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Some novels were filmed more than once, such as Brighton Rock in 1947 and 2011, The End of the Affair in 1955 and 1999, and The Quiet American in 1958 and 2002. A superb storyteller, he also wrote the screenplays for such classics as The Fallen Idol (1948) and The Third Man (1949).A colorful and larger-than-life figure, Greene traveled widely throughout the world, from the jungles of Liberia to the Mexican desert to the Far East and the Soviet Union. [37] As a novelist Greene wove the characters he met and the places where he lived into the fabric of his novels. His stories are often set in poor, hot and dusty tropical places such as Mexico, West Africa, Vietnam, Cuba, Haiti, and Argentina, which led to the coining of the expression "Greeneland" to describe such settings. In 1920, aged 16, in what was a radical step for the time, he was sent for psychoanalysis for six months in London, afterwards returning to school as a day student. L'influence de Graham Greene ne s'est pas éteinte avec lui. Graham Greene worked as a journalist and critic, and was later employed by the foreign office. In World War Two was a member of MI-6 (the British intelligence service) working with the double-agent Kim Philby, and he numbered among his friends such diverse personalities as Evelyn Waugh, Noël Coward and Panamanian dictator Gen. Omar Torrijos. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Greene's 1937 film review of Wee Willie Winkie, for Night and Day—which said that the nine-year-old star, Shirley Temple, displayed "a dubious coquetry" which appealed to "middle-aged men and clergymen"—provoked Twentieth Century Fox successfully to sue for £3,500 plus costs,[22][23] and Greene leaving the UK to live in Mexico until after the trial was over. 1995. He also wrote several original screenplays. Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content, providing access to journal and book content from nearly 300 publishers. In 1922, Greene was for a short time a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, and sought an invitation to the new Soviet Union, of which nothing came. Graham Greene was one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century and his influence on the cinema and theatre was enormous. HFS provides print and digital distribution for a distinguished list of university presses and nonprofit institutions. He was shortlisted, in 1966 and 1967, for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Access supplemental materials and multimedia. [15] He was the fourth of six children; his younger brother, Hugh, became Director-General of the BBC, and his elder brother, Raymond, an eminent physician and mountaineer.


401pp. [28][29], His writing influences included Conrad, Ford, Haggard, Stevenson, James, Proust, Buchan, and Péguy.[30][31][32]. [10] Greene originally divided his fiction into two genres (which he described as "entertainments" and "novels"): thrillers—often with notable philosophic edges—such as The Ministry of Fear; and literary works—on which he thought his literary reputation would rest—such as The Power and the Glory. In 1986, he was awarded Britain's Order of Merit. Modern Fiction Studies Korda described this as Graham's daily penance—once he finished he put the notebook away for the rest of the day. After falling victim to a financial swindler, Greene chose to leave Britain in 1966, moving to Antibes, to be close to Yvonne Cloetta, whom he had known since 1959, a relationship that endured until his death.

[50] Late in life, however, Greene took to calling himself a "Catholic agnostic".[8]. London: The Bodley Head. Greene passa les dernières années de sa vie dans le village de Corseaux (Suisse) au bord du lac Léman. In this precise domain I think the cinema has influenced me. The final volume of Norman Sherry's three-part, 2,251-page biography of Graham Greene was supposed to be the capstone of an obsessive 30-year … 1936). New York: Harper San Francisco. [68] In Ways of Escape, reflecting on his Mexican trip, he complained that Mexico's government was insufficiently left-wing compared with Cuba's. En 1966, à la suite de déboires avec son conseiller financier Thomas Roe, il dut fuir le fisc de son pays et s'installer en France au moment même où Downing Street l'inscrivait à l'Ordre des compagnons d'honneur[4]. Biography/bibliography in: "Contemporary Authors". "[20] He graduated in 1925 with a second-class degree in history.[19]. This aspect of his work also was criticised by the theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar, as giving sin a mystique. Greene's literary style was described by Evelyn Waugh in Commonweal as "not a specifically literary style at all. Patrick Newley (qv's & corrections by A. Nonymous), Other Works The next two books, The Name of Action (1930) and Rumour at Nightfall (1932), were unsuccessful; and he later disowned them. Graham Greene (1904 – 1991) Henry Graham Greene, OM (October 2, 1904- April 3, 1991) was a prolific English novelist, playwright, short story writer and critic whose works explore the ambiguities of modern man and ambivalent moral or political issues in a contemporary setting. Son travail de journaliste consistait à rédiger des critiques de livres et de films pour le magazine politique britannique The Spectator et à coéditer le magazine Night and Day, qui fit faillite peu après la parution de ses commentaires à propos de Shirley Temple (et de l'exploitation sexuelle de son corps par les magnats du cinéma hollywoodien). Most of the sources listed are encyclopedic in nature but might be [19], Greene suffered from periodic bouts of depression while at Oxford, and largely kept to himself.

Greene had a history of depression, which had a profound effect on his writing and personal life. Go to Table He wrote five plays and almost all of his novels, including "Brighton Rock", "The Ministry of Fear" and "The End of the Affair", have been brought to the screen. Project MUSE®

. He died in 1991 at age 86 of leukaemia[5] and was buried in Corseaux cemetery. of Contents. With warehouses on three continents, worldwide sales representation, and a robust digital publishing program, the Books Division connects Hopkins authors to scholars, experts, and educational and research institutions around the world. In 1958, Greene was offered the position of chairman by Oliver Crosthwaite-Eyre, but declined. ", "Another Life: A Memoir of Other People Interview", "A Muse on the tides of history: Elisabeth Dennys", "BBC—BBC Four Documentaries—Arena: Graham Greene", "EUROPE | Vatican's bid to censure Graham Greene", "Scrabble and strife Graham Greene's love affair with the mysterious 'C' was hardly a secret—the real truth lies in the private letters they left behind", "Graham Greene's love poems to mistress who inspired The End of the Affair", On the Riviera, A Morality Tale by Graham Greene, "Greene, Graham | Authors | Books", "Regions of the Mind: The Exoticism of Greeneland", Not Easy Being Greene: Graham Greene's Letters, "Hemliga dokument visar kampen om Nobelpriset", "DVD Watch: 'Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene, "Graham Greene Interviewed by Simon Raven & Martin Shuttleworth, The Art of Fiction No. He lived the last years of his life in Vevey, on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the same town Charlie Chaplin was living in at this time. He found, however, that "after a few weeks of serious argument the 'if' was becoming less and less improbable",[49] and Greene finally was converted and baptised after vigorous arguments initially with the priest in which he defended atheism, or at least the "if" of agnosticism. Les livres de Graham Greene pouvaient originellement être classés en deux genres principaux : les thrillers ou romans à suspense tels que Rocher de Brighton, qu'il qualifiait lui-même de « divertissements », mais qui incluaient souvent une part notable de philosophie, et les livres purement littéraires comme La Puissance et la Gloire, sur lequel sa réputation s'est construite. Greene was an agnostic at the time, but when he later began to think about marrying Vivien, it occurred to him that, as he puts it in A Sort of Life, he "ought at least to learn the nature and limits of the beliefs she held." of this individual. limited to a specific field, such as musicians or film directors. [64], The Nation, describing the many facets of Graham Greene[65], The novels often portray the dramatic struggles of the individual soul from a Catholic perspective. Journals "[58], In 1986, Greene was awarded Britain's Order of Merit. Greene's first published novel was The Man Within (1929). Many of his played were televised.Greene's work continues to fascinate actors, filmmakers and cinema goers throughout the world. [20] Of Greene's time at Oxford, his contemporary Evelyn Waugh noted that: "Graham Greene looked down on us (and perhaps all undergraduates) as childish and ostentatious. On retrouve les personnages et les lieux hauts en couleur rencontrés alors dans les pages de ses romans. [10], By the 1950s, Greene had become known as one of the finest writers of his generation.[25][26]. "Stamboul Train" (1934), a topical political thriller, was the first to reach the screen (as Orient Express (1934)) and a string of other taut suspense dramas followed: "This Gun For Hire" (1942), "The Ministry of Fear" (1943) and "The Confidential Agent" (1945). His friend and fellow Catholic Evelyn Waugh attacked that as a revival of the Quietist heresy. His short story "The Destructors" was featured in the 2001 film Donnie Darko. It was followed by "The Potting Shed" (1957), a drama about an atheist's pact with God, and "The Complaisant Lover" (1959), a comedy of manners in which a husband and lover knowingly share a wife's favors, which starred Michael Redgrave. Greene was criticised for certain tendencies in an unorthodox direction—in the world, sin is omnipresent to the degree that the vigilant struggle to avoid sinful conduct is doomed to failure, hence not central to holiness. As his career lengthened, both Greene and his readers found the distinction between entertainments and novels increasingly problematic. His entry comprised the first two paragraphs of a novel, apparently set in Italy, The Stranger's Hand: An Entertainment.


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