federal vs private jobs

Other experts say discussions of federal compensation often lack context. I am new college grad starting a position in the Houston area in late June for a starting salary of $101k + benefits.

Post your resume with Monster.com. Neil Gordon, an investigator for the Project on Government Oversight, criticized the CBO and other reports for ignoring a far more pressing issue: the rise of federal contractors.

However, the time off/schedule is what is luring me in! All workers hired after 2014 are required to contribute 4.4 percent of their salary each year toward the basic benefit plan (before that it was 3.1 percent). And the job security is much better in government. Get a FREE assessment.

Every service member leaves the military eventually. The federal resumes are longer because the federal Human Resources specialists want your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (and duties and accomplishments) spelled out.

Like any situation, a tactical, informed approach will help you prevail. This significantly affects the hourly rate of each job. It is only at the highest education levels – those with graduate degrees – that private sector workers fare better than civil servants. Is there something i'm missing?

I chose a field that I loved. Private industry resumes don’t feature the keywords as much as the federal resume. However, I've been informed that the $110k job is a minimum 50 hour per week job, whereas the $79k job is almost guaranteed 40; if you go over 40, you get compensated for that with either straight time or vacation time. Work directly with commanders to ensure the proper utilization of Electronic Warfare to safeguard friendly personnel. Related: Does your resume pass the 6-second test?

“It’s a blessing that I have those benefits.”, A new report from the Congressional Budget Office translates that blessing into dollars and cents.

Even those federal workers with more education, up to a bachelor’s degree, receive 21 percent more in total compensation. Proved effective as short-term project leader directing multiple operation events and major maintenance projects under pressure. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice.

I can't believe I never asked for this before! Having a successful career in the military is a major accomplishment. Federal workers also receive more paid leave than private sector employees. All the federal benefits: tsp, pension, etc. Federal workers with five years of service can receive up to 33 days of paid leave, which includes 20 vacation days and 13 sick days per year.

The government job is tempting, but I'm not sure if it's worth cutting my earning potential by a third, especially this early in my career. The federal resumes are longer because the federal … I don't know if this helps, but the job is categorized under "Lab Demonstration" pay chart with entry-level positions beginning in DBII (GS-5 to GS-11). You can view a federal resume and a private industry resume for six case studies on the eCD-ROM, which costs only $9.95. As long as you're sure you can pass the security clearance (I'm assuming you'll need to fill out an SF-86 and then some), go with the Huntsville job.

Initiate clearance process for personnel requiring new clearances, and identify personnel whose authorization has been revoked. The CBO report may bolster the Trump administration’s efforts to streamline government. They have long paid Medicare taxes, making them eligible for that program.

Seems like an easy call. It will make a huge difference to your quality of life, the time you can spend with family, and the things you can do. And if they demand that of you you will get paid (comp time or overtime). Federal agencies contribute an additional 13.7 percent of an employee’s annual wages. Often times public jobs come with a pension that can honestly be a game changer. How We Determined The Jobs With Largest Private, For-Profit Sector Premium. While federal employees tend to receive lower salaries than their counterparts in the private sector, they enjoy far more generous benefits. There were times in my career when I did work 50 hours a week, but it was because I was having fun and was stoked about my work. I started in the private sector though.

For more newsletters, check out our. Plus, it gets 26 days of paid leave each year as opposed to 10 days at the $101k job (but this was already accounted for as a cash-value benefits). Rosenbaum said that in 2015, only 56 percent of private sector employers offered their workers a 401(k) plan, and that 41 percent of those didn’t match employee contributions at all. In general, however, benefits put federal employees in a different league than other workers.

Related: Unleash your career potential and get customized job recommendations based on your military experience and personality traits. I am asking Joy for details now on the job (title, full performance level, etc). “Working for the government and for the veterans was more important to me than a paycheck or a benefit package.”, Why Fed Workers Out-Earn Private Sector: Benefits. Joy believes that this position will be renewed into a permanent position after one to two terms because this position is back-filling retiring employees. Related: For the latest veteran jobs postings around the country, visit the Military.com Job Search section.

Instead, the government should provide more compensation up front – through immediate pay instead of down-the-road retirement benefits.

Seems like the quality of life improvements are worth it. Do you think that the "term" position offers the same stability as a permanent position? It found that federal employees earned 34 percent less, on average, than their private sector peers. Now I have the ultimate work/life balance, and I get to keep my health plan and benefits.

Also make sure the $110k job is worth burning the bridges for--will you ever want to work there again? As an Army veteran, she explained, she was eager to put the skills she earned as a Vietnam-era veteran to work helping train and serve the next generation of military caregivers. Be sure you're OK with working a clearance job--it's not for everyone, your life and your family's will be under scrutiny, and people can get denied for reasons they wouldn't expect.

We looked at PUMS American Community Survey data from 2012-2016, focusing on the income of employees working for the federal government and the private, for-profit sector. I agree. With only a $0.14 difference, it seems like it would be a wash at the end of the day, but the salary themselves are $26k/year apart! The job that Joy wants me to apply to is not listed on USA jobs.

Her reason? Reardon said critics of federal retirement benefits should instead focus how “to ensure a livable retirement for all Americans, not diminish existing retirement programs.”, Greszler said pouring more money into benefits is counterproductive. Kathryn is also the author of the Military to Federal Career Guide and CD-ROM, filled with successful samples of federal and private industry resumes.

How serious would that rift be? Im going to go against the grain and recommend the private role. Employee Assistance Programs offer free professional counseling for all federal employees coping with alcohol or drug abuse, work or family problems and job stress. 1. A 2016 analysis by Rachel Greszler of the Heritage Foundation found that private sector employees receive roughly one-third less time off: an average of 13 vacation and eight paid sick days each year, in addition to holidays, which vary considerably by employer.

“I don’t think they get too much in the way of benefits,” she said. TEAM LEADER, TRAINER, DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR, PLANNER, LOGISTICS COORDINATOR.

Private Industry vs. Federal Job Resumes: Apples and Oranges. Job-seekers have two main employment options when it comes to finding work; a state or government job and a job with a private employer. Those 43 days work out to roughly 8½ weeks. As long as you're sure you can pass the security clearance (I'm assuming you'll need to fill out an SF-86 and then some), go with the Huntsville job. The Federal Salary Council, which is made up of union representatives and outside compensation experts and advises the White House on federal employee pay levels, issued a 2016 report that focused on salary rather than benefits. "50 hours a week minimum" generally means "60 hours a week expected".

Agencies or offices may close or morph into new forms, but there will always be government jobs.

In contrast, the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 Employee Benefits Survey found that only 8 percent of private sector firms offered a defined benefit program. TLDR - put in the work now and youll be set for the rest of your career. Well, I'm in mechanical engineering.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The general tradeoff in public vs private employment is lower salary/better benefits/more stability vs higher salary/moderate benefits/lower stability. That will be a monumental task. Then senior management (GS15). The VET TEC pilot program is proving more popular than Congress anticipated. Tony Reardon, president of the 150,000-member National Treasury Employees Union, said efforts to portray federal benefits as too generous only tell half the story.

And the 20-plus years you've spent in uniform mean you have a highly sought-after skill set in the civilian world. The great thing about a Fed job is that you (most likely) won't HAVE to slay away 50+ hours a week. Government employees also enjoy longer vacations and more time for sick leave. While many workers in the 1099 or “gig” economy receive no retirement benefits, the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which covers federal workers hired since 1984, combines three retirement plans into one: a basic, or defined, benefit plan, a thrift savings plan, and Social Security. Federal workers also receive more paid leave than private sector employees.

Across All Generations, More Veterans Are Finding Jobs, VA's High-Tech Training Program Runs Out of Money After One Month, Making the Transition from Special Ops Medic to a Medical Career, Translating Your Military Resume for a Corporate Audience, 3 Top Tips on Handling Resume Keyword Filters, Resume Tips for Health Care Professionals, Federal Jobs: 10 Common Resume Pitfalls to Avoid, An IT Certificate Can Unlock Portable Employment for Military Spouses, How to Quit Your Job: What to Do Before You Resign. No big deal.

Referencing a 2011 study titled “Bad Business,” Gordon wrote: "We were also astonished to discover that contractors’ billing rates were, on average, 109 percent more than the total compensation paid in the private sector for comparable services. Veterans are faring better than the general population, employment stats show. Thanks for your input. The benefits are generally comprehensive, including health, eye, and dental insurance.

Again, this goes to a longer resume with more details and explanation. However, a broad range of studies have found that most federal civilian employees are paid better than comparable workers in the private sector.

In this situation, what would you do? However, the title "Mechanical Engineer" in another job posting is listed as a GS-13. All rights reserved.


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