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16 of Youth With You 2 aired on May 1, 2020, ranking 56th. Voy a trabajar más para que ese día llegue pronto”. Fue una oportunidad para darme cuenta de que necesito mejorar”. “Through ‘Youth with You 2,’ I learned that I need to have my own unique personality and charming qualities in order to appeal to the public. - Recipients must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 each semester to retain eligibility for the scholarship - If the recipient's GPA from the previous semester is lower than 3.0, or receives penalty from the Penalty Committee he/she will be disqualified from the scholarship. Recently, there has been news spreading through the online community about Dream Catcher member Handong. Quedó en puesto 56 en el programa chino de supervivencia, El 15 de Septiembre de 2020, Handong llamó mucho la atención debido a su aparición en el MV de Struck, en la canción Watch Me, del grupo chino. On the same day, Handong was announced as a contestant for Youth With You 2 (Idol Producer) through fragments of her audition that were published in her Weibo account. También se le pidió que hablara sobre la razón por la que decidió participar en “Youth with You 2”. * There have been cases of some students taking a leave of absence or taking 100% online classes because international flights were suspended and borders were closed in some countries due to COVID-19. It was an opportunity for me to realize that I need to improve.”, “I was able to meet great friends through the show, and more people also now know about DreamCatcher,” she continued. She only trained 5 months before debuting in Dreamcatcher. “Pude conocer a grandes amigos a través del programa y ahora más personas también saben sobre DreamCatcher”, continuó. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

El 2 de mayo de 2020, en el episodio 16, Handong fue eliminada del programa de supervivencia después de ocupar el puesto 56. Mientras Handong estaba compitiendo en “Youth with You 2”, DreamCatcher regresó en febrero con “Scream”. 개인정보처리방침. “Estoy haciendo mi mejor esfuerzo en la situación en la que me encuentro para poder estar frente a ustedes nuevamente después de haber mejorado”.

NCT U's Shotaro creates buzz after the online fan meeting, YG Entertainment will not release the last episode of '24/365 with BLACKPINK' after recent baby panda controversy, Fans say TWICE looks traumatized in singing live during their "I Can't Stop Me" encore stage due to all the criticism they have received about their live singing skills, Super Junior reveal they want to hold 19+ concert for adult fans, Refund Sisters pull a prank on Yoo Jae Suk and surprise him with a thoughtful gift, Goo Hye Sun reveals her private workspace where she creates a $44,567 art piece, Seventeen reveal 'party on board' MV for 'HOME;RUN', SHINee's Taemin glows in orange in 'Never Gonna Dance Again' teaser images, Chinese netizens angered over BLACKPINK members coming in close contact with pandas, YG Entertainment says G-Dragon is getting ready to come back, EXO's Chanyeol and Sehun's past Instagram Livestream stirs controversy. She is also a vocalist of kpop girl group Dreamcatcher. OT7 are back! copyright ⓒ 2018 handong global university. It has been many months since Handong has been stuck in China as the resurgence of the virus continues to occur around the globe. Creo que DreamCatcher ha alcanzado ese nivel de crecimiento. Handong participated in a high school musical "Les Miserables". Todos, por favor espérenme con una sonrisa hasta que nos volvamos a ver”. And I was beginning to think it would never happen. Participó en el musical "Los Miserables" en la escuela. She passed her audition in HappyFace after singing Taeyeon's If.

“I hope that you’ll understand that I currently can’t tell you any details about the comeback,” she said. After finishing high school, she moved to South Korea and studied at Sejeong University in 2015. HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG, HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG HANDONG#HANDONG #handongiscomeback #HandongIsArriveonKorea #dreamcatcher @hf_dreamcatcher pic.twitter.com/WBppeZ8H5Y, HANDONG IS FINALLY BACK!! Now, fans can expect to see a full group of Dream Catcher. Until that day, I hope that you’ll all overcome this hard time and not feel worn out. Handong (Hangul:한동, Chinese:韓東) is a Chinese artist under Dreamcatcher Entertainment. Handong says Taeyeon was her inspiration to become an Idol. Ella continuó: “Aunque este período de espera debe ser difícil y largo, quiero conocerlos a todos rápidamente. Cuando se le preguntó cómo es la situación local, ella dijo: “Está mejorando poco a poco. El 2 de mayo de 2020, en el episodio 16, Handong fue eliminada del programa de supervivencia después de ocupar el puesto 56. However, fans have found good news recently. She is also a vocalist of kpop girl group Dreamcatcher. [9], On October 17th Handong's Chinese management, Catfish Entertainment, announced she would be making her solo debut on October 20th with the Chinese digital single First Light of Dawn.
Handong's goal is to make Dreamcatcher number one on the charts.

Además, quiero volver rápidamente al escenario y encontrarme con los fans como miembro de DreamCatcher. “Espero que entiendan que actualmente no puedo decirles ningún detalle sobre el regreso”, dijo. On October 2017 she was confirmed as a contestant of the survival reality show MIXNINE with the other members of Dreamcatcher, but was eliminated in the audition. I’m going to work harder so that that day can come soon.”, Finally, Handong said, “Although we’re in this sad situation where we’re apart physically and we can’t meet each other, I believe that we’ll soon be able to happily meet. Handong debutó con el grupo DreamCatcher de siete miembros en el 2017. On 2017, Handong was revealed as new member of Dreamcatcher along with Gahyeon, later, on January 13, 2017 the group officially debuted with their first single album Nightmare. She was born in Wuhan, China, on March 26, 1996. Handong compitió recientemente en el programa de supervivencia chino “Youth with You 2”, pero aunque el programa terminó, no ha podido regresar a Corea debido a la pandemia del COVID-19. DreamCatcher’s Handong talked about being unable to return to Korea due to her Wuhan passport during the COVID-19 pandemic. She continued, “Although this period of waiting must feel difficult and long, I want to quickly meet all of you. El 16 de Octubre, las redes de Dreamcatcher se actualizaron confirmando que luego de su regreso a Corea y pasar unos dias en cuarentena, al fin Handong se volvió a reunir con las chicas.

Everyone, please wait for me with a smile until we meet again.”, She went on to say that the staff at DreamCatcher Company and many other people are working hard for DreamCatcher’s comeback. Handong habló sobre cómo quiere encontrarse con los fans nuevamente y dijo que es una pena que esto sea imposible en este momento. Handong Global University has become a home away from home to me. I MISSED HER SO MUCH #HANDONG @hf_dreamcatcher, 200925 PEK#드림캐쳐 #DREAMCATCHER #한동 #HANDONG pic.twitter.com/if1KZ7KCQi, 19.09.24 20.09.24 The Sadest Day The Happiest Day pic.twitter.com/T2RRqVdzaL. During the Latin American tour "WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD IN LATIN AMERICA", on 2018, Handong's grandfather passed away, her parents did not tell her so as not to interfere with her work. In order to tackle these delays, Handong Global University is packaging and sending visa documents earlier than usual. She wanted to film a fried chicken commercial. [4] [5], Because of this, a masked dancer [6] replaced Handong in the official performance of the album's title song, Scream, but not in the other promoted songs of the album. “Quiero reunirme con las chicas lo antes posible, conversar y comer deliciosa comida junto con ellas y prepararme para reunirnos con nuestros fans nuevamente”. I want to express my thanks and cheer on all the medical staff who are working so hard.”, Handong talked about how she much wants to meet fans again and said it’s a shame that this is impossible right now. Everyone’s overcoming the difficult time with a positive mindset, and I’m hoping that the day will come soon when the situation improves and we’re able to live our daily lives like we used to. Loves chocolate but after eating it she sneezes. Handong (한동) is a Chinese singer under Dreamcatcher Company. > 2020-2학기 수업적응도 2차 설문조사 마감 2020.11.15 > 2021-1학기 자유학기 1차 신청 2020.11.16 ~ 2020.12.04 > 수업일수 3/4선(2020-2학기 휴학신청마감) 2020.11.20 Los fanáticos comenzaron a especular que la ausencia de Handong se debe a que podría participar en el programa de supervivencia chino Idol Producer. El 30 de agosto de 2019, MyMusicTaste declaró que Handong no será capaz de participar en el ‘DREAMCATCHER CONCERT: Invitation de Nightmare City’ en Europa, esto debido a problemas de agenda. Fans speculated that Handong would participate in Idol Producer's new season. Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. El 15 de octubre de 2019, se confirmó la participación de Handong en Youth with You 2 después de que se publicaran fragmentos de video de su audición. “Lo más importante fue que pude mejorar mis habilidades”. Handong (Hangul:한동, Chinese:韓東) is a Chinese artist under Dreamcatcher Entertainment. [2020] Daily life at Handong (2) 2020-06-05 [2020] Interview with International Students 2020-06-02 [2020] Thank you messages to Medical Staffs from HGU … While Handong was competing on “Youth with You 2,” DreamCatcher made a comeback in February with “Scream.”. Handong performed for a high school musical called Les Miserables, during this time she took lessons in opera and acting. Handong compitió recientemente en el programa de supervivencia chino “Youth with You 2”, pero aunque el programa terminó, no ha podido regresar a Corea debido a la pandemia del COVID-19. 2020: Youth With You 2 (Idol Producer), Solo Debut.

En 2017, Handong fue revelado como la nueva miembro de Dreamcatcher junto con Ga Hyeon, más tarde, el 13 de enero de 2017, el grupo debutó oficialmente con su primer álbum sencillo "Nightmare". Por último, quiero decir ‘Realmente las quiero mucho’ a las integrantes de DreamCatcher y [a nuestros fans] InSomnia”. If Handong wasn’t apart of Dreamcatcher she would be a flight attendant. This is so good.

Finalmente, Handong dijo: “Aunque estamos en esta triste situación en la que estamos separados físicamente y no podemos encontrarnos, creo que pronto podremos encontrarnos felices.


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