golestan palace
Howard Kramer is the creator and author of The Complete Pilgrim. I would recomend the palace! It was named so for it is adorned by the brilliant mirror work of Iranian artisans. Tekiye is a theatre for performing Ta’zieh (mourning performances for Muharram). Top choice palace. He also showed amazement about technical novelties such as iron bridges, tunnels (“holes in the mountains”) and pedestrian paths. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. The White Palace now is in use as an ethnographic museum. Persia was ancient and prosperous long before the Mongols arrived in 1220. The construction thereof by the government of the last Shah was made at the expense of older buildings belonging to the Golestan Palace (such as a theater). It also is possibly the only real attraction of Tehran - a metropolis of 10 to 15 million inhabitants. Built during the governor of Fath Ali Shah, the building of windcathers was built to allow the cooling wind to move through the structure. In the two decades since he has traveled to more than two dozen countries and almost every state, visiting and photographing hundreds of the world’s greatest churches, synagogues and other places of religious interest. 3.260 Average Persia is arguably the world’s oldest, most continuous state. At present, Golestan Palace complex consists of eight key palace structures mostly used as museums and the eponymous gardens, a green shared centre of the complex, surrounded by an outer wall with gates. Despite its relative fame, the palace is not so easy to find for an individual visitor. The palace was established during Safavid era and the next dynasties added to this structure. I declined this offer, and settled on the two main tickets. He seemed offended when I wanted to be served before them, even though I'd been in line for 20 minutes. The wall decoration of terrace consists ofmarble-carvings, paintings, tile-work, mirrors,stucco,woodcarvings, enamel and lattice windows. The most ornate - and somehow horrific - place is the Brilliant Hall. On the right corner of the same building, there is another terrace called Khalvat-e Karim Khani (Karim Khan Nook). The outer shell was an octagone, inner space was round with 60m diameter, and a dome on the roof. The Golestan Palace (English name) or Kākh-e Golestān (Persian name) is the former royal Qajar complex in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Golestan Palace is the most recent construction on the timeline of Iranian WHS, dating from the 19th century Qajar dynasty. In the Container Hall (Talar-e Zorouf) you can see the chinaware that Qajar Kings received as a gift from European kings and queens such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Nicholas I of Russia, Queen Victoria, and etc. He travelled from royal court to royal court, from Russia via a large U-turn (even reaching England) to Turkey. Here is we're you can find out about the precious gifts were sent to Nasser ed-Din Shah by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid. Howard has been writing about religious sites for the better part of the last decade, and The Complete Pilgrim is the culmination of years of his work and passion. Because on top of the 2x 150,000 Rial entrance fee to the grounds and the main buildings, there are additioneel fees of 80,000 each for the others. Golestan Palace is classified as a national monument according to the Law for Protection of National Heritage (1930). Your email address will not be published. Once he came back to Iran, he built this hall to exhibit paintings, royal jewels, and other royal artifacts. The Marble Throne was designed by Mirza Baba Naqash Bashi. I first did a full lap around the palace grounds to photograph the lovely tiled exteriors of many of the buildings. He wrote a very enjoyable travelogue about his visit to a number of European countries in 1873, called ‘Diary of H.M. the Shah of Persia’. Filed Under: Museums and Libraries, Muslim, Palace, Shi'ite Tagged With: Iran/Iraq. A sampling of these includes the Madrassa Sepahsalar, and the Mosques of Fath Ali Shah. Le somptueux palais du Golestan est un chef d’œuvre de l’ère kadjare qui illustre l’introduction réussie d’artisanats persans traditionnels et de formes architecturales de périodes antérieures avec des influences occidentales. However, much of the artistry is similar to that which can be found throughout Iran, especially in the major mosques built around the same time. Another mass structure built according to the king’s order to have a great theatre like the European countries. The influential role of artistic and architectural values of ancient Persia as well as the contemporary impacts of the West on the arts and architecture were integrated into a new type of arts and architecture in a significant transitional period. This beautiful palace with the immense garden that surrounds it has become the most desired attraction to visit by tourists who travel to Iran. From the 16th to the 20th century, the Golestan Palace was Persia’s answer to the Ottoman’s Topkapi Palace. While this situation is acceptable in light of the demonstrated authenticity in material and design, it is essential that all remaining references to the historic Qajari setting of the property are carefully managed and preserved. Criterion (iv): Golestan Palace is a prime example of the arts and architecture in a significant period in Persia, throughout the 19th century when the society was subject to processes of modernization. It reflects artistic inspirations of European origin as the earliest representations of synthesized European and Persian style, which became so characteristic of Iranian art and architecture in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Golestan Palace The lavish Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. I quietly walked around for two hours, and occasionally sat on a bench for some people watching and to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. 10 connections, Hoze Khaneh, a summer chamber with cooling system.


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