films shot on blackmagic ursa
And yet, the film's producers decided to shoot using the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro as its primary camera system. Hilarious. Is there a visual guide to lenses anywhere? The Sigma is great, but I wanted something a tiny bit softer.”, In terms of camera movements, it was important to Daniel to keep things subtle. It's definitely a 4k camera, but honestly, it's just not what I would purchase. ... Watch how BMD Ursa Mini Pros were used to shoot major feature film "Stand!". I've only seen a music video and some test footage which was all quite impressive. If it delivers what it promises, I would love to buy it(in like a year) Also, are the only mounts available PL and EF or do they have a Nikon F mount? My friend had a spot of money, and tried to jump on the market, and promptly sold the Ursa. is a musical movie adaption of the stageplay "Strike". DP Roy Wagner said about the cameras "I could expose for the shadows and print for the highlights, which is what we used to do with photo-chemical. This is an insight into the production and DP Roy Wagner ASC's experience using the Ursa Mini Pro on such a project. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'4kshooters_net-box-4','ezslot_4',144,'0','0']));“When I was scouting locations, I saw this long lane where you can’t see the start or the end, and I thought this is just a perfect example of what I’m talking about.”, He adds: “Bringing the idea to reality was a big challenge as I had to capture everything in eight hours. That was the first introduction to Blackmagic for me." “I like when cinematography isn’t super in your face, where the average viewer doesn’t ‘notice’ the camera. is a major feature film musical due for release this year, and it was shot on Blackmagic Design cameras. I paid for the actors to stay in a hotel the night before, then we shot each scene in chronological order, from morning to late afternoon when they had to catch their trains.” Daniel opted for the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K and Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, shooting in Blackmagic RAW 8:1. SXSW film “Flesh and Blood” used multiple of Black magic’s arsenal of cameras including URSA Mini 4.6K, Production Camera 4K and Pocket Cinema Camera. With a commercial background, having worked with brands such as Jimmy Choo, Diageo, Heineken, and Byron Hamburgers, Daniel has recently decided to focus purely on narrative work. "Stand!" EDIT: Twenty years on a camera. Blackmagic Design gear used to help make more than 20 films this summer. It's a story that can be best described as 'Romeo and Juliet" set against the background of the 1919 Winnipeg general strike, one of the notorious strikes in Canadian history, which culminated in the federal police occupying the streets, over 30 casualties and one fatality. "Stand!" I'm not having to use a cosmetic rouge on the key light like virtually every other camera I've used that's digital.". Know what I'm talking about. Have these been announced? Get Instant Access! “At the time I was testing the little 20mm Canon lens, it’s only an f2.8, but when I stopped down on that one, it looked surprisingly better. “The URSA Mini Pro has more dynamic range, and the internal ND filters are helpful, but you have to love the Pocket 6K for price, weight and features, and I think they both complement each other well on a shoot.”, eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'4kshooters_net-banner-1','ezslot_7',145,'0','0']));On choosing which lenses to go for, Daniel says it was a bit of a happy accident. By Lieve Claessens. There are so many gimmicky things out there, and I just wanted this to feel real and flow naturally, and I think I did that. The new lightweight Panasonic LUMIX S 85mm f/1.8 lens expands on the growing choice for L Mount cameras. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cinematography community. It is simply a chip, with only the basic controls, and a big flat motnitor. Check Out Rusty – a Short Film Entirely Shot on the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K and Pocket 6K, Sony FS5 + Atomos Shogun Inferno Used to for Christmas Promo Shoot, 4K Raw Recording Now (Finally) Available for Atomos Shogun Inferno, Flame, and Original Shogun, Tascam Introduces DR-X Series Handheld Audio Recorders, Teradek Adds TOF.1 Rangefinder to RT Wireless Lens Control Systems, RED Komodo 6K vs RED Raven 4.5K Side-by-Side Comparison. Films shot on URSA and questions about lens mounts. It finally showed up, I opened the box, and instead of the needle, it was a pair of Tom Ford shades! I like the camera it is heavy as shit, I think upgradable sensors sounds great, ill use this for interviews and indies that are not handheld. “When I first got into cinematography, my main goal was to shoot short films and drama,” he explains. I've worked with cameras for years, all types. Spent time with a DP (close friend) and ran the URSA through the paces. “I have two dogs myself, so I’m walking them everyday.


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