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Same as MKLDH, I hope by doing this, CX can get lots of Chinese business, that also expose how crueler, bureaucratic and hypocrite CAAC’s policy is. Don’t complain or don’t fly. Robert, I hope you are wrong but know that you are right. Search all airport information at your fingertips. Don’t expect Hong Kong Airport will suddenly be bustling as of June 1. Make of it what you will. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is committed to safeguarding the airport and the wellbeing of our passengers and staff. One big problem for UK and Euro flights; Aussies still cannot leave and no indication when restrictions will be lifted. Interesting to see how this will all go. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. For enquiries, please approach staff of the Department of Health or visit website: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/inbound-travel.html. Great to see and can’t wait til the day that I’m visiting HK and Macau again. Transit passengers must undergo temperature checks and wear face masks upon arrival in Hong Kong. Starting on 17 August 2020, all passengers travelling from Hong Kong to Beijing are required to present a valid proof of a negative COVID-19 nuclei acid test result issued by one of the testing institutions recognised by the HKSAR Government. This site is for entertainment purposes only. The no-entry restriction for non-Hong Kong residents from overseas remains unchanged according to Hong Kong SAR Government. Hong Kong had imposed strict border control policies amid the Covid-19 pandemic as all transit services were suspended March 25. CX traditionally carry a lot of transit traffic from Aust. The operator of the specified aircraft must submit to the Department of Health (DH) before the specified aircraft arrives at Hong Kong a document in a form specified by the DH confirming that each relevant traveller has, before being checked in for the flight to Hong Kong on the aircraft, produced for boarding on the aircraft the documentary proof to show that the above conditions are met. This won’t make that huge of a difference initially, given the ban on mainland China transit, and airlines being told to not initially add more capacity. Search all airport information at your fingertips. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. On skyscanner, I can see that Cathay Pacific flights from LHR to HKG are available and at normal price (around GBP 5xx) until end of this month, and then from start of June, there is no availability at all (there were a few seats available at GBP 4,xxx when I checked yesterday). Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) allowed the resumption of transit services in June, after a two-month ban to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. So if this remains unchanged I imagine people will want to take advantage of the opportunity. Apart from the Intelligent Sterilisation Robots, HKIA is also the world's first airport where "CLeanTech", a full-body disinfection channel facility, is trialled in live operation. @Cmorgan The ISR can move autonomously and kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and virus in the air and on object surfaces using its built-in UV light, 360-degree disinfection spray-heads and 0.3um air filter. The resumption of outbound transit services will last until Oct. 15. In response to COVID-19, we have stepped up measures to protect the health of those who work at and use the airport. The said written confirmation should be presented together with the test report; and, Documentary proof in English or Chinese to show that the laboratory or healthcare institution is ISO 15189 accredited or is recognised or approved by the relevant authority of the government of the place in which the laboratory or healthcare institution is located; and. It is interesting to see that nightclubs are opening before transit pax are allowed at airports. Arriving Passengers from Specified Places Must Provide Documents to Show the Passengers have been Tested Negative for COVID-19. Soon the protesters will close the airport down again. Just a couple of months after they declared a positive growth in their cost-cutting, did the HK protests start which closed HKIA and toppled CX’s operations. It remains to be seen for how long that policy will apply. Copyright © 2019 Caixin Global Limited. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. From 15 June 2020, passengers can use HKIA for transit/transfer on flights operated by different airlines under the same air ticket, provided that the passengers have checked through at the origin port with their boarding passes printed and baggage tagged-through to the final destination. (Probably Air China since they already own 30%). Air-to-sea transfer services to Mainland China and Macao ports also remain unavailable at HKIA. Simple or buy a gulfstream. Hong Kong Airport Welcomes Transit Passengers Again. Your email address will not be published. A total of 93 Chinese and foreign airlines operated 187 scheduled international passenger routes for 210 round-trip flights a week as of Tuesday, officials of the Civil Aviation Administration said Wednesday at a press conference. flying back a week and a half later was even more surreal, completely deserted HKIA, 30people on the return flight. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. I can’t wait to get back but have no illusions that it will ever be the same. Passengers Must Wear Face Masks in All Indoor and Outdoor Areas at the Airport. Or HK could be taken in as a Chinese authority and with many restrictions and protests already in place, people will choose to not fly through HKIA for their ‘safety’. However, transit/transfer services to destinations in Mainland China remain unavailable at HKIA. Once HK becomes just another China province, the banks and Multinationals will establish somewhere else, such as Tokyo, Singapore or wherever. Regarding HK I stopped going their pre COVID due to the unrest and potential for violence. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. (Keep in mind, by people, I refer to the general public who are not focused much into Aviation and Politics. Only Hong Kong residents and a very limited number of other passengers have been able to travel to Hong Kong. Latest Compulsory Quarantine and COVID-19 Testing Arrangement. cant wait for things to return to normal…. Full-body disinfection channel facility "CLeanTech" and antimicrobial coating. It is always our top priority to ensure the health and safety of our passengers and staff.


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