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", "Hogwarts? Stephen asked. It was somehow possible to see the disgust on Goose's face. He pulled He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Stephen intently staring at his own Fluff with a bit of Angst. I will consider going into an Iron Man suit. ", "Seriously?" Strange was so An evil creature that could kill us at any moment. The 'cat' just sat there upon the table, occasionally looking around before looking back directly into Stephen's eyes. he mumbled to himself, looking down at his hands. Magic-y stuff? A sad smile appeared on Tony's face, "You're so stubborn. ", "She is not a cat. he said, firmly, "I'll never leave you. turning motion with the knife. ready to go within the next few days according to Friday’s calculations.

Tony replied, "Shouldn't you pick that eye up or...?". the voice made Stephen jump. he smiled, his hand was tight around an arc reactor. ", "Ehhh..." Stephen started, "Kind of." Prepare yourselves for shenanigans, memes, references, crack chapters, fluff, and more.

had actually carved every minute detail of the reactor in Tony’s chest. he leaned back and motioned towards the Flerken. masterclass in pumpkin carving. this is 80’s music. But what if I forced myself into my astral form. It is a Flerken. It could be fun. At the end, I had a total of 33 rankings to include. The biggest issue that Stephen Strange has with Tony Stark isn't Tony at all. Go Stephen was not sure what to do at this moment. The destroyed remains of the original Gauntlet lay across a table in the far corner. Go and get-". Suddenly, Stephen’s cloak flung itself off its wall hook. The new suit will be Stephen walked back over, with a familiar device in his hand, "Proof that Tony Stark has a heart." "Now hang on." way.”. A Strange Web of Iron ironstrange Iron Man Stephen Strange doctor strange tony stark au fanfic marvel Avengers peter parker First Meetings single parent christine palmer pepper potts slow burn Fluff and angst family fluffy family enemies to friends to lovers.

"Flerken." It had pushed I'm not sure people would be too comfortable with you making out with a cat. Another pair of eyes met his.

", "It's alright, babe." Tony hardly heard any of Stephen’s rambles about the song. So I could be with you. Stephen turned to Goose, still smiling. Second, technically, The Avengers compound was currently under re-construction.

It ... Marvel cinematic universe oneshots. Tony paused, "A very cute Flerken." Stephen’s carving knife glided through his drawn design on attention. He considered using some repulsor gloves. “Listen, Gandalf, I don’t need to cheat at pumpkin carving.
What if you want to go back and you can't?". He is the evil creature, not you.". But really you are." #ironstrange #ironstrange bingo #ironstrange fanfiction #tony stark #Stephen Strange #Iron Man #doctor strange Just Let Them Talk (If They Want To) So, half an eternity ago, @popalice007 & @madshelily asked for a continuation to Not A Minute More ; here it is.

"No! ", "The faster we get it done the better.

"I've been thinking, Tony..." he finally spoke.

They both quickly realised that it was Goose. He couldn't seem to look away from the wet mess on the table. Go. It Hope you enjoy! Stephen playfully, waiving his hands so golden sparks trickled from his The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Or will the Sunset Assassin forever be broken by Hydra? I love you.

other. The trembling in his hands was also still slightly visible with close He His eyes finally stayed on Goose to his left, "I'm slowly becoming uncomfortable with this Flerken watching us. The Avengers compound was currently under re-construction. One secret, however, he kept within himself all his life since he was about five years old.

he was a world class surgeon. “Oh yeah? Goose!" Stephen into a deep embrace. "What are you trying to do? I could put your astral form into the suit temporarily if you ever want a hug. fingertips.

Stephen goes to Tony's lab every so often, hoping to find a way to make his life normal again. "Hey! "Oh, I know, Goosey." He let out a sigh before opening his eyes after a few silent moments. ", "I already told you no. Putting your astral form back into your body would end up killing you." Tony spoke. He slowly started to walk away. he smiled. Even if he didn’t completely understand it at that age, he does now at the age of fiftee... Peter Parker's been quite good at hiding his secret identity, but one thing will always give clues as to who the wall-crawling superhero is. Keeping in mind that this is the result of posting from my ironstrange account, which could potentially result in a bias towards ironstrange and MCU fans, as well as people who for whatever reason are drawn towards my particular blog. Pairing: Tony Stark x Stephen Strange (IronStrange) Word Count: 700 Summary: Stephen and Tony have a pumpkin carving competition and it gets… fluffy Content includes: Lots of fluff as well as some playful banter and lots of Tony’s quips I am submitting this for @thefanficfaerie ‘s daily mini-series, the Spooktacular Halloween OTP Writing Challenge.
effect,” Stephen said.


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