is defunding the police a good idea

There is an important lesson in all of this for anyone who has to persuade people about an idea, whether in a speech, presentation or other format.

This content is imported from {embed-name}. A: The impact will be notable, if not profound. 330) – David Gerrold, 6 Replies to ““Defund the Police” – A good idea but a terrible slogan”. Vitale: Minneapolis was really kind of a shining star.

But I am willing to see how this is going to work, from a city with police, of course.

A caring Mother. Please advise or help out if you can, explains things more clearly to the young adults. As the nation deals with racial unrest and the grief of these murders, many are understandably turning to ideas to keep injustices like this from occurring in the future. Jordan is a former candidate for the 31st House of Delegates District, and former Chair of the Virginia State Board of Social Services. All three of your points simply say that these areas deserve funding.

Second, a passerby captured the entire incident on video. Good post and very much on point.

This was a real wake-up call to me about the relationship between policing and broader social-policy questions.

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We have little evidence, if any, to show that more police surveillance results in fewer crimes. Like I said, it can be accomplished, but at what price? I agree. It was only later when I did some research and read an interview with Ilhan Omar, did I realize what is actually behind the slogan. It gets very expensive, and that's just for the vehicles. In years past, instances of police brutality have spurred intense dialogue in communities across America, but this moment feels different. Kids in these neighborhoods had a place to go to after school, get tutoring, help with schoolwork, in some cases get a healthy meal and engage in various activities while interacting with police officers in a positive environment.

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Many people have not grasped the subtleties of “Defund the Police”. Scott Martin is a 26-year professional law enforcement officer. It means not allowing police unions to provide cover for their members with special, generous disciplinary procedures in their contracts. Just hearing it,and living in a southern rural state, I think most people (who don’t follow the news or read very much) will just think the same. session.

Free services does not make a person, again, that’s a persons will. So it’s got to be about redistribution, not just defunding.

Originated by the Black Lives Matter movement and police reform activists, the slogan was introduced to the public last week and is quickly picking up steam with politicians, city councils and mayors throughout the country. To defund something means to take away financial support; it means to stop giving money to something. I appreciate you taking the time. One of the slogans that has gained traction over the past few weeks is: “Defund the Police”. What are your thoughts on defunding police departments?

A revamped police system, better living conditions and more support for other societal institutions would be a good thing for everyone.

There are actually dozens of campaigns that were underway before the events in Minneapolis that were calling for defunding policing, but [they] took the form of things like we want to halt new hiring, we want to get a handle on overtime, and we want to close down certain problematic programs, like the gang unit, and shift those resources into community needs. I got more than I bargained for in the best possible way. That means that we have to shift some of the discourse from a conversation about police accountability to a conversation about political accountability. This is getting out of hands and moving the issues to closed to home. The scarier part is that the left is considering petty crime to be just a minor offence and should not involve police. There were between 10,000 and 12,000 people.

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Public Service and I’m just afraid that this bad slogan could turn off too many people to where you have to work to get past the slogan. His workshop was a great experience and has proven extremely useful for me in my professional and personal life. Dependent upon the size of the “defund” and what is eliminated, because that’s what will have to be done, decisions will have to be made which services will cease to be the responsibility of law enforcement.

Vitale: Some of the research shows that officer behavior gets worse after these anti-bias trainings. That’s why many protestors and activists, following in the footsteps of Black-led grassroots groups, are demanding immediate defunding of police departments.

Like I said, it can be accomplished, but at what price? Lastly, defunding the police could reduce employee benefits that address emotional resiliency and other mental health issues that can lead to Post Traumatic Stress. John puts his heart in every word. We have to call that out.

Or instituting accountability mechanisms that were largely procedural in nature: body cameras, new use-of-force policies, de-escalation training. A: Studies have shown, and my personal experience has demonstrated, that effective social programs can reduce criminality in adults and juveniles. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. We need more resources for policing, more professionalization. Answer: My initial response to such a rallying cry is that it’s misguided: a better, more appropriate term would be “re-allocation” of portions/segments of police department budgets. You taught me to tell the truth. What is its central argument, would you say? cut $100 million to $150 million from the LAPD budget, Minneapolis Public Schools just voted to end its contract, This Viral Mannequin Challenge Is Haunting, Kamala Harris: “To Be Silent Is to Be Complicit”, Lawsuit Alleges Cops Raped Inauguration Protesters, Miami Cop Posts a Heartfelt Message to the Public: "All Lives Matter" to Police, [UPDATING] 5 Police Officers Killed In Coordinated Shootings During Protests in Dallas.

So, conversely, if there is a low likelihood of apprehension there will be more crimes committed — more people victimized. Things like implicit-bias training that assumes that the problems of race and policing in the United States are about unconscious, unintentional, individual, discretionary decision making by officers. Wells: So we’re in this time when the state and local budgets across the country are in trouble, and they’re having to cut things left and right. Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. Minneapolis, you’re saying, has done a lot of these programs that you’re saying are ineffective, but it also funds public works more than it does police.

For example, several cities after the 2008 recession. A: My suggestion to incorporating social programs with police work — the more the better. Taken literally, calls to defund police departments conjure images of empty precinct stations and the proliferation of citizen patrols.

One of the novel coronavirus' most insidious tricks is that it can block the ability of cells to produce protective proteins without hindering its own ability to replicate.

Police around the world play an important role in preserving the peace and upholding the law. D.J.

Yes, I do agree that a better community creates better people, but that is something that is created within a person.

Dialogue about this important topic must continue.

A thorough review of what it is spending its money on is always warranted. In this day, with all the media and stimulus overload, I feel like it’s more important than ever to have a good slogan and hook people right away, because with everything available, it’s too easy for them to ignore it or watch something else.

Localities should also perform better oversight of police departments.

First of all, defunding the police reduces funding for vitally important training and ongoing professional development that needs to occur to address bad policing tactics. If the intense training that police must undergo gets cut back, we will see a sharp rise in bad use of force decisions and abuse of power. The sociologist Alex Vitale, the author of The End of Policing, joins Atlantic staff writer James Hamblin and executive producer Katherine Wells to explain the research and nuance behind the idea, on the podcast Social Distance.

Thanks to John’s excellent workshop, I have learned many important tips and techniques to become an effective public speaker. Senior Sales Manager, Sunrise Communications. Live -

Could you talk a little bit about that? On June 9th, my wife and I and several friends marched in the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Geneva, Switzerland. Another important factor that must also be addressed is the legal doctrine known as qualified immunity, which has been used to shield police officers from allegations of misconduct.

What follows is an edited and condensed transcript of their conversation. Details of this research was presented at ACR Convergence, the American College of Rheumatology’s annual meeting.

He was our keynote speaker at our annual convention in Barcelona, and his message still remains!

It’s about giving a vulnerable population positive options. Vitale: The central argument is that policing is an inherently problematic tool for the state. Thank you for explaining why Defunding Police would be a bad way to stop Police Brutality. A reporter's PressPass is required to When people ask for police reform, many are actually asking for this oppressive system to be dismantled and to invest in institutions, resources, and services that help communities grow and thrive. I hate to agree with you about it being too late to change the slogan, but once these things take root, it is hard to dislodge them.

You wouldn’t reward a dog for bad behavior, would you?

Also basing your reasoning as to why police departments shouldn’t be defunded based on a hypothetical situation in which crime would worsen instead of basing your reasoning on data is flawed. What they’re calling for is a redistribution of resources, because communities do have problems. One of the latest proposals that has spread from activists is the #DefundThePolice movement.

Tell that story to the guy who got shot in the hand when Ng, a murderer and rapist, was shop lifting and was caught in Calgary.

Instead of funding a police department, a sizable chunk of a city's budget is invested in communities, especially marginalized ones where much of the policing occurs. You taught me to stand tall. It seems like even their budget might be in the direction of the distribution you’re talking about.


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