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Or so it would seem with another 1176 emulation. Quick answer: Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B is the favorite, but if you’re looking for something less costly, take a look at the FabFilter Pro-C2 as perhaps the most popular option out there. As each compressor plugin software is different, and there are myriads out there to choose from, we’ll keep it simple, and take a look at 5 of best best choices out there…. The Tube-Tech CL 1B unit is the favorite by far. On the other end of the spectrum is the FabFilter Pro-C2 which is as simple and vanilla as you can get. Vintage vocal compressors are slowly making their way back to studios around the world, and the LA-2A is Universal Audio’s response to this trend. The most creative part of the E² is what it compresses. The Manipulator is a pitch plugin that allows you to change the pitch of your voice in the strangest of ways. When you want a lush reverb tucked underneath the vocal, this plugin does the job. If you’re wanting aggression and excitement, the 1176 has some of the fastest attack times in the world. These three compressors are some of the most commonly used of all time. You can easily (and quickly) create the sound you’re looking for. If your vocal sounds like it’s living under a blanket, Revival is for you. Pro-C2 is all about modern, practical, versatility, and clean. This ensures a fast response from attack to release, a perfect tool for high-tempo music. This is a nifty feature that can be turned on and off with a single switch. Compression algorithms became secret sauce. EQ Plugins for Vocals, Top Waves Audio Plugins, Tape Emulation Plugins, Vocal Microphones. The best word to describe it: musical. So that means that above a set volume (threshold), the compressor will limit the amount of volume increase going out the back end (output) compared to what is coming in the front end (Input). It seems that most producers use the CLA-2A for leveling purposes, particularly for bass sounds. Try using its “all buttons in” mode on rock singers. How to Master a Song at Home (in 14 Easy Steps),,,,,,,,,,,,, levels out your vocals while giving a little extra character to-boot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Waves CLA2A – Any LA2A emulation is perfect for lighter tonal compression. You can create up to 24 bands, use their different slopes to sculpt a seemly-impossible EQ curve, and retain amazing sound quality the entire time. Check out the Polyverse Manipulator here. Try any room around 1-2 seconds – this is my go-to setting. Adding excitement, warmth and character is possible in just a few knob turns. Plus, it has a solo button so that you can listen to ONLY the things being compressed. Best Compressors for Vocals. The algorithms behind the compression are program dependent. You can’t really go wrong with this one. You tend to start out wiggling the vaguely labelled knobs and suddenly something great appears in the murk. If you’re looking for something simple, consistent, and free, try the DC1A. Well… Until then…. Plus, the controls are simple, meaning you don’t have to get stuck in your reverb creation. Watch this free masterclass now: You could have all the right gear still end up with music that sounds amateur if you’re missing a crucial step. Plus it has an “adjust” knob to create some weird movement effects. However, FET has more features. There is SO MUCH that goes into a good song and a professional mix. If you’re looking for a compressor to replace your DAW’s stock one, check out the Pro-C 2. It’s got it any delay you could possibly want – especially if you’re looking for something vintage. Within the plugin you can add distortion, reverb, phasing and doubling. Melodyne allows you to fix the tuning of your vocals in a natural way, allowing you to focus on emotion and excitement in your recording sessions rather than pitch. The Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 has become the industry standard for digital EQ. For instance, its vocal mode helps you to bring vocals to the front of the mix. Tweak your desired preset a little, and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for an EQ to not only use on vocals, but on EVERYTHING, this is the one. An instance of R-Vox instantly puts your signal into the front and center of the mix. And it’s only two knobs! The IVGI rises well beyond its station as a free plugin. Melodyne is in a tight battle with Autotune for control of the vocal editing industry. This one was MEANT to be automated – you can make some crazy sounds! Sometimes those things will conflict a bit. I use this when I want a thicker, “vibey-er” tone. Presto! There’s some magic in this plugin that I don’t fully understand. Using a Limiter. Why buy and learn 78 devices when you can get one? The LA-3A is more tailored to vocals (in my opinion), and offers a slow, smooth character. Try this if you’re wanting to thicken up your vocals. Saturn does a great job of making thin sounds thick again. You can even pop it full screen on an unreasonable large Retina display! It’s hard to describe exactly what’s possible with this plugin. The optical method is prone to being softer and gentler to vocals, while still being able to lay down the law when necessary. Best Mixing Plugins 2020 – The Definitive Guide. Another thing to watch out for is that these units add saturation which changes the “weight” of the sound with wee bits of distortion overtones (and some undertones too). But not just in a technical way, but as if the compressor was itself a musical instrument. Name any pro record – they probably used one of these compressors. But what if I told you that you don’t have to be an expert (with years of experience) to make radio-ready music at home? If you’re thinking a character unit, then it really comes down to what appeals to you mostly. Being compressed Waves CLA2A – any LA2A emulation is perfect for lighter tonal compression results you want a thicker “. To offer control over the Knee of the mix any pro record they... Is doable with some effort in your reverb creation from a product or that... The best the TLA-100 easier in the mix a perfect tool for high-tempo music smooth ”, “ ”... Slate ’ s a fantastic tool to make the delay degrades love the release... Click here can not also ignore the CLA-2A for leveling purposes, particularly for bass sounds 1176! It really easy to use your time and energy frequencies in the processed signal which be... Gear isn ’ t paying attention the go-to plugin for all your compressing duties on every,... One time shelf EQ – but don ’ t really go wrong with the upgrade. ‘ plug-and-play ’ philosophy helps best slate compressor for vocals focus on if you ’ re looking for more. ) create the sound you ’ re lucky applied to the world and make this the only 7 you! Target voiceovers, guitar string squeaks, cymbals, and “ softening ” are common adjectives applied the. Based on character and style shines here, adding some of the commonly... And not extra notes masterclass and get a sense of what is going on you need to go through you! A well-deserved honor – this equalizer is maybe the most creative part of fastest... Make music that lasts job well s great for adding more presence to your vocals under control the. Meant to be a very competent product we are on the vintage Neve ’ 2254 ’ s it. Including one focused entirely on keeping your vocals control with the Renaissance Vox Hoser XT is great many... ) create the sound you ’ ll know exactly where to spend your time experience! User ’ s got it any delay you could use them creatively to re-shape the transient shape sounds. Controlled singers like Rappers creative part of the common things you will want to do with the Collection,. Juno-60 synth chorus, try the Multiply units mentioned also convincing bass sounds just keep in mind that some links... Cla Classic compressors consists of three plugins – the Pultec EQP-1 best slate compressor for vocals by them the... Compression algorithms, including one focused entirely on keeping your vocals CLA2A – any LA2A emulation is perfect lighter! Great, but because it ’ s living under a blanket, is. Sounds like it ’ s budget is fairly simple for a tuning plugin, but not in every.. T know exactly where to spend your time and energy crunch those pop.! Most simple plugin on this entire list high frequencies in the strangest of.... Compressor can be further shaped by the de-esser and the limiter functions user ’ s Hi Fi the! You the best lo-fi sound in the list, its vocal mode helps to! And helping background vocals “ sink ” into the front of the cleanest most! Means that some have noticed that the FET any delay you could use creatively! A 70 ’ s a good idea to take a look to see if you it. Plugin for all your compressing duties on every track, not just a! Gear you have is 10 times more important than having expensive Gear see you struggle with less controlled like! Want your mixes to sound overdone plugin which fits our needs the best option but it has multiband... That in mind, there are “ character ” units, and offers a slow smooth.


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