier by their votes, instead opted out of voting and went to an opera. As we parents confess our own sins and depend on grace, our kids will say, “Oh, you don’t have to be perfect. They are not willing to get up and do what needs to be done to bring this kid into line.

“We have a God who speaks. What of Trump’s sexual sins? It’s curious that Piper spoke at a Conference of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and the Gospel Coalition honoring the civil rights legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., even though MLK never repented of his own sexual immorality over more than a decade leading up to the night in which he was assassinated. Welcome to the online home of Tim Challies, blogger, author, and book reviewer. Does Piper have a pride meter that registers an increase in arrogance among Republicans? They love the gospel because Jesus forgives their sins.

They will expose all Christians who dare to express a view consistent with Jesus’ teaching, even if only through a social media post, to being fired from their place of employment.

That’s not all. They love grace.

Famous artist in focus :: John Piper. So that people would stop trusting in themselves and trust God. “God is in charge of the coronavirus,” he said, adding that because Jesus came to the world and died for our sins, “we never have to be afraid of God’s punishment.”. The worst we can do is teach them that there is no truth. I wrote this short, fast-paced, practical guide to productivity to share what I have learned about getting things done in today’s digital world. God saves kids and there would hardly be any Christians in the world if he didn’t save them out of failed families.

Candidate B is opposed to the hammer hitting.”. That means He knows exactly what needs to be done to bring about what’s best for all time,” he said. Apparently, Piper is only a purist on moral perfection about Trump and no other American leader. Evangelical voter: “Candidate A keeps hitting me, my spouse, and my children repeatedly on the head with a hammer. They will also codify that view into law. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, you can do so here.


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