fallout 4 the lost patrol search for the recon team
Fast-travel to the National Guard Training Yard and head south to find the settlement of County Crossing, where, when you talk to a Settler, you’ll get a radiant quest. There may be slight spoilers, but ill try my best not to spoil anything. Two hundred years pass and you awake to a world ravaged by nuclear war. So I need to turn in the Finding the lost recon team mission to Danse but I cannot since his only talk options are those of a companion. Take her stuff and grab the Distress Pulser nearby, then listen to her holotape. The tower to the west goes nowhere, as the walkway is broken, but if you head up the tower to the north you’ll find the Super Mutants have built some precarious-looking walkways leading to the dish. Information on Settlements and items for construction. There’s a lot of them up here, so don’t be afraid to use the stairs as a bottleneck. Kill them all, then find the water tower on the south-western edge of town. but your description sounds like the game had a hanger there and after a pause and restart the client could resolve this and allow you to turn it in. Finally head up a road to the north-west and when you reach some barricades, turn east to find a blue house. Thin them out as much as possible before you make your way onto the grounds, then, when all is clear, look around to spot five towers you can climb: one in the middle of the array, and one in every prime direction. All in good time. Not enough Power Armor for you? This is ridiculous. You are the Sole Survivor and what awaits you is a mystery as you set out to conquer the Wasteland. From this house head north to find another yellow house and loot an Ammo Box and a Chem Box on a patio table, then head into a red truck to find a Super Mutant Helmet, a First Aid Box and a Steamer Trunk [Expert]. Anyways, from the relay tower head east to finally arrive at the National Guard Training Yard. Locate the body of Knight Varham to start the quest “The Lost Patrol” (left). Kill her and the quest will update, pointing you in the direction of a dead drop. Seems like ive stumbled upon a bug. Give Danse the details, tell him about Brandis and hand over the Holotapes and/or holotags, if you still have them to complete the quest. This is strange. ... you can search his body and pick the laser rifle (unique). From the first room make your way south into another room, where you’ll need to put down some Ghouls. The Lost Patrol Fallout 4 Guide. What luck! Kells does nothing, as Firerodan suggests. Sure… but there’s the matter of “The Lost Patrol” to deal with, and since you’re already out here… You know how this goes. Head up the central tower until you reach a dead-end, at which point you’ll find a table near an Ammo Box [Novice]. Loot his body for the “Battlefield Holotape”, his dogtag, then take the nearby Distress Pulser. Why not join us today? Pick the locked safe [Advanced] nearby, then continue south find Relay Tower OMC-810. I had this issue, and just got a solution - I had Paladin Danse hanging about in Sanctuary, and Quite Some Time after he became a companion I was wandering past him and he told me to report to Captain Kells instead. Keep following the streams north-east until you find a hill you can scale to the east. Can’t miss it. It seems like it’s time to head up to find this bunker, but first, there are some areas to the south that should be cleared out. I believe this happens after you complete "Show No Mercy". After they’re destroyed, you can loot two shelters, one to the south-west and one to the north-east, both of which contain an Ammo Box. Finished it at the bunker in in NE, no free helmet though. When you reach the yard you’ll find several threats waiting for you: Feral Ghouls, Frag Mines and turrets. Do what you will with the terminal then make your way south down a hallway across from the stairs and pillage a room to the east to find a Stealth Boy on a metal shelf. Explore this house to find a trapdoor leading to a Basement, whence the source of the signal emanates. Quest rewards: experience. This must be the remains of a Brotherhood patrol that preceded Danse and his group, and he’d certainly love to know what happened to them. After this you’ll get the chance to pass an easy speech check to try to get him to rejoin the Brotherhood. From the entrance head south down a hallway to find a blue locked door [Novice] to the east, beyond which you’ll find a cafeteria with a Nuka Cola Quantum on the desk. Eject “David’s Holotape” from the device, then use the terminal to bypass the lock on the nearby wall Safe [Expert] before looting a Steamer Trunk and leaving the bunker. Time for more signal searching! For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The Lost Patrol quest bug? Follow the signal west to find the West Everett Estates area, once a lovely little town, now a formidable Super Mutant camp. ... Recon Bunker Theta. According to a walkthrought you get the Recon Bunker Access Code 429A after you looted Scribe Faris and heared his holotape. If you continue along the brotherhood quest line, the quest will eventually be given to Capt Kells to turn in. Head east to find Revere Satellite Array, but approach sneakily. From the relay tower head east, tuning into the “Default Radio Signal” and following it. There’s little reason to visit the facility south of County Crossing, unless you fancy a free Flamer (right). Investigate this house to find the shattered remains of a Brotherhood of Steel patrol, most notably the body of Knight Varham. Head across the hall to the west to reach a large room with several holes in the floor. Head inside the ship and search the cabin to find a copy of Taboo Tattoos on a table near a lantern. Nice haul! Now it’s time to go check out that bunker. Finally, in the captain’s quarters you can find “Rory’s Terminal”, which details the notes of some imbecile who tried to raise Mirelurks. In the yellow house south-east of the entrance to the bunker you can find “Hammer’s Holotape” on a counter, where you can listen to Hammer scheme and cooperate with another Super Mutant named Fist… the same Fist you killed at Trinity Tower. Grab a Nuka Cola Quantum out of a wooden box on the table,then continue south-west to find a “Wayne’s Terminal”, which discusses some of Wayne’s trials. Can't complete quest SPOILERS". The entire place is crawling with Super Mutants, who lurk in equal numbers on the ground and along the walkways and fortifications.


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