favorite supernatural character poll

I just feel really sad because Mark won't be playing Luci next season. What did you think about Drag Me Away (From You) (15x16)?

Would Anna have been better instead of Castiel? Jody Mills is the epitome of resilience and strength and her compassion and love for others also make her a beloved character on the show, who hopefully won't get killed off, like so many of our other favorite recurring characters. He wrote the not-so-popular Supernatural book series, which is how Dean and Sam discover him and force Chuck to help them. Which image is more touching? Jo was really amazing and from her first appearance till the last she was just great.

Ten episodes I love, which one do you like more? Driven by jealousy and wounded pride, he only saw humans a broken people. It's the life Claire needed... and it's the one she deserves.

Witches are back in fashion. What did you think about Game Night (14x17)? Yes, he was only alive for five episodes but hey, those episodes rocked! POLL: Favorite Scene in Supernatural - Last Holiday Posted by Lisa Macklem at October 09, 2020 0 Comments LM

Your feeling? Sheriff Jody Mills first appeared in season five, when Sam and Dean met her on a case. Claire Novak is the most daring girl and she deserves to be more liked. Bella was amazing, she got what she wanted. Calling all Supernatural fans! And seeing his own brother, Lucifer, kill him just broke my heart. I'm always kind of happy that he's there because I love him so much but at the same time I'm terrified for him. DamnHe is brilliant. Bobby was also very REAL, he lived in the middle of nowhere, ran a scrapyard, and had a filthy house of a bachelor. SPN recurring characters - Name from S-T: Who is your favorite? Bobby was the glue that kept the Winchester boys alive and saving the world. Hope he stays around for a little longer, wouldn't be the same without our king! Poor Adam...still in Hell...in the Cage...with Michael, WAKE UP SAM AND DEAN! A female character surviving in Supernatural from seasons one to eight! Being the sharp lady that she is, Jody immediately recognizes Bobby’s voice after asking to talk to their supervisor and tells Sam and Dean off.

Poor boy just wants to see his Mother again.

He's too innocent and pure for this world. As one of the longest running horror/dramas, Supernatural has had many characters come and go. Narcissistic and proud, Lucifer only shows any compassion toward his fellow angels and the only time he is remorseful is when he kills Gabriel  for defying him. When Lucifer returns as a hallucination for Sam, he uses his slippery speech, cruelty, and insults to make Sam doubt himself and the reality around him. Devastated by her father’s death, Jo decided that she wanted to become a hunteras a tribute to her father's memory, despite her mother's attempts to keep her from it. Crowley has changed dramatically from when he first came into the show, but at the same time he has remained himself. Rowena is amazing. At nineteen, Jo's strong-will and stubbornness reared its head as she defied her mother’s wishes and went on her first hunt, where, Like Dean, Sam has sacrificed himself for the greater good, stopping the apocalypse and attempting to close the gates of Heaven and Hell at the end of season eight.

He's incredible and by far the best horseman.

No one screws the boys like he does and with that much suave and charm. There's actually a point where he tells the boys that he almost died after losing Mary, and that he wouldn't be able to handle losing one or both of them, uses a bullet from the Colt to save his boys, and he SELLS HIS SOUL to save Dean, and right before he does, Sam accuses him of wanting revenge on Mary more than saving Dean, which was the exact opposite of why he was going to ...more.


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