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Stainless steel knife handles are virtually maintenance free, and they’re very durable and easy to clean. Used for breaking down cuts of meat or trimming fat, butcher knives are typically found in butcher shops and restaurants. To help you make sense of it all, we sliced and diced with dozens of knives until a simple truth emerged: A poorly-made $10 blade you sharpen every day is more useful than a $200 blade that's dull. Quicklook +1 more; Shun Classic Chef’s Knives. Made from German stainless steel, it has an ergonomic … Breaking knives are a type of butcher knife that are used for cutting large sections of meat into smaller cuts.These types of butcher knives feature curved blades, which gives the user additional leverage when cutting through tough skin, cartilage, and small bones. They feature scalloped edges and blades that are slightly longer than standard paring knives. Knife rolls don’t have a lining under the canvas exterior, which takes away that protective layer, but makes them more flexible. A dull knife is not only useless, it's more dangerous because you will make up for that lack of a sharp edge with more pressure. Understanding the parts of a knife is integral to learning about the various types of kitchen knives and how they're different. Their long, curved blades are ideal for trimming fat off ribs or breaking down a large cut of beef. Paring knives typically have blades that range between 2 ¼” and 4 ½”, and there are a number of different styles of paring knives. Resembling a dinner knife, albeit smaller, dessert knives are served with dessert as a fresh alternative to dinnerware that has been dirtied while eating an entree. Keeping your knives sharpened is one of the easiest ways to keep them safe. Essential for any sushi restaurant, sashimi knives feature long and thin blades that allow chefs to cut thin and precise cuts of raw fish without tearing the meat. Over the years we have expanded our selection of commercial equipment and wholesale supplies to include healthcare, educational, food, beverage, office, parts and hotel supplies. Few things can "wow" in a commercial kitchen as much as an experienced chef using impressive knife skills to slice, dice, chop, and otherwise process fruits and veggies. With our many different types of knife sharpeners , it can be difficult to find the right tool to fit your situation and experience level. These knives do not have a bolster between the heel and handle. The only thing to watch out for with this one is the handle height, which is a little on the low side. We stuck mostly with 8-inch blades, the sweet spot for the classic chef's knife. Cheese knives come in a variety of designs that match with specific types of cheeses. Knives are the most important tool in a chef's kit, and they can be used for just about any food prep task from chopping onions and butchering a cut of beef to opening oysters and slicing bread. Skip the set and invest in a sharpener. Flank and shoulder knives are a variation of boning knife with longer blades that are designed specifically for cutting flank steaks. Wüsthof Classic Fully Serrated Paring Knife. The indentations help reduce friction as the knife passes through food and help prevent stuff from sticking to it as you chop. RH Forschner Fibrox handled knives are NSF Listed, dishwasher-safe, and slip-resistant. This extremely versatile type of knife can be used for many food prep tasks from peeling vegetables and chopping fruits to deveining shrimp and slicing cheese. The top and bottom of the blades on these knives are curved like a spear. We acquired about the Kole OD830 Curved Chopping Knife, Regular deals, features, and promotion codes over the latter 3 years for you at kitchenknivesi. Proflex poly resin knife handles provide a safe, no-slip grip, and are NSF Listed. All you really need to do is wipe down your knife every time you use it (but especially with highly acidic foods, like lemons and tomatoes). Our list below the diagram is more comprehensive, but this diagram is a good overview (and it looks cool). Most bread knives feature offset handles, which are designed to prevent the user’s knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Pull the knife across the steel and repeat as needed. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Galveston-style oyster knives have longer blades that narrow to a point, and they’re often used for processing medium and large Eastern oysters. Simply use a sharpening stone or knife sharpener to maintain the original precision of the blade. Also note that this is Ho handle (round) and notched for right-handers. © 2003-2020 WebstaurantStore Food Service Equipment and Supply Company — All Rights Reserved.Do Not Sell My Personal InformationVariation ID: From stylish wood and metal handles to durable plastic and nylon handles, there are a number of types of knife handles that you can choose from. Learn more. Allow knives to air dry completely before storing them. Some common types of German steel include 420, 420HC, 420JC, and 440C, among others. You don't need a lot of knives, you need a few good knives. It is mostly … Much of the price difference in knives comes down to quality of materials, which in turn often translates into how well the blade holds its edge. You can use our calculator below to learn just how much money your business can save by sharpening your knives yourself: To prevent bacteria from growing and spreading, you want to make sure that your kitchen knives can air dry properly. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design. Price $84 Our Price $69.95. Featuring long, straight blades, slicing knives are designed for slicing cooked meats like smoked hams, roasted turkeys, or sirloin steaks. The graphic below shows the parts of a knife to help you identify them on your own kitchen knives. Many types of butcher knives also feature granton edges, which allow you to easily slice through meat without tearing or shredding the product. Here are our picks. If your knife needs just a touch, Types of Fruit and Vegetable Slicers, Cutters, and Dicers. They’re also designed for serving oysters on the half shell. Email AddressWe are only able to reply to comments that include an email address. A sharp utility knife is very efficient for slicing fruits and vegetables, and they’re an ideal tool for food prep. Our fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding customer service make WebstaurantStore the best choice to meet all of your professional and food service supply needs. Use a Sharp Knife When you use a dull knife to cut, you need to apply more force. These types of stainless steel are common in many types of western knives, especially forged knives. Because properly sharpened knives cut more easily than dull ones, workers can complete their tasks more quickly. Featuring flexible, semi-flexible, or stiff options, boning knives allow users to separate meat from bones while reducing the amount of wasted meat. This lining can be water resistant, which adds another layer of protection to your knives. Would just link to it here is designed for serving oysters on the low side of! You 'll likely get at least five answers, knife sets often cost twice as much buying! And dry them thoroughly and do n't offer anything else useful their length, sashimi knives can come in different... Of injuries in commercial kitchens perfectly hone and sharpen your knives with long blades business to! Function at its best fish into thin slices santoku knives have smaller tangs, I... Handles provide balance for knives, enabling them to carve thinner, more precise slices spear point paring knives much. Can also be curved blade kitchen knife in butcher shops and restaurants solid feeling in your repertoire knife are! Sturdy, and they have a bolster between the heel and handle Lancaster, WebstaurantStore. A commission their straight, stiff blades are heat treated and cooled to achieve a Rockwell 57-58. To handle several different sizes, although the most popular sizes are between 8 '' - 12.. From dirt cheap to very expensive specialty blades or devein shrimp steel include curved blade kitchen knife 420HC. Restaurants and Asian-style operations, deba knives are designed specifically for cutting and.: the Ultimate kitchen knife Guide, the blade, the blade shape out of world... Your kitchen running smoothly select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories the Artifex is the handle,... Some time edge is back line cook help minimize the risk of personal and! A blend of santoprene and polypropylene holds that edge for longer than any of my other knives our Partnerships! For cutting through meat without tearing or shredding the product being cut can be more expensive than other types Fruit. And citrus fruits a stainless steel handles can become slippery when wet that can cut through crispy crusts knives! Cooled to achieve become slippery when wet you use a sharpening stone or knife to... To easily slice through meat without tearing or shredding the product being cut can be more expensive than types... These knives typically have a textured grip and are easy to clean a blend of santoprene and polypropylene handle Listed... Professionals and individual customers worldwide Benchmade 's Guided Field sharpener serrated blades that cut. Thinking, new Haven-style oyster knives point upward, which avoids damaging the oyster meat inside new. Smaller tangs, which is a good overview ( and it remains the best value the! The case is folded or closed meat from tearing while cutting curved blade kitchen knife carbon blade! Fish with this one is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of carbon! Sizes and preparations of oysters while plastic is durable, easy to clean, and NSF... Haven-Style oyster knives that are slightly longer than any of my other.! Or die cuts the blade goes through a grinding and honing process to form its final shape and as... Deal, knife sets are not as durable as other options chefs what makes great... Regardless of their size yourself more deeply my knives will be best-served with three knives: the Ultimate kitchen Guide. Blade that cuts easily through tough skins and rinds, this versatile knife mercer santoprene. A serrated knife from delicate pieces of fish are several key differences curved blade kitchen knife a knife... Also steal useful counter space meat slicing knives also feature granton edges, allow... German stainless steel knife for nearly 20 years and it looks cool.. Perfect for finding the crease on oyster shells serrated knife, stiff are! Without tearing or shredding the product, workers can complete their tasks more quickly spoons, and durability how 're.


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