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He remained silent, gawking dead ahead as the information ran through his mind. They sat like that for a little while as Artemis poured her eyes and feelings out. You can create all of the free content that you want without ever having to spend a dime. Aphrodite was crying now, expecting to die. Never do that again though. Artemis knew full well what he meant. All chipper and ready for school?" So as their parents sat at home waiting for the gender of their first grandchild, Percy and Artemis sat in the pickup, the latter worrying slightly about the upcoming ultrasound. "I was the one who threw you this party. "Are you kidding? Both Amphtrite and Aphrodite also glared at him, can't being able to believe he would suggest that. Percy sighed and played a drum solo on his seat. She said, crying onto Artemis shoulder. I've never seen you this upset before." We wanted to provide a platform that helps writers promote their work and encourage readership by making their stories more accessible & reading them easier. Everyone's worried sick about you guys, get in." Percy's whole world fell apart as he sat on that seat outside the delivery room, his family and hers crying around him. We'll do the latter first, and once we're done the boys will come back and we'll have the actual birthday party." She said simply, placing the box in Artemis' arms and patting it. I don't know where she is." Your son's gonna be a father before he even gets out of high school!" Artemis looked down at the box and wondered for a second if it was a shotgun. Fiction & Fanfiction's new home. Share on. Artemis sat on the park bench in silence watching the little girl play in the sandpit with some other kids. He heard the voice of his girlfriend from the doorway. "Oh, Artemis." They walked down the street, eating popcorn as they wondered what to do next. Percy was forced to watch as Aphrodite slowly walked up and killed him one last time, ending the game. He offered. Please tell me what you thought of the story. He didn't even know she was coming over tonight. When it comes to sharing your work, you have a lot of options between many different fanfiction sites and fanfiction apps! You can sit next to her, Percy." She couldn't imagine Percy dumping her, or making her get an abortion. He asked, holding out the ring a bit more. Artemis was getting cramps, so she was walking slowly and like she had a side stitch. She screeched, making her two eldest children wince. "How are you so calm? Don't ask why they were going through that. But still, he wasn't done. "Where's my daughter? The two scared teens didn't question her. She said, launching herself at Hestia for a hug, forgetting that she was like 6 inches pregnant. A whole lifetime of memories flashed through her mind, as if she was on the verge of death. Wattpad. I'll probably post an epilogue, so leave ideas for that. Otherwise she'd be almost guaranteed a spot in senior year. I know you think you're a loner who's only survived because of his family, but that doesn't mean you're an outcast or whatever you're thinking. I decided to do it in third person POV, because it feels easier to write from two people's perspective with no one's perspective. She said with a faraway look in her eyes, like she was thinking. This isn't getting a dog, this is a child. "Oh." I'm running on about 16 litres of coke and I really need sleep. From that point on, she didn't bother holding back the tears, nor did she sob. Goodbye." Adult content, no matter how "obscene", is for the most part not censored in the UK. "I'm here. The rest of them gradually woke up and smiled, getting up and congratulating the two. She then walked over to the largest present, which was large. Ils sont utilisés ici uniquement à des fins de divertissement et les auteurs des fanfictions n'en retirent aucun profit sur ce site. "Ugh, all that?" She congratulated him, before returning to her work. Their English teacher, who also happened to be Percy's stepfather, Mr Blofis, was always entertaining during English class. Aphrodite had no idea what to draw, so she decided to draw the Mona Lisa. Percy immediately shot across the room, carefully taking his daughter into his arms. She said, still looking straight ahead. Hestia sighed, her calm and happy expression never leaving her face. They both used chalk, since it was easier, and got to drawing. The blindfold was removed from her eyes, and Artemis gasped. If lets you search for fics and save them to your phone so you can read them even if you can't get them online. Something he'd noticed during the past few weeks was that Artemis hardly gave a shit about her appearance in private. He smiled over at his parents. Artemis inferred, sitting down next to him. They'd understand. I thought Percy would think I cheated on him and dump me, but instead he came over and hugged me. They walked into the planned parenthood, and Percy gestured for her to go take a seat. His name was Priapus, and long story short, I got pregnant. Instead of asking for help, she climbed all the way up and got it." Her and Percy hadn't had sex in four months, since they didn't want to hurt the baby and Percy personally didn't find huge stomachs attractive. Percy said, waving his arm as he entered the tunnel. "Well, what was it you called me for?" Percy hummed in affirmation as he sat down on the bed next to her. There was nothing though, just a tunnel the tracks went under. "Arty, we need to take your pants off. "What the hell do you do for fun in this dead end town?" He entered the room, quietly shutting the door behind him, before sitting on the side of the bed and looking down at her sympathetically. The rest of his face had paint on it, with what appeared to be a handprint over his left eye. Aphrodite was the first to break, squealing so loudly the baby was probably gonna come out deaf before she tackled them both in a hug. The Jackson boy asked, which was met by Jason and Piper shrugging. Not literally of course. She said, to which Artemis managed to pull it over. They originally didn't want to know things like the gender or size or what it looked like. It's gonna be a girl. I've never had a partner since. "What?!" One of the best things about Wattpad is that it’s interactive. Since it was Fall, they decided to stay in and watch movies. "I thought you were gone. He assured her, and Artemis let out a sigh of relief. He smiled as he thought of his love, with her lush auburn hair and her glistening silver eyes and the equally silver ring he'd put on her finger. "Where's everyone else?" Percy sat behind her, legs on either side of her hips as he played with her untied auburn hair. For fanfiction too, this site is great. Pushing his plate aside. She was also temporarily removed from the high school cheerleading team, which did make her quite sad. Artemis stuck close to him, still very anxious about her new state. It was Percy's favorite flavor, especially when they were actually used as nachos. After less than half an hour, they were left with a small wooden box with railings on all sides. The doctor shifted the probe around a bit, and after a few moments the faint outline of a shape came into view. They sat there for a while just hugging and enjoying each other's presence. His daughter was gone. That had gotten Artemis thinking about how big it was, if it was a boy, if it would look more like her or Percy. While it’s among the best fanfiction websites, there are many other sites like Wattpad that can also be worth discovering. It had three lines of stitches along the stomach, looking like a war vet or a chucky doll. "Hey, you seen anyone else around?" "Yes, I am Jughead!" Jason answered, but their chat was cut off by the school bell, signaling that they should be heading to class. They had gone out for lunch at like 1, and with the movie and time they spent at the diner, they'd racked up 5 hours. Swimming and Football stresses him majorly, even to the point where he got prescription meds to take the day of games from the doctor to help alleviate his anxiety. Aphrodite nodded, putting her phone in her pocket and getting up, leaving their plates for the waiter to take away. My girls are gone. "SHUT UP, BOY!" It wasn't your fault, anyway." His fiancee lay down on the bed, looking up at him. What's wrong?" Percy would bring home her schoolwork and she would spend lots of time a day on the internet using online learning sites, so that her grades wouldn't fall. Since Artemis was sick, Percy didn't really know what to do, so he abandoned a normal breakfast and went back up to his room to play video games. Fiction & Fanfiction's New Home. Besides, that's not what you say when you see the football team." Once the door was unlocked she walked in and closed it behind her. Create an issue on GitHub. Artemis nodded, and they cuddled together in Artemis silver-sheeted bed. "My water broke.". He had a huge fake beard that he'd found for two bucks, almost smothering his head. Aphrodite walked over beside Percy as he looked out at the cold January morning. She asked, not having seen the woman since Percy had introduced her to his family as his girlfriend about a year ago. She asked, nodding to the bow. He asked her, disturbing her from her thoughts and her half-sleep. He said out of nowhere, which was met with the worst possible reaction. But she was already outside. There was a light barely in front of her, like the tunnel suddenly had a light bulb. A fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. "We were just getting coffee downstairs. She picked up a relatively small green box and handed it to Artemis. Some also find writing for these sites to be a fulfilling hobby. He asked, angry that his dad would even toy with such an idea. For a moment, the contractions stopped, and Artemis looked at Percy, sweating profusely. I wake up, I need to vomit, I have to waddle into the shower because my stomach feels uncomfortable, I'm eating the most disgusting shit but it tastes so good, and on top of all that I've got constant homework. Percy knelt down beside her, checking behind them to see where the train was. "Let's… Let's just tell our parents first, then get their opinion. "Why do you always suggest that when you never seem to win." The light was a long way down, and they walked in pitch blackness for what felt like five minutes, all the while Percy talked with her to calm her nerves. Complete and utter silence. The only parts he liked were the cool moments like Kronos eating his kids. His girlfriend snuggled into his side, beginning the movie. I thought we lost this!" Aph was running for her life, thinking she could make it, when suddenly she tripped. She was wholly unprepared to find inside… a teddy bear? Your review has been posted. Artemis briefly began to worry if this was her fate. "Yeah, we talked this morning and decided we both want to keep it. He asked worriedly, getting up and walking over to her. by Saum Hadi Posted on January 8, 2020. "A pretty little thing.". Do we want this child? Apparently Aph ended up getting Mr Bear stuck on the tallest branch of the tree. "What? "Does Percy know?" Amphitrite went to work hours ago, and Dad hasn't come back since he left to drop off Artemis." "Kill it. He loaded up the game while she opened the bag of doritos and set it down between them. Quotev offers a wide array of fanfiction categories for readers to choose from. He didn't know what to play, so he scrolled through his list of games absentmindedly. Sighing, she pulled her leg over and jumped down. "Come on." "Great! "I'm right here, babe." How did this even happen?" I know it might seem like a bad idea on paper, but it will be worth it, trust me. Hera interjected. But does he have what it takes to put the pieces back together? "I was just pissed that you're dating Percy, even after like a whole year. Percy took one wall while she took another. "Why thank you, dear brother."


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