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136–139, Simpson, Paul, (Season 1 Companion), pp.136–139, Simpson, Paul, (Season 2 Companion) pp. In addition, none of them were given the powers that typically accompany Kryptonians under the yellow Sun. [14] When Lex succeeds in making a profit for the first time in years, Lionel closes the plant down completely and blames it on Lex's poor managerial skills. En ce moment, mon Snack&Chill idéal c'est pizza chicken/pepperoni extra fromage devant Friends. Les Animaux Fantastiques : alerte, Johnny Depp viré de la saga ! [16], Eventually, Clark is forced to find all three stones, which results in the creation of the Fortress of Solitude in the season five premiere. [33] Millar explains that they felt that the character was being wasted on Smallville, and that led to the decision of writing the character off the show with the hope that he could come back in future episodes. [34] Ultimately, Pete's primary story arc in season three became the character's inability to deal with knowing Clark's secret, and his growing feeling of abandonment from Clark, who was spending more time with Chloe, Lana and Lex. [169], Gough and Millar had always wanted Marsters for the role of Milton Fine/Brainiac. There, Jor-El informs Clark he needs to begin his training in order to complete his destiny, but Clark interrupts the training to go back to Smallville, which forces Jor-El to strip Clark of his powers.

The characters are listed in the order they were first credited in the series. While she was keen for Jason to work for Lex to avoid contact with Lana, she became nervous that Lex was using Jason to get the stones. [121] The name "Tess Mercer" is a homage to two characters from Superman lore, Eve Teschmacher and Mercy Graves. I walk around every day afraid that I'm going to slip up. 144–147, Simpson, Paul, (Season 3 Companion) pg. [156] Millar was forced to take inspiration from comic book scribe Jeph Loeb. [2] O'Toole was committed to the television series The Huntress when Ettinger was filming her scenes for the pilot.

[51], Feeling like her character was wasting her college degree O'Toole suggested to the producers that Martha go to work for Lex during the second season.

[134], Dr. Helen Bryce, portrayed by Emmanuelle Vaugier in nine episodes between seasons two and three, is a Smallville medical doctor who first appears in an anger management class Lex is sentenced to attend in the season two episode "Dichotic". ", "Catwoman 2, Punisher: War Zone, Transformers 2: July 30 Comic Reel", "Roundtable interview with executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson (part 1)", "James Marsters on Fame, Family and Life After 40", "Exclusive: 'Smallville' lands Pam Grier! [79] Working as a photographer for the Daily Planet, Jimmy rekindles his relationship with Chloe in the season six episode "Wither". Later, Marsters was approached by Gough and Millar about returning to the show for its seventh season; this time Marsters had free time in his schedule, and was able to return for four episodes. [149], Terence Stamp has voiced the disembodied spirit of Jor-El, Clark's biological father, in nineteen episodes from season two through season nine. [64] After being possessed by Jor-El in the season five episode "Hidden",[65] Lionel begins assisting Clark in keeping his secret hidden from Lex. She was brought, by Lionel, to an orphanage run by Granny Goodness when she was 5 years old. O'Toole characterizes Martha as really intelligent, but believes the character has to hide her intelligence at times "to keep the peace".

[161] Adam eventually breaks out of his confinement in the episode "Crisis", killing Dr. Tang and the rest of the lab technicians. [133] To executive producers Mark Verheiden and Greg Beeman, making Ethan the villain in "Suspect" was the ultimate "red herring" for audiences. [49] In the season nine finale, it is revealed that before Martha traveled back to Washington, D.C. that she left Clark a new costume to wear while he defends Earth. Lucifer : Netflix dévoile le bêtisier hilarant de la série. [15] In season three's "Relic", it is revealed Jor-El came to Smallville as a "rite of passage" by his own father. [86] In the eighth-season episode "Bride", Jimmy and Chloe are officially married, but Doomsday crashes their wedding and kidnaps Chloe, leaving Jimmy in the hospital because of injuries sustained from Doomsday. In O'Toole's opinion, Martha needs some form of outlet for intelligence. The actress believes that Martha's ultimate motivation was to get close enough to Lionel to know what he is planning to do to Clark. She arrived on Earth at the same time as Clark, with the mission to protect her cousin, but was stuck in suspended animation for eighteen years. Jonathan realizes that he must help Clark find the confidence in his ability to survive on his own, so that he can leave home one day. With the arrival of the black ship at the end of season four, Gough and Millar decided to introduce Brainiac. [2] Schneider was initially uninterested, but after reading the pilot script he saw the potential for bringing back "real parenting" to television. Davis starts to suspect the same thing himself when he begins to lose track of large portions of time, and finds himself covered in blood, but with no wounds on his own body. Beeman originally had Welling walk into frame and stand in front of Reeve, and then make a single move behind Reeve.

In this episode, Clark is taken to an alternate reality where Adams, an agent for the Department of Domestic Security, is providing Lois with inside information on President Lex Luthor's operations.

[50], The role of Martha Kent was originally given to Cynthia Ettinger, but during filming everyone, including Ettinger, realized that she was not right for the role.

[128] Zod is first mentioned in season five's "Arrival", when two of his disciples arrive on Earth attempting to turn the planet into Kryptonian utopia.

In contrast to those versions, it was Smallville that tied his heart condition to a deal that he makes with Jor-El. That's why being a mother is so important to her—and being the 'picture book' kind of mother at that.". Dans le prochain épisode. [168] The reprogrammed Brainiac returns in the season ten episode "Homecoming" to show Clark his past, present, and future and help him find confidence in becoming the hero the world needs. [120] At the conclusion of season 11, Tess downloads herself into an android body and becomes Red Tornado. The creative team hoped that knowing Clark's secret would allow the character to be written into more scenes, and become involved on a daily basis with the Kent family. The actor characterizes Jonathan as fast to lose his temper, which Schneider views as being a development of his protective nature over his family. [101] Unknown to Clark, Brainiac is not killed in their fight on Krypton, and he manages to place Kara in the Phantom Zone, while he assumes her identity back on Earth. The producers took her suggestion and had Martha take a job at the Talon, which was owned by Lex, and which O'Toole felt allowed Martha to interact more with the other characters in Clark's life. Marsters felt excited playing a character that was completely intentional; he likened the intention to that of a shark. [101] By the start of season nine, Jor-El begins fully training Clark for his ultimate destiny. The Teagues kidnap Lex and Lionel in an effort to discover the location of one of the stones in the episode "Forever", with Lionel claiming that Lana has one of the stones. The producers guaranteed the department they would eventually reveal the Jimmy Olsen who appeared on the show was not the Jimmy Olsen who would one day work alongside Clark and Lois. [36], Martha Kent, Clark's adopted mother, is portrayed by Annette O'Toole. Schneider particularly saw his character as a means to replace the "goof" father-figures that had become prevalent on television. Here, Lana informs Tess that Lex surgically implanted a nano-transmitter into Tess's optic nerve so that he could keep an eye on everything she is doing. ",, Lists of science fiction television characters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "I know that I told you keeping your secret wasn't hard.

[54], O'Toole relished the opportunity that came with Jonathan's passing, even though she was saddened to see a friend leave the show. 116, Byrne, Craig, (Season 6 Companion) pg.128. [116] Shortly after Tess arrived at the orphanage, Lionel returned and removed Tess from Granny Goodness's guardianship.

[85] In the season eight episode "Identity", Jimmy begins to suspect that Clark is the "Good Samaritan", an individual who has been stopping crimes and saving people's lives around Metropolis, until Oliver Queen dresses up as the "Good Samaritan" to help Clark trick Jimmy into believing he was mistaken. [40], Millar and Gough loved the idea of casting John Schneider as Jonathan Kent, as they felt he gave the show a recognizable face from his days as Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard. [52] O'Toole thinks that the producers wanted someone older for the role of Martha, and when she came in to talk to the producers everyone appeared to be on the same page with what the character and the show should be about. There was dissension between the cast and crew over Jones's departure. "[144] The creative team flew to New York to film Reeve's scenes since he used a wheelchair and required additional assistance when travelling. Writer Tracy Bellomo: "In the past, we reference that Chloe had a fling with somebody while she was interning at the Planet, and that, or course, was Jimmy Olsen. Lex confesses he stole the vial of blood, which causes Helen to break up with him. [3] The following is a list of all the characters that are, or at one time were, a main character in the show. O'Toole wanted to perform as if the pregnancy was fake—something mentally created by Clark's ship—but the producers insisted that she wear the pregnancy pads to indicate that she was indeed pregnant. She was portrayed by Jane Seymour.

[130] Season nine episode "Kandor" reveals that the Kandorians are in fact clones created by Jor-El—at the orders of the Kryptonian Council—who also corrupted their DNA to prevent them from having powers and subsequently enslaving Earth. As a result, the blood is stolen from her office in season two's "Calling", though it did not have Clark's name on it.


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