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Carter later told Stark that she did not like his plan. During this time, Carter became engaged to Fred Wells, a man who worked in her department. The ride continued with less tension since Jarvis got that thought off his chest. The plane was soon fired upon by enemy guns, so Rogers leaped from the plane while Stark flew Carter to safety.[1]. was trying to replicate the Pym Particles from the Ant-Man technology, showing his anger by slamming Carson's head onto the desk after he insulted him. While unconscious, Carter found herself in a dream where she was back at the New York Bell Company Office talking to her brother, telling him how much she missed him. Suddenly, Underwood's radio seemingly went dead. [26] However, their relationship would eventually end.[27]. [1], Carter talks to Steve Rogers about the trial. When Carter arrived at the estate, she talked with Daniel Sousa about what had happened. Carter and Jarvis went to the residence of Sheldon McFee; Carter encountered him and defeated him, tying him up. June 18, 2016 Carter visits and recruits Dottie Underwood. Carter hung up the phone and returned to Wilkes and Jarvis; Wilkes told Carter that Whitney Frost would be trying to reach Scott's body as well. As they argued over who would be the one to do it, they discovered Sousa already making his way to the generator. They then prepared to stop Frost, allowing Thompson to come with them, now trusting him. Martinelli introduced Carter to the other tenants before her interview with Miriam Fry. Frost opened the container holding the body and touched Scott's skin; Carter watched as the Zero Matter inside the body entered Frost, who turned to Chadwick and told him that she needed an Atomic Bomb. Jarvis then activated the car, which flew into the rift, destroying it once and for all. Carter was then asked by Rogers what she meant when she claimed to believe he was meant for more than children's shows, which she heavily believed on her previous statement. [30], In an alternative 1970, Carter entered her office with a fellow agent, as she asked him to bring in Braddock's unit, However, the agent reported that the unit was stopped by lighting strikes, frustrating Carter. Carter and Edwin realized that Ana Jarvis and Jason Wilkes were in danger. When Jarvis got angry, Carter tried to comfort him in the fact that Ana was alive, but Jarvis didn't know if shed ever wake up. Date of Death The next day, Carter noticed Edwin Jarvis in an exercise area near the garden. The two were tied up in the same room as Dottie Underwood, who mocked them for their failed rescue attempt. Carter and Sousa left the building. That night, Carter and Sousa headed to the Chadwick Residence, where they waited for Manfredi to get Frost out of her room. Sounds came from the car; though Carter tried to claim she had captured a possum, the sounds became words and Sousa learned Hunt was locked in the trunk. Pleased with these answers, Fry told Carter the rules of the hotel, which included no men above the first floor, and allowed her to move into the room next door to Martinelli. They slowly leaned in towards each other to kiss, but were interrupted by a man being thrown out a window by Dottie Underwood above them and landing on top of their van, which knocked out all communications with Jarvis. Though she believes in morality, she will lie, if the situation calls for it, including the period when she was hiding her involvement with Howard Stark from the SSR.


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