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Good flight school, mix of customers, people care about quality and are willing to teach new-hires how to do their job better. Be the first to review Falcon Executive Aviation! There are also uncontrolled and private airports in the area. Please don't mistake his verbal feedback and input in the shop as anything other than him protecting employee safety and the property and lives of those customers and friends who have supported our business so graciously for so many years. Charters offer flexibility not available with the airlines. Welcome to the Falcon Executive Aviation Store. ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. Falcon Executive Aviation Inc. All Rights Reserved. We also offer CATS computerized FAA testing.

Air Force, Fore Falcon Executive Aviation | 75 followers on LinkedIn | Falcon Executive Aviation is an airlines/aviation company based out of United States. Costs of ownership have risen significantly. We do instruction in customers own planes, from ratings to type-specific transition training required for insurance. The one negative comment on Yelp for…", NOW www.cdavidmcvayschool.com has Pre-licensing ONLINE and continuing education classes ONLINE. DUATS, DTC Our complete syllabi and training materials are designed to provide quality training, and make transitioning between airplanes as easy as possible. The majority of mechanics choosing to leave our employ in the past 3 years have done so because they were relocating or had a better career opportunity arise. Begin by entering part numbers in the fields below.

Pay is lower than average Our pay is very competitive with other Arizona General Aviation shops. This place sets the bar for anyone else in the business. Falcon Executive Aviation opened its doors in 1999, bringing management with decades of experience. Username: Title Careers; Links. FALCON ENGINEERING +971 56 383 … Home Page, FAAST It is unreasonable to think you could effectively air condition a large general aviation aircraft hangar with 24' tall ceilings and an 80' door in 100+ degree summer weather when you are moving aircraft in and out of the hangar several times a day. Our pilot, Colton, was awesome. Falcon Executive Aviation's Charter Department employs some of the most seasoned professionals to pilot our aircraft to the destination of your choice. He gave my husband a lot more control over the plane than I certainly anticipated. DUATS, DTC Visit AirNav.com for current fuel pricing. This place sets the bar for anyone else in the business. DUATS, FAA 2) Failure to show up for work on time consistently or habitual unauthorized absences without a legitimate reason. Our entire original management team from 1999 still work for the company. When you charter a plane with Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc. we fly on your schedule, to any destination of your choice within the US, Canada, or Mexico. At Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc., we offer aircraft charter services as well as, aircraft rental, aircraft parts, and aircraft service.

At 5 Starr Aviation you are our priority. Full-service AvGas and Jet A fuel are available 24 hours at regionally competitive prices. The flight school in particular is the one area of our business that is very difficult to manage and grow. The online videos, new on a daily…", "I graduated in 2007 , you get out of it what you are willing to put into it , if you're lazy don't waste your time. Aviation Online Parts Store. Pinch-hitter training and insurance-approved simulator courses are available. I recommend extending the flight to one hour which allowed time to fly over the beautiful lakes. Contact us.

AVTRIP points and volumn discounts over 250 gallons are offered.

If you are comparing our company benefits to the airlines we cannot compete. There are currently no benefit reviews for this company.

Falcon Executive Aviation. Fly when and where you need to. METAR/TAF), Live Air Safety Institute, Arizona METAR/TAF), Live Don't know if I'll ever be able to top the experience. Air Force, Fore [4] ATC, AOPA Website, Aircraft Rating, Rental Checkout Website, Aircraft Thank you for visiting our website. I sat in the back and took pictures,  my husband sat in the captains seat next to the instructor. Store, Comemorative Dassault intends to launch a new Falcon model at the end of 2017, focusing on enhanced comfort and reducing fuel consumption and noise. Falcon Field Airport4766 E. Falcon Drive Most find him reasonable and he has over 40 years of general aviation experience. Falcon Field Airport does not … 1-800-237-2359 . Thanks for choosing Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc. of Mesa, Arizona, for all of your charter, sales, and aviation rental needs. 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask An Interviewer, "Chance to learn general aviation, but chances are you will not be there very long. So look us up on the web for all of your aviation inquiries.Available by Appointment.Fly when and where you need to. Thank you for your recommendation and the PRO's you listed The sales staff is great from start to finish and provides continued top tier level of customer service even after a deal is done. The very first and subsequent phone call for confirmation I made to this place were answered by a well mannered, helpful and kind man. Planning, CSC This place goes above and beyond the call of customer service.

TFR's, Flight From the Rocky Mountains north and east to the desert south and west, Arizona provides a broad range of airport locations for gaining experience. FAA

FBO +971 4 801 6600. Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? 1 other review that is not currently recommended, You can now request information from this business directly from Yelp.

As a small company, they are sometimes tight on man-power. Listings, Instrument Prior to the tragedy of 9-11-01 our flight school was booming, students use to line up out the front door waiting to have an aircraft dispatched. Full-Service Charter Twenty-Four Seven, Depart From Any Valley Airport Fly when and where you need to. Nancy & Paul. We provide safety-oriented training designed around your learning style, your schedule, and your budget. We would appreciate hearing your ideas to improve and grow the flight school and reduce losses in that dept.

When you charter a plane with Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc. we fly on your schedule, to any destination of your choice within the US, Canada, or Mexico. I'm not even based here and I will gladly fly in for anything I need because I know I can always count on Falcon Executive to get it done, and get it done right. Dear Employee, We would love the opportunity to discuss this with you! Flight, Hertz We work with variousDesignated Pilot Examiners in the area to make finishing your training straightforward. Falcon Executive Aviation provides a complete range of flight training: from first flight through Commercial, as well as Instructor certificates. Welcome to the Falcon Executive Aviation Store. If anyone ever asks about where to go for their boat maintenance and repair work I send them to Brett. Here’s Exactly What to Write to Get Top Dollar, How To Follow Up After an Interview (With Templates! Falcon Executive Aviation Inc. All Rights Reserved. Air Safety Institute, Arizona [6], Index of articles associated with the same name, "Dassault Delivers 2,500th Falcon Business Jet", "Dassault Could Launch New Falcon Jet Later This Year", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dassault_Falcon&oldid=892614927, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, scaled down Falcon 20, later versions known as Falcon 100, original model in family of aircraft, later versions known as Falcon 200, enlarged 30-seat Falcon 20, prototype only, Falcon 40 outside North America, new cross section twin jet discontinued due to, longer, heavier 5X, announced in feb. 2018, trijet, development of the Falcon 900 with its cross-section, trijet, larger cross section development of the Falcon 50, This page was last edited on 15 April 2019, at 18:50. The economy was good prior to 9-11-01 and many people had a nice disposable income and could afford to learn to fly or rent an airplane. If you have never done Online education, "Just do it" it's easier than you…, "Trust the reviews. There's a fantastic opportunity to learn about a multitude of aircraft. Our complete syllabi and training materials are designed to provide quality training, and make transitioning between airplanes as easy as possible.


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