finn and clarke fanfiction lemon
Did you forget that your precious baby sister is one of us?". Her blood covered hands clutched her shoulders in a desperate attempt to stop the shaking of her limbs. Just a little lonely girl, desperately seeking help but everyone was expecting from her to be strong every minute of her life and they were blind to her chaotic roaming. Your phone had been blowing up with comments and tweets and dm’s from Instagram the hole day so you turned of your phone as fast as you ended the call with Jack. Love you only: part1 part2 part3 part3,5 part4 part5. She brushed past him and took off her shirt, she was dripping water everywhere. There was nowhere to run. Finn se calma brusquement et afficha une moue narquoise. She had no time for bad boys seeking redemption; her plate was full with problems as it was. Your head was spinning, was he mad at you? You standing up with shaking legs and take a deep breath to prevent that your voice will crack when you talk. Clarke could swear she had seen a ghost blush that day. No wonder why they act like they do. At times when me and Finn make eye contact, I can see the guilt in his eyes. Clarke was pretty sure she had stopped breathing. Takes place after the bridge is blown up. AKA the childhood best friends to lovers AU 2-3 years in the making. Bellamy had the rare talent to see right through her and it scared the shit out of Clarke. You have known the cast for about 6 months by now. His warmth was an addiction Clarke couldn't get enough of. All the choices, all the key points in their life, everything that led to this moment. She turned around and left the life pod without looking at him. Especially when Lexa showed up while Clarke was at work and helping a client or in the middle of one of Clarke’s lectures or her favorite, while Clarke was walking across the stage to receive her diploma. You can still remember how awful it felt when you had to say goodbye to each other even if it only was for two weeks. Will contain smut in later chapters. Finn and Clarke have had sex, and Raven is back. You are still laying in bed, listening to the pouring rain outside that’s taping on your window, when the doorbell is ringing. Bellamy is used to his roommate bringing home a new girl every night, so when one sticks around, it's pretty strange. You open the door without a word and get in to the passenger seat soaking wet. You quickly sit up in your bed, just looking at Finn. ", "I'm not avoiding you. Finn, Raven, Jasper, Octavia, and now, me. Her wish came true but she never imagined it like this – the price was unreasonably high and it made her crave the familiarity of the Ark. Summary: y/n and Finn has dated in about a month when a photo of you and Jack Grazer is trending on all social media, a photo that was taken 5 months ago. Bellamy withdrew his fingers, loving the whimper of loss from Clarke, and with her help he unbuttoned his pants and finally freed his cock. After a few minutes is some knocking at your door, you didn’t bother to answer thinking that it’s was your mom and the door was unlocked anyway. Her hands were still covered in Finn's blood. But as their bodies entertwined and he granted her the whiteness she craved so much Clarke couldn't help but get addicted to him, Bellamy. (Based off S2 and will go all the way to S7).Basically The 100 but with the scenes and scenarios us Bellarkes really wanted. Oh, yes, definitely worth keeping. Of course I can do a part 2 . Clarke threw her head back and bit her lip in an unsuccessful attempt to stop her moans. Sex, love, loss, and guaranteed to make you cry. Clarke pulled her defenses back up and her mask was once again on when she faced him. And his lips were a fire against hers. This one was worth keeping. The photo was trending on all social media, how couldn’t you have seen this?! Summary: y/n and Finn has dated in about a month when a photo of you and Jack Grazer is trending on all social media, a photo that was taken 5 months ago.. Two tries later and she was back on her feet and out under the rain. The way you look in to each other’s eyes and the hole world disappears around you.” He takes a few deep breaths before he continues. the amusement was gone from his voice. “Can you just tell the media that we’re not together, that the photo was taken 5 months ago?” You say sounding more commanding than you wanted. What happens when Bellamy starts falling for her, made even harder when Clarke adopted daughter Madi turns up. "Do you mind?" Please be carefully when reading if any of these themes could affect you. You just need a pause from every for awhile. OR the alternative season 2 where Clarke is broken and wants to give herself up to the grounders to save everyone because she thinks she is not important enough to fight for but Bellamy has other ideas about how important she is. Everyones gaze is on you, choked of your sudden act. Bellamy was fast to hold her and pushed her backwards until her back met the cold wall of the pod and caged her in with his arms, kissing her until the both of them were out of breath. Share via Email Report Story Send. Clarke was done dressing and was trying to fix the mess her hair had become. If she had to be honest with herself she always had dreamed of Earth – the blue of the endless oceans, the green of the virgin mountains, the purity of the clouds, the wonders of the animal world, and the diversity of the nature. Finn spits back at his roommate. Please consider turning it on! Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Clarke G., Bellamy B.] time, romance, adventure. She wasn't aware that she found little bit of pain that erotic. After a while, he realizes he's started to fall for this girl, and before he can catch himself it all goes to hell. Especially if it's Finn and Marceline. You are so confused and you don’t know what to say so you just stay quiet, shaking your head in disbelief of what’s happening. He walks to your bed and sits down beside you, looking down at his feet. "Alright, I've called you guys here because we need things. “I don’t know what’s more unfortunate.” Lexa had told her once early on. Damn him for asking, for caring in his own way. Now go.". And that, was Finn Collins. Just before your lips break apart you release it was the first time you said “I love you” to him. Princess Ariadne (or Clarke as she likes to be called, thank you very much) is tired of living in such a cruel kingdom. Bellamy's whispered fuck against the sensitive skin of her neck was spot on. We start in the present and then go back in time to when they first met. How can he not deny it?! "Can I help you?" His dark eyes narrowed. You’re too scared of what he will say, if he will believe you or the photo. Bellamy clamped his hand over Octavia’s mouth before she could finish the sentence. I haven’t talked to him in 4 months. The loss of Wells. They stayed connected for few more minutes, trying to normalize their breathing patterns. You tilted your tilted your head so you could see what you thought was your mom. If she wasn't so into it she would have probably been mortified at the wanton moan she let out of her throat. Y/n, are you there?”. And I just wanna remind you all that English is my second language so sorry for the grammar, thanks for reading have a good day/night! The hurt of seeing him with Raven. After further some seconds of client he continues. It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no way of becoming who she once was, no scenario where guilt burning its way through her heart is fizzles out so when the grounder command demands Clarke's blood for what she has done, she see this as an opportunity so save her people, she see it as something that she must do to pay tribute to those who have already fallen.


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