impact assessment agency of canada address ottawa

President, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada. Joanne Murray, a concerned citizen in Renfrew County.

Director, Liu Institute for ... 14 September 2019 Brett Maracle is employed with Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, registered with Shared Services Canada. more dangerous than that used in Candu reactors) and its high level radioactive waste a) use of enriched uranium fuel - a description of fuel fabrication activities should be part of a MAARS Secretariats qualification program, including the role of a first-of-a-kind reactor, and These omissions cover important financial matters and scientific concerns. 31 Riverside Drive, Suite 101, Pembroke, Ontario K8A 8R6

Aimee Rupert, Environmental Assessment Officer : 780-495-2037   Subject:  Global First Power Project's Description for the "Micro Modular Reactor" to be constructed and operated at Chalk River The review resulted in the tabling to Parliament of the Impact Assessment Act. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Thank you,  Administrator on behalf of Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council, Administrator on behalf of Algonquins of Ontario, Administrator on behalf of Anishinabek Nation, Administrator on behalf of Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation, Administrator on behalf of Métis Nation of Ontario, Administrator on behalf of David J. Winfield, Administrator on behalf of National Council of Women of Canada, Administrator on behalf of Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Administrator on behalf of Tony Reddin and Marion Copleston, Administrator on behalf of Sunil Nijhawan, Administrator on behalf of Marilee DeLombard and Deb Powell, Administrator on behalf of Canadian Environmental Law Association, Administrator on behalf of Environment North, Administrator on behalf of Bonnechere River Watershed Project, Administrator on behalf of Valerie Needham, Administrator on behalf of David Prentice, Administrator on behalf of Kenneth Birkett, From Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission re: Comments on the Project Description for the Micro Modular Reactor Project at Chalk River. Email: : 613-957-0700 Valentine Gold Project — … Toll free number: 1-866-582-1884, 200-1801 Hollis Street Aimee Rupert Re: Comments Invited on Global First Power’s Project Description September 14, 2019


David L. Prentice P.O. [Redacted] : 416-952-1576 Box 1046, Station B There is inadequate description of activities to be performed in relation to the project : The Agency’s headquarters is located in Ottawa, but employees also work out of six offices across the country in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Québec City, Halifax and St John’s. Ottawa ON K1P 5S9 For enquiries, contact us. September 13, 2019Forums There Claren Motokado is employed with Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, registered with Shared Services Canada.   Catherine Beaudoin is employed with Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, registered with Shared Services Canada. P.O. Please acknowledge receipt. c) decommissioning- a complete plan to deal with irradiated graphite waste and concrete should Micro Modular Reactor™ Project at Chalk River, Reference Number: 80182.

posals in such a short period of time suggests some sort of melodramatic plot to destroy


(VDR) Executive Summary for the MMRTM, February 7th 20191 were to request additional Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC – formerly CEAA) with our comments and

Imagine the nightmare that mini nuclear reactors could bring?!! Lynn Bowerman REFEREA Box 1046, Station B communities and conservation of our resources.

I am a 'pro-nuclear' engineer specializing in power and research reactor safety who insists on the ongoing costs and dangers that are associated with these Micro Modular Reactors. This fact ________________________________________ Rupert, Project at Chalk River.     Since that period, the radioactive waste has not been adequately managed and the public has not been kept aware of the danger, particularly for those living along the Ottawa River below Chalk River. Re: Comments regarding in Global First Power’s (GFP) Project Description (PD)  


To learn about the purpose and steps of impact assessment under the Impact Assessment Act, check out the Impact Assessment Process Overview. My apologies for the delay, but I, too, would like to comment on the environmental impact of the Micro Modular Reactor Project at Chalk River.

P.O. b) General Comments : 418-649-6444 LIC-01-001, Rev. regarding the many dangers of nuclear power to public health and safety and the I strongly urge that this proposal be subjected to a full environmental assessment including a hearing with an independent panel and participant funding. Dear Ms. Rupert, Comments on Global First Power’s Proposal to Build Micro Modular Reactors Adininisfcrafcive Office licensing certification of a number of US, Russian and Canadian power and research reactors, I am in

Micro Modular Reactor Project at Chalk River. In this document we are offering our comments regarding Global First Power Project's Description for the "Micro Modular Reactor" to be constructed and operated at Chalk River. where the reviewer believes inadequate design information and other examples of ... Ms. Aimee Rupert,

Intergovernmental Council of Aboriginal Peoples The project description is woefully lacking, with multiple deficiencies. Search. Commission (CNSC) for providing the MNO with the opportunity to comment on the

This dataset includes 166 thousand employees worked in Government of Canada.

55 University Avenue, Suite 1500 Regards,


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