graduate vulcan for fun and profit
Uhura herself had to go back to Starfleet SFO to have people suck her metaphorical dick (Jim means this in an admiring sort of way) over the way she is fifteen million times better than them at being in Communications, and hopefully to get a raise and be assigned to wherever and whatever she wants. He is never going to live this down. It saddened me greatly to come to the end, I hope for an epilogue some time. That was not logical. - I'd look up pitting edema if you didn't know what it was. The emotion I felt after reading this is indescribable and makes me want to go back and read it all over again. Despite the misting rain, there were people sitting on the steps and eating street vendor food. "He's really dumping it on us," says a tiny girl with antenna next to him. "I know of something that might interest you," he said. Bones can shrink anything in the wash, which is kind of amazing, and has made Jim want to cry, and is the entire reason why Jim does all the laundry for both of them. He let them be as they were, accepted their memories without grief or resentment, felt the loss as it passed through him and let it go. Uhhh ... hi, JIC? "A talisman," corrected Sakel. asks Jim, turning his back on the vipers in his bosom and giving Uhura his most pleading look. Sakel looked upon the square, and saw that the square was full of flowers. Spock is kneeling at the foot of the bush, reading the small plaque. (Jim had never dared point out that most people did not knit and watch 'Vulcan Love Slave: Knights of Fire and Ice' at the same time. "And, y'know. ♥ ♥ ♥ 3. "Amanda Grayson is young enough to be my granddaughter," says Sakel, which is totally not a denial. It's nearly fifty degrees out, a pleasant spring morning for this area of the continent. It's probably just as well that McCoy is such a fucking mother hen, though; the thought of him finding out about Jim's tiny, easily managed tendency to forget to eat is almost as good as the sign in Klingon on his mirror, reminding him that it's at least two thousand calories a day or back to the special peanut butter for him. Her eyes flick up and down him, obviously trying to figure out why Jim's in a black suit and not his dress uniform - and then settle on the mourning pin, go over to where the ship's-flag is hanging on the wall, and then come back. The one surprising thing is that post-Reformation language has less, not more, words for family. "I WAS BORN ON THE GOD DAMN SHUTTLE, YOU SON OF A BITCH," roars Jim, leaping to his feet. I been practicin' for five years and studyin' for ten before that, and I never met anybody allergic to the anti-allergy hypos. "Illogical!" "I took Basic Principles of Vulcan from him," he says. "Yes," says Spock, his voice soft, opening his eyes. Jim watches in numb horror as the menu of his PADD suddenly sprouts a second syllabus in Vulcan, and, at guess, thirty texts named things like ORIGINAL SOURCES OF VULCAN CULTURE and THE INTERPLANETARY SOCIETY OF LITERATURE: THE YEAR IN REVIEW and PATHS OF KNOWLEDGE: TERRAN AND VULCAN LOGIC and, naturally, THE DIALECTS OF SURAK, IN THE ORIGINAL FORM. "The wars, you know.". (There was going to be a scene from the Grand Floral Parade to do with the sister city theme, but I took it out so I wouldn't have to deal with the timeline fudging ahaha. They are said to be quite tame.". Welcome to Portland, and please enjoy our Rose Festival. No way did Spock's mom make that hat. "Your logic is sound," said Sakel. "Many of our most honored teachers are those that teach the beginning principles.". --in the data account of the one I hope will continue my work. I dunno if the Benson Bubblers would honestly survive another three hundred odd years, but what the hell, there's fountains that old in Europe. "I am told their exhibits are both educational and interesting. He asked a question, here and there, about what they looked at. And he's not going to put it past Sakel to unleash the rest of Jim's terrifying aunties and uncles from the Kelvin on him. The International Test Rose Garden was very beautiful. "Explain your logic. It would be a long time before he regained his health completely, but Sakel thought there was reason to believe that the long term physical effects of his experience would be minimal. And I also liked Sakel's character, and the relationship he develops with Jim, a "we-both-don't-want-to-admit-it-but-we-care-for-ea ch-other" kind of relationship between teacher and student. An Oregonian, in his experience, was more willing to grant a favor than suffer one to be given to them. "Gentlebeings," she says, "we are gathered here today to say farewell to a dear friend and light of our community --". Title: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit Author: lazulisong Fandom: Star Trek XI Warnings(author's): Vulcan OC Dude (I don't think he's too obnoxious, though), Jim's Awesome Childhood Summary: It really does take a village to raise a Jim. He finally flees the room when Uhura lies and tells him she thinks they all need something from the cafe. Also knowing how reserved (Jim would say 'constipated') Vulcans are, this is better left to people not planning to do anything but ask nosy questions all their lives. The little furry thing, with its tiny sharp claws and small but effective fangs, had merely yawned up at him and begun to make sounds of pleasure at him. when the (video?) Everybody's turning and staring at him in totally unflattering surprise, even Spock and Bones, God damn them both to hell. Please ready for data transfer." Sakel's will was funny and all around great. Jim and Bones follow after him, Bones sniffing approvingly at one labeled SWEET GEORGIA. "No 'fense, Jim, but bless your heart. "I can see how Doctor Sakel would have enjoyed this location," says Spock. "Uhura, can I love you best instead?" Greetings, Lieutenant. ", Which is so, so true, thinks Jim, and says, "Fuck Spock, they give me one.". He thought of the other members of the Kelvin, of the ship herself; their bravery and sense of duty. Jim can't really give him an answer. For a Vulcan. The reply, when it came, was short but grateful. "Uh," says Jim, looking around for an escape. For one thing, he doesn't really take a deep breath until the Enterprise glides into space-dock, a beautiful injured bird coming to rest at last. he argues. Bones goes along with him to Portland. Jim's not really sure how to describe the whole thing afterward, although Bones comes pretty close when he comments that he thought they were up Sugah Crik without a paddle for sure this time. Did Dad do that too?". He led Jim to the shuttle to the gardens. It was not Sakel's place to force him to that conclusion. It's kind of creepy to think of a world like that, actually. "Anything?". It's still beyond foul, but at least it's sweet and foul, and so just that more bearable.


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