how much is oyedepo private jet

November 26, 2017. The soldiers forth for his rope…. On September 18, 1996, the aircraft was dedicated. A church also having a hangar?’, “Even (Air-Traffic) Controllers always tell him to ‘help us greet Papa oh.”, Oyedepo reacts to reopening of Churches in Lagos, Ogun, Bishop Oyedepo reveals the ‘sign’ Coronavirus pandemic…. Stop complaining about the Bishop feeding the poor with food, he has fed us with the word and that is why we keep on pouring money into his ministry. The man does not have time to fly the private jet. Apostle Johnson Suleman reportedly bought a private jet for the propagation of the gospel, and speaking on the development, Bishop Oyedepo noted that Winners chapel is planning to acquire more jets for its pastors to make the work easier for them. Perfect for today's busy CEO. @ Maxwell and the Wise Fools, Only a fool will c a Fire and call it Rain. I do not deny the fact that God,s Anointing and blessings is visible in the lives of the Bishop. Though Jesus is ONLY coming back for a Holy People, and many of God’s children will NOT be ready on that day, and will be left behind in a world that will fall apart. una go die, haters.” She said. The bible said, buy the truth and sale it not, but today many pastors knows the truth, many pastors knows what to preach, but because of the worldly things they will not say the truth and they will not preach the repentant and the coming of Jesus Christ but only preach prosperity and worldly things. @james, Required fields are marked *. It’d like driving a new model BMW. Usain Bolt, says he has agreed to sign for a football club. @ James and Nathaniel… James it’s obvious you don’t know about Jesus Much. Ask your self why God was disgusted when he finished creating human being, because he knew what humans are capable of doing. Basically and by design, as new ones came in, old ones were always sold out. no matter what you say about oyedepo, he is making is wave stop critisizing and strive for how u too can make it haters. Even as we enjoy the grace of God let us not forget the downtrodden. However, Oyedepo has said that he is worth much more than this and that he thinks it is insulting that people have said his net worth is less than his true wealth, but he has not given any evidence of this or stated how much he believes he is worth. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

He has such a tight schedule that other men of God how difficult it is for him to honour invitations. oye carry go,all your maga don are too materialist and no longer teaching deep word of God.i know you need money but not to the detriment of serving other god.Jesus is ready for you now until you confess openly.Juju bishop you can’t know peace,because there is no peace for the wicked.some of your conc member even complain about their mising children in your shilo juju convesion.i pity your end.go back to God and repent.pls don’t that woman of God that gave you power when she was in the world.all your attempt to kill the woman shall not succed in Jesus name.I’ve never envy you in my life because i know your money is not clean. General advice for those planning to marry. Davido revealed that he could not make use of his moniker because it was already taken by a Brazilian and he had to beg the person for almost ten years to give up the name. I THINK WITH THE MONEY THEY HAVE OR IS ACQURING SO FAR,THEY SHOULD UTILIZE IT IN BUYING AEROPLANE, ATLEAST TO CONVEY PEOPLE(MEMBERS OF THE MINISTRY) TO INTERNATIONAL OCASSIONS OR NEEDS AND ALSO MAKE MORE MONEY THROUGH RENTALS. The private jet, a Gulfstream V was declared to the over 10, 000 worshipers who thronged Canaanland on Sunday March 27th, by the bishop himself. The God we serve is the God of both the poor and the rich. Am so sure in ur closet u desire such…so watch wat u say against GOD’S ELECT & ANOINTED!!! Read Also: Davido’s Name Mentioned As Two British Models Clash On Twitter. he is a man or God and God gave him the power to do wonders, we Bless God for using him to deliver the people of the world, but he should consider the poor in the world, buying a Private Jet is nice not Acquires Four private jet, what is he doing with them.

What did d devil use to tempt Jesus, d glory and wealth of dis world n Jesus had 2 rebuke him.


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