i don't understand in spanish

[Note it is a stem-changing verb, hence the e-ie change.] if they're made to do that "special interest groups" will put pressure on the crown prosecutor. No entendéis – you don’t understand (2+ people) If you want to know more or withdraw – I’ve been studying Spanish for 3 months. ¿Qué es … en español? mark, artificially, borders among nations. (-o ending if you are male, -a ending if you are female). The most common expressions to use are: ¿Cómo? You will probably find it difficult to keep up with what they are saying – as we all know how quickly Spanish people speak!

Sometimes you have understood a little but are not 100% sure. It is probably the first time you have actually spoken the words that you have learnt to a native speaker. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. They appreciate any efforts that English speakers make to speak their language and they will enjoy helping you improve. the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. la esencialidad de un sector que influencia hasta el turismo.

This is a good way of learning new vocabulary from a native speaker. ¿Puede repetir, por favor?

Languages Updates Blog About. For longer texts, use the world's best online translator!

It is only natural for language learners to have these doubts when they first start speaking in the target language. You say it the same as in Spanish in any other Spanish-speaking country. How do you say "I don’t understand" in Mexican Spanish? the history shows that those politicians were right. If you are soon to speak to a native speaker you may also like to read a previous blog post: “5 Tips to get the most out of your language exchange session”. Often you just want to say “Pardon” or a polite way to ask them to say something again. ¿Podría repetir, por favor? Tweet. less so with regards to rules related to natural resources and services. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Suggest as a translation of "i don't understand". Most things can be explained by elementary arithmetic, or algebra and it is never a good idea to invest in, La mayoría de las cosas se pueden explicar con álgebra o aritmética, básica y nunca es una buena idea invertir en.

Key phrases to help you do this include: ¿Cómo se dice …. – I’ve been learning Spanish for 3 months. [Note it is a stem-changing verb, hence the e-ie change.]. delimitar artificialmente fronteras entre los pueblos, o insistimos. No sé cómo decir … en español – I don’t know how to say …. ¿Qué dijiste? Privacy Policy The costs of long-term health care can be staggering, and, families don't always heed them until they're hit with the first bill or explanation of, Los costos de la atención médica a largo plazo suelen ser extraordinarios, y las familias, no siempre se dan cuenta de esto hasta que reciben la primera factura o una explicación. Tr-ex.me en español, Français Let’s say they say it again but you still don’t understand because they are speaking too fast.

Results: 1805405, No entienden – they don’t understand.

the third time, saying that he represents this city's people," she stated. You may hear variations of this such as, “Yo no sé” or “No lo sé”.

Ella no entiende – she doesn’t understand About Český No entendemos – we don’t understand When you are a beginner language learner you are often unsure about what you are saying and whether a) it is correct and b) if you are pronouncing it correctly. Italiano so hard to achieve an agreement prior to the elections. ¿Puede repetir por favor? “Sé” is an irregular form of the verb “saber” – to know (something). in Spanish? Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations.

crisis económica en Estados Unidos, un multimillonario se postule por tercera vez diciendo. You may like to explain that you are a beginner or that you are just starting to learn Spanish. In this blog post we will go through some useful expressions for you to say that you don’t understand or are unsure of what someone has said to you. in Spanish. Translations of the phrase I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE from english to spanish and examples of the use of "I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE" in a sentence with their translations: I don't understand the significance .

Time: 0.0798, Results: 1805405, Use DeepL Translator to instantly translate texts and documents. obliga a hacer eso que entonces "grupos con intereses especiales" podran presionar a los fiscales del gobierno.

Русский Living with migraines can be a challenge, Vivir con migrañas puede ser un reto, especialmente. They all mean the same, “I don’t know”. – What is … in Spanish? To change the subject of the verb change the verb as follows: No entiendes – you don’t understand Suomi

This is not a good example for the translation above. Estos políticos que se identifican tanto con.

– Could you repeat please? The following phrases will help you to explain your level: Soy principiante – I’m a beginner Or: Habla más lento por favor – Speak more slowly please.

Time: 0.0798, Contact Dansk Deutsch It is much better to be sure of what they said than make a wrong guess! Check out our infographic on I don't understand in Spanish with example sentences and translations. It should not be summed up with the orange entries. Many translated example sentences containing "i don't understand" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

– How do you say …. No sabéis – you don’t know (2 or more people) your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Women's participation in trade unions continued to be limited as women, La participación de las mujeres en los sindicatos seguía siendo reducida, habida cuenta de que. Ahora entiendo.

Bahasa indonesia.

No sabemos – we don’t know If you want to use past tense to say that you understood a little of what they said you could say: There is nothing wrong in asking someone to repeat what they said. sin necesidad, en nuestras guerras y en nuestros conflictos.

“Lo” just means “it” so really you are saying “I don’t know it”. y menos por las reglas relacionadas con los recursos naturales y los servicios.

Español Hablo un poco de español – I speak a little Spanish.

The subtle difference is, by adding “Yo” you are just emphasising “I”. Svenska When you are talking to a native speaker in a mixture of Spanish and English if they can speak English, you often want to ask how to say something in Spanish or a translation of a word. No saben – they don’t know. – Can you repeat please?

This is from the verb “entender” (to understand). To say how long you have been learning Spanish you would use the following structure: Llevo tres meses aprendiendo español. No estoy seguro/a – I’m not sure. Él no sabe – he doesn’t know Practice "I don't understand" and thousands of other words and phrases in Spanish on Clozemaster! The translation is wrong or of bad quality. – Pardon?

– Can you repeat, please? Copyright © Viva Language Services 2009 - 2020 | Cookie Policy | Content Management Websites Chadwick Design, The Correlation Between Talent and Hard Work in Language Learning, 7 Good Reasons to Learn a Language During Lockdown, 5 Top Tips To Help You Successfully Pass The IELTS Essay Writing Task, Learning a Second Language as an Adult versus as a Child. – Now I understand.

and centrality of an industry that also affects tourism.

To conclude, it is worth saying that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about not understanding or making mistakes when you are talking to a native speaker. If you want to change the person who knows or in this case, doesn’t know something you would need to change “sé” to one of the following: No sabes – you don’t know que, después, esos políticos tenían razón. que representa al pueblo de esta ciudad," aseguró. The most common way to say, “I don’t understand” is “No entiendo”. Similarly, when you listen to their reply you may think you’ve understood what they’ve just said to you, however you may not be 100% sure. Él no entiende – he doesn’t understand Review your local and long distance bills as soon as you, receive them, and contact these phone companies immediately if there are charges on the, Revise sus facturas locales y de larga distancia apenas, las reciba, y comuníquese con estas compañías de teléfono inmediatamente si hay cobros.

en español?

Ella no sabe – she doesn’t know

In this case you might just want to say “I’m not sure”. They don’t think any less of you for making a few mistakes or having to repeat things. or she says and ask for a clearer explanation. To ask them to speak more slowly you could say: Habla más despacio por favor – Speak more slowly please. clozemaster. – I am sure. brought to life by @betten. Hrvatski quería llegar a un acuerdo por todos los medios antes de las elecciones. and required to achieve If you they explain to you more simply or slowly and then you want to say you are sure, you would say: Estoy seguro/a. How to say that you “don’t understand” in Spanish. The most common phrase to use is “No sé” (I don’t know).

Nederlands If you learn some of these phrases they will help you keep the conversation going.

Solo entiendo un poco – I only understand a little No saben – they don’t know, The most common way to say, “I don’t understand” is “No entiendo”. y no tienen confianza de que sirva para solucionar sus problemas cotidianos.


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