generation zero june update

Fixed an issue where damage over time effect icons were not showing on a player at all if they got on a bicycle. Fixed an issue where the "lootable" icon would not disappear after looting the reward during, or even after finishing, the FNIX Rising side mission "In the Face of Adversity".
Fixed an issue with some extra magazines would show up when viewing weapons in menus. The higher the region level, the higher the chance for the Reaper to appear! [Community Report] Fixed an issue where machines were not properly spawning in for the FNIX Rising main mission "Where the Sun Sets", blocking progress. Fixed an issue where an icon would incorrectly appear in-world for some of the FNIX Rising missions, instead of only the map and compass icons. Privacy Policy | EULA | Opt Out | Press Kit | Support.

輝かしい受賞歴を誇るApexエンジンが描き出す、広大なオープンワールドを生き残れ。忠実に再現された昼夜や、予測不可能な天候変化、複雑なAIの挙動、シミュレートされた弾道、非常にリアルな音響、そしてダイナミックな1980年代サウンドとともに描かれる世界を体験せよ。, 広大なオープンワールドを舞台に展開する大迫力の攻防を戦い抜け。1980年代のスウェーデンをモチーフにした本作の世界では、とある穏やかな片田舎が機械の軍団の侵略を受けていた。プレイヤーはこれらに立ち向かいつつ、事態の裏に潜む謎を解き明かしていく。創造力が試される緊張感に満ちた戦場では、有効性の高いゲリラ戦法を駆使することで、敵を誘い込み、無力化し、撃破することが可能。, ソロプレイはもちろん、最大3人のフレンドとチームを組んで楽しめるシームレスな協力マルチプレイを搭載。それぞれの固有スキルを組み合わせ、連携して敵を始末し、倒れたフレンドを蘇生し、戦利品を分け合おう。, 『ジェネレーションゼロ』に登場する敵には、様々なサイズ、タイプ、バリエーションのものが存在し、多種多様な武器やセンサーを使用してプレイヤーの前に何度も立ちはだかる。, 「Tick」は、小型ながら驚くべき程の敏捷性をもって近付くものに飛び掛かる。集団でいることが多いこの小さな機械を見くびる者は、これらに搭載された非常に鋭利なかぎ爪や自爆モードにより重傷を負うだろう。, 一見すると無害そうな「Seeker」は、偵察機として動き、プレイヤーの居場所を周辺の機体に教えて、増援を要請する。数の暴力に圧倒されることを避けたいのならば、センサーの有効範囲に入らないようにするか、早急に始末してしまうこと。, 高速で歩行移動する「Runner」は集団で行動することが多く、仲間と連携し自動兵器でプレイヤーを追い詰める。接近されないように気を付けなければ、猛烈な突進攻撃に足を取られ、ほかの機体による追撃を許してしまうだろう。, 素早く静かに動き、正確に敵の急所を突く、高い知能の持ち主「Hunter」は、実に様々な戦略を駆使してプレイヤーに襲い掛かる。近付きすぎれば腹部に刃物を刺される恐れがあるうえ、距離を保ったとしても、絶えず物陰に隠れていなければ大量の弾丸を食らってしまうだろう。, 魅力的な襲撃対象だが、油断は禁物。資源の採集に時間と労力を注ぐ「Harvester」は、周囲にあるものから動力を得ている。ほかの機体に護衛されていることが多いが、いざ脅威を前にすれば、損害も略奪も受けずに危機を乗り切ることに全力を尽くす。, 最も重装甲にして高火力の「Tank」の巨大さは、家屋や人間たちを悠然と見下ろし、歩行するたび大地に揺れが走るほど。戦略なしに戦闘を挑むのは無謀といえるので、前もって作戦をたててから攻撃開始し、ロケットの発射準備を始めたらいつでも逃げられるようにしておくこと。, © 2020 Avalanche Studios | Generation Zero® is a registered trademark. [Community Report] Fixed an issue where some windows could be pushed right off of the house. The Reaper has entered the battlefield and i... Update November 5, 2020 Update Yes, now you’ll be able to gather resources and start crafting more of the things you need to survive the harsh Östertörn winters battling menacing machines. Fixed an issue where items would "jump" from one hand to the other when swapping from a weapon to an item. Fixed multiple crashes when various combinations of a host or client(s) would exit to main menu in a multiplayer session.
[Community Report] Fixed an issue where machines were not properly spawning in for the FNIX Rising main mission "Tidal Wave", blocking progress. Fixed an issue where Calle’s hair would look weird in specific lighting. Upped the max Region Level to 25 from 20. Fixed an issue where Hunters were still able to fire back while staggered by the Experimental 12G Pump-Action. Fixed an issue where no map icon appeared for the Tank you needed to destroy in the Alpine Unrest side mission "Last Resort". Fixed a few instances of the radiation damage icon not properly showing on a player’s screen when they are under its effects. [Community Report] Fixed an issue where some hand-placed items in the world could only be picked up by the first player to grab them in a multiplayer game, when everyone should have access to it. Fixed several issues of floating objects. Fixed a crash when players would jump and use a quick slot button at the same time. Once again we’ve added to the story of Generation Zero by introducing more missions, as well as showcasing some new, but familiar, faces. Fixed an issue where the objective to kill machines would not properly update during the FNIX Rising side mission "Fighting the Future". With all of our new additions, we ask that you give us feedback on what you like or don’t like so that we can keep looking to improve the game for you.

Fixed a crash during the multiplayer join sequence for the player joining. It looks like something BIG happened there and has caused plenty of destruction. USK rating applicable for Germany. [Community Report] Clarified the requirements for the "Brain Power" Challenge in the Truth tree to eliminate confusion. Facebook: You will need to go into your Facebook account and opt-out of “Ads based on data from partners” and “Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere”. We think you’ll be happy to meet one of the more talkative ones who has some interesting theories. [Community Report] Improved the ability to crouch and / or go prone in certain situations so that you feel like you properly fit into the area you’re hiding near. [Community Report] Fixed an issue where it was quite common to get a "Failed to Connect" message when attempting to play multiplayer. Worth noting, the Reaper is unique, so don’t expect to see more than one at a time on the map. Many of which were taken from your feedback! [Community Report] Fixed an issue where Rivals were not properly spawning in for the FNIX Rising main mission "Piece by Piece", blocking progress. Fixed an issue where swinging melee weapons would generate too much noise and would end up alerting far away enemies. Fixed an issue where the incendiary machine gun rounds from a Tank would not properly spread to players who were near each other. Fixed an issue where bicycle icons were sticking on the world map and in-world even after a player tried to spawn multiple bicycles. looting a machine corpse). Fixed an issue where sometimes Ticks with no loot, were lootable. Fixed an issue where some fires were not causing fire damage. [Community Report] Players are now able to rebind the Prone key. Firstly we’ve continued our round of updates to the game world, and we expect many of you to very quickly notice more changes to the Farmlands region. Various text tweaks for clarity, brevity, or eliminating clutter. Fixed an issue with the final tier of the "Off the Grid" Challenge in the Scout tree counting Harvester kills incorrectly. [Community Report] Fixed an issue where some players could not see, or be affected by, machine weapon fire.


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