inmate parole release date
Instead, the Inmate Locator will display: “The inmate shown above was sentenced to death and is therefore not eligible for parole consideration.”. If it is the same the second ensitey is unnecessay. To be parole eligible, an offender must serve the greater of 25% of his sentence or the following statutory minimums:  If the sentence is from one (1) to two (2) years he must serve at least nine (9) months. The more serious and violent offenders and high-risk sex offenders are released to state parole and the non-serious, non-violent, and non-sex offenders are released to county-level supervision.

For field supervision records of a court-ordered assessment or investigation, 66666666 is used. Authority to approve transfers of foreign citizen offenders to their native countries to serve the remainder of their prison terms is delegated to the Executive Officer of the Board of Parole Hearings by the Governor under the provisions of Government Code section 12012.1. If you have completed all required programming, are a non-violent offender, have an approved home plan or CCC bed date, and have no detainers, release may occur within a short time frame. The following information is displayed for most inmates: name, CDCR number, current age, latest admission date to CDCR, current location (with link to a map of location), parole consideration eligible date (month and year only), information about the parole eligible date explaining if the date is based on a release date, or the date the inmate was (or will be) first eligible for parole consideration by BPH, as a life-term inmate, youth offender, nonviolent offender, or under the elderly parole program. Interstate Compact Parolees under field supervision may have the actual sentence length entered. Credentialed Batter Intervention Programs, Early Discharge/ Earned Compliance Credit, A Guide to Understanding P&P for Family and Friends, Level I Supervision Report Form (Only works with Internet Explorer), Required Educational Assessment and Community Treatment (REACT), Supervision Strategies and Treatment Alternatives Booklet, Suicide Is Forever video - female version, Community Supervision Centers & Community Release Centers, Law Enforcement Notification System (LENS), Emergency Preparedness & Workplace Violence, For Media Professionals: Inquiries & Interviews, Sunshine Law File (old link): Compressed File Format, updated nightly, Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services.
She has a B.A. Why was the Inmate Locator expanded to include parole consideration eligible dates? If the sentence is two (2) to five (5) years he must serve at least ten (10) months. If granted medical parole, the offender would be assigned a Parole Agent, and if their condition improves, they can be returned to custody. This is the date (YYYYMMDD) of the maximum release/expiration day of this sentence. An offender must be sentenced to one year or more to be eligible for parole and an offender’s initial parole eligibility date can never be less than one year. This is the NCIC code for this offense as found in the National Crime Information Center's Code Manual referenced in the Missouri Charge Code Manual. Person convicted of Armed Robbery or Attempted Armed Robbery committed between January 1, 1977 and October 1, 1994 is not eligible for parole or earned time until he has served ten years of his sentence. Either way, it’s helpful to know if an inmate’s release date changed. Simply stated, the standard conditions of parole are outlined below.


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