is eremika going to be canon

Many people says that and I couldn't be more in disagreement. He gave up. A subreddit for fans of the anime/manga "Attack on Titan" (known as "Shingeki no Kyojin" in Japan), by Hajime Isayama. It's possible Eren never sees Mikasa that way. Two lies don't make it right. aot; drama; eremika; fanfiction; romance; Table of Contents; Details; Eremika #1 Eremika #2 Eremika #3 Why Hate On Two Babes? The anger the betrayal the heartbreak. Agree Season 2 101 Reasons To Ship Eremika Fuck It!!!!! Eren is a heavyweight drinker according to isayama so he is still fine but others passed out. Eremika is canon. I pretty much had the same theory. I actually don’t think it matters which ship you ship, the macabre mood of 107 sort of made it obvious that there’s very little chance of a happy ending, if there were any to begin with. XD Eremin Canon? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ShingekiNoKyojin community. However since the storyline has taken a big swing on baby making I do think Eren will make a baby with someone, for someone to follow his footsteps just like his dad did. by Qweenie123 Follow. Mikasa: *clearly trying to confess her feelings to Eren*, Eren: *confronts Mikasa about her feelings even tho she's already given him an answer* (why you keep looking for a different answer Eren? Mikasa's character always revolves around it. I wonder what would have happened if they didn't get interrupted. They all grow old and die after living long happy lives. They both are in love with each other but the world is a cruel place . this was not the personality the kid had in my dream but whatevs, this is for a modern au of course canon eren is screwed. I don’t want it to happen, but it’s kind of the ultimate route for Mikasa’s development. Petra's Death Ereri Is Canon? Eremika in manga covers appreciation post.

Please don't say he saw through paths because Eren isn't a God who knew basically every single thing.

Isayama is only one of them. I am pretty confident the anime is giving us her slowly learning to trust Levi's command, as each time she gets worried about Eren, Levi is expending less effort in restraining her. To quote them 'Eren wanted to know mikasa's answer to check her Ackerman bond. Eren was very much typical Shounen male protagonist, but I really liked how he very much let his emotions out when he needed (at least from what I saw), and how is has been a pretty selfless character the whole series. Me; I have to decide which ones to make canon. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

I ship Eremin just cause I find them cute.

And he knew what actions he was going to take so he decided to become the monster and tried to make his own friends hate him. Eren has put himself on the line just as much for her. I also honestly don’t think Eren even has room for romance in his heart. There are tons of other proof about his feelings too but I just wanted to address 123 now and I think that chapter was enough to show it. do you think eremika will be canon? SO ARE ALL THE REINCARNATION AU FANFICS AUTOMATICALLY CANON???? Among the 100+ pairings that I ship only 20 have become canon until now. I think we're going to see Eren have a kind of break down over everything that's happened and having three titans in his head. There‘s no way Eren is the father of Historia‘s kid either because it‘d make zero sense since he‘s against her producing future titan candidates in the first place and he‘d never prioritize a friend‘s wish over his morals. A lot of people laugh at her, or think it's dumb she's this loyal, but I think it's admirable. Maybe stuff will progress to that point, which will be sad, but I don't see that happening yet. I am conflicted about this part. So like AU? Eremika in manga covers appreciation post, can we pls talk about how eren’s expression/eyes when he’s asking mikasa what he is to her. We also see a similar scenario to 123 in 112.

Here Eren got hopeful for a spit second. If someone would ever do that, it would be Isayama. Are you going to flip? It originates because of the hurt he feels not once but twice by the love of his life He is pissed at her for breaking his heart. I really just hope no ship becomes canon because I feel like it would shift attention away from the story, and instead we’d have tonnes of people saying, “I told you so, my ship is legit” which I can honestly see happening tbh. Tbh, Eren keeps defending and standing up and protecting Historia.

Actually, the opposite can happen. As far as canon is concerned, Eremika and Eremin are often seen as displaying the majority of on-screen canon. eren x mikasa eremika is canon eremika headcanon eremika eren yaegar eren jaeger eren jäger mikasa aot shingeki no kyojin mikasa attack on titan mikasa mikasa ackerman ackerbond levi ackerman livai ackerman ackermans. He wasn't done talking to her. He is done with her half assed answers.

Eren and Mikasa are not above it when the situation requires it. Though I think he has the best chemistry with Historia, and obviously cares deeply about Mikasa - it’s just so hard to view him through a romantic lens as he’s never shown true interest in anyone apart from friendship/family. There is a difference. Do you know that scene from the Season 3 OP where we got Eren's hand and EMA appearing successively? what i think is that there’s no “true reason” or ingrained behaviour, or compelling impulse. So will EreMika become canon? Out of the trio, Armin has always had trouble with killing. Their friends and Armin are a close second, but their relationship is up in the stratosphere. I am one of those people who believe this anger right here is real. There's so much happening in this manga its giving me a headache when I think about it. Eren is probably upset as he lost the last chance of love and now he have to move forward with his original plan. He knows what he is about to do in future to innocent families like them. Although as many have said in this thread, it’s unlikely to happen given the latest events in the manga. Where Annie isn’t in a crystal and is dating Armin, getting to rebuild her friendships with the others. This here is a combination of everything he feels. Maybe he wanted to dig deeper and force the confession out of her. Wow what a surprise I didn't expect that. They won't make up or at least not a minute before dying if it happens.

They dont often get time off to see their friends but they do make time to see the old gang. Reblog.

If Eren IS the father of Historia's baby, I would consider that the final nail in the coffin of the EreHisu ship to be honest. Share. Look at his face my poor soft boy. A part of him is angry at her for not being honest. PS stop bitching about too much Ereh in the anime. Mikasa’s inability to let go of Eren and her relationship with him has been emphasized for a while now. galaticunknown reblogged this from eremikadefensesquad. As for the people complaining about the anime and all her Ereh, I wouldn't worry about that. tldr: I'm 70% sure Mikasa will turn on Eren, 100% sure they and Armin will all make up afterwards, and 50% sure Eremika will be canon. Or understand that It's better for Historia to be with Eren than a random jerk. 53 notes. He has had great character development imo. I would like to make a deep analysis on Eren's feelings for Mikasa after chapter 123. He's not a shallow jerk who won't love her because she's carrying another man's child. The part which yearns for her love. Tbh, Eren keeps defending and standing up and protecting Historia. To be in a relationship knowing that your partner will die in a few years..Reiner level of suffering. This ship is not one-sided anymore and I'm pretty sure Jean is signing up for the ship as well.

I don’t know if they’ll fight or not, but to a point where she sees Eren’s actions as absolutely indefensible, she isn’t going to help him. mikasa making flower crowns is my aesthetic. That’s because I often ship the non-canon pairings. Me, *produces a list of my OTPS, and starts to cry*. They too eventually settle down near Eren and Mikasa’s home. I’m quite a casual shipper (and in fact, I’m biased towards Eremika), but there are a lot of other people out there who take their ships too seriously, even going so far as to fight supporters of another ship. It's possible yes, but it's also possible that it won't. In this opening 4 we can clearly see Eren's hand reaching out for her so desperately. That is considered pedophilia and they don t even have moments. I'm getting the same vibe, like something is about to happen between Eren and Mikasa in the latest chapter where eremika blush I feel like that panel is a foreshadowing of something bad that's about to go down and their relationship is gonna change and not in good way. I’m quite a casual shipper (and in fact, I’m biased towards Eremika), but there are a lot of other people out there who take their ships too seriously, even going so far as to fight supporters of another ship. Still our baby boy chose to lie beside his best friend and the woman he love. Besides, everyone in the SC knows how close Eren and Mikasa are and Historia would never be so selfish to interfere (especially since she‘s the most selfless of them all). She will be dissappointed in him.

Historia is winning prominence because this is her character arc. she’s so cute omg you can’t deny it anymore it’s canon she makes all the flower crowns, eremika maybe not canon but is canon in my heart <3, its so fuckin canon god im dying im dying, headcanon eremika workout together is canon, hey isayama give it to us ! She followed him to the attack on Marley, despite not understanding why he was doing this, and followed his lead.

This ship sails itself, paternity or not. Just look at the gesture that he makes when Mikasa appears. Fuck It!!!!! Read if you want but you were warned Ereri shippers Highest … YOU ARE READING. I'm interested to know what your thoughts will be if Eren is the father and husband of Historia. I didn't know this expression. Friendly reminder that Eren’s reflection is in Mikasas eye and Erwin’s is in Levi, If Isayama can’t make my OTP canon at least let me have this.


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