funny airport code combinations
Some of my favs […] Comments. Whether you’re sending your travelers to YEP (Estevan Point, Canada) or NAH (Naha, Indonesia), we can all agree this job is much easier if you have a sense of humor! And there's LAX – what's the "X" stand for? . The origins of OGG are interesting: it honors Bertram Hogg, a pilot who helped build air travel in Hawaii. YUM – Yuma, Arizona. Petaluma, California, USA These are a few funny airport codes that had us laughing! You might even say "brr" if you … About Travel has a list of funny and innappropriate airport codes, but I noticed Pensacola, FL (PNS) and others like it are missing. Located somewhere between your 7th-grade class photos and your high school prom. Error: API requests are being delayed. seven airports we’d be scared to fly into, Escape To Northern Queensland And Taste Summer In The Tropics, Travel Writer Recreates Insta Images To Reflect Life In 2020, Beyond The Bungy: Adventure is What You Make It In New Zealand, Get Your Boots On: 8 Epic Hosted Hikes At Scenic Rim To Experience Now. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. FAT – BUM – Another internal flight option might just be possible from Fresno Yosemite Airport to Butler Airport in Missouri. TBS Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport, Georgia, PNS-CLT (Pensacola – Charlotte) must make a few people snigger, Philadelphia to the Solomon Islands: PHL-EGM. Aptly named for the farm animals frequently blocking the landing strip. . Ha! At KarryOn, we’ve already given you what we think are some of the funniest airport codes in the BIZ (hehe, BIZ = Bimin, Papua New Guinea), and listed the seven airports we’d be scared to fly into. If you like puzzlers, be sure and see my previous airport code article on why Nashville's has the code BNA and Knoxville's designation is TYS. Ferihegy was renamed to “Liszt Ferenc airport” a couple of months ago. If you serve (or served) in the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, Air Force or Coast Guard, we…, Cheap Flight, Expensive Destination: You found a cheap flight to a great destination but the food and lodging are going…, Grounded   We don’t need to tell you coronavirus has grounded travelers. . Watch out for grrrizzlys. You can figure out most of these codes yourself; for example, LGA is LaGuardia in the Big Apple, HOU is for Houston's Hobby Airport, and SLC naturally enough stands for Salt Lake City. Sorry sir, we don’t accept “that” as payment, at least on this airline. No, that’s not the name of some Chinese restaurant in KL, that’s a city combination taking you from Fukuoka (FUK) in Japan to Oshawa Airport (YOO) in Oshawa, Canada.


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