if those kids could read they'd be very upset
Senior year is a joke anyways. Share this: Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) ... Post navigation. Lypsincing to music is not a talent jase if those kids could read they d be very upset, Copyright © 2020 Pin Tweet Shop the Meme. Im pretty sure a lot a students failed senior year because of quarantine but ok. Bruh I went to a small as school so I didn't have shit to do it was great. Screen shots of Moss speaking this line have been reworked as image macros with the goal of insulting the intellect of the audience for believing something in particular. If those kids could read they'd be very upset Template also called: if they could read they would be upset, they would be upset, if they could read. - I I lowkey enjoyed and hated this senior year. Fat Leonardo DiCaprio; D.K. Sharecopia, Things worth sharing My grades online were worse because I had no motivation and kept messing up how to turn it in because I suck at using technology. Graduation was a big thing for her and shes pissed it got takin away by some stupid ass virus that people dont care about anymore, You mean 25% of the year which wouldn't save the failing grades of the first 75%, I literally failed two classes because of technical difficulties on the laptops given to us by the school. The meme known as “If Those Kids Could Read They'd Be Very Upset” is taken from a rather notable line off dialogue spoken by Principal Moss from "King of the Hill." Fun, It pisses me off some of the people who actually graduated when I was in HS. Wa i t i c an wr i t e ? The teacher takes down the sign and tells Bobby “if those kids could read, they’d be very upset.” This meme format is used similarly to other sign meme formats like Lisa Simpson presenting or “change my mind” memes, with an added twist that insults people for … var sc_invisible=1; On April 14th, 2009, the episode of King of the Hill entitled “Born Again on the Fourth of July” aired in the United States. Roots out the extra lazy ass kids but still unfair as fuck for me with 2 Bs and As on everything else, I actually think I would have had an easier time graduating if school had stayed open, Ok bud say that again in 2024 when the krezokulans invade. Gets the Hose Meme - Online school is shit. “If Those Kids Could Read, They’d Be Very Upset” is a memorable quote uttered by the character Principal Moss on the American animated sitcom King of the Hill. Plus I been struggling for all through school (1/3), I actually didnt need any of my classes second term so i just dropped them. Template ID: 243100573. Caption this Meme. All Memes › If those kids could read they'd be very upset. Lucky assholes never get to experience senior presentation, I failed to classes but my school gave me a passing grade due to corona so yes actually this meme is correct. Online, screenshots of Moss saying the line has been used in an exploitable image macro series to mock the intelligence of the audience because of their beliefs (similar to That Sign Can’t Stop Me Because I Can’t Read). Within one month, the post received more than 20,000 reactions, 10,000 shares and 5,400 comments (shown below, right). PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' … And online schooling was fucking hard. Funny Twitter - “If those kids could read, they’d be very upset memes” come from season 13, episode 14 of King Of The Hill “Born Again On The Fourth Of July.” In one scene, the character Bobby Hill holds up a sign to a classroom of children that reads “Repent Sinners! May 19, 2020 - Browse the best of our 'If Those Kids Could Read They'd Be Very Upset' image gallery and vote for your favorite! smoked weed all fucking year and got a 4.0 covid just made things fun. It pisses me off because its little things like letting that one kid who had all fucking Ds graduate(1), I legit barely did anything and now I’m going to graduate! What does the meme say? If Those Kids Could Read They'd Be Very Upset - "If those kids could read they'd be very upset" from the TV series "King of the Hill" Season 13 Episode 14. I give my permission to pass my contact information to the alleged infringing party. Jokes on you, I still would have passed even if this quarantine didn’t happen. Filesize: 533 KB. May 19, 2020 - Browse the best of our 'If Those Kids Could Read They'd Be Very Upset' image gallery and vote for your favorite! Feeling poetic today? Please be specific. My gf is actually super pissed because she wanted her senior year and they are doing a single person graduation by appointments. I don’t think it was much easier at all and not to mention the fact that trying to retain information from a teacher through a call is so ineffective. Also, I graduated today. . Straight As my first three years but I got 2 Ds in my online classes. Class of 2020, No I just went to my schools graduation for a friemd and 90% graduated Suma Cum Laude, My economics teach didn't care about her students before this whole thing happened, she gave shitty work that literally had nothing to do with the test (I passed the tests with an average of 80-90%) but half the class was on Ds to Fs. Dimensions: 640x719 px. “If Those Kids Could Read, They’d Be Very Upset” is a King Of The Hill quote attributed to Principal Moss from season 13, episode 14, titled “Born Again On The Fourth Of July.” In one scene, Bobby Hill holds a sign up to a classroom full of children that reads “Repent Sinners!


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