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The £30 pack will allow a man to check his DNA against a child's to identify whether he is the biological father. Especially, if you need the DNA result to be used in court. The husband could perform a legal paternity test without the mother’s knowledge. However, without DNA testing, a father can never truly guarantee he is more than just a psychological parent to ‘his’ child. When paternity testing, it is beneficial to provide a sample from the mother; however, if necessary we can perform the DNA testing without a sample from the mother. Performing a secret paternity test in secret without the mother’s knowledge is not something I would normally recommend. Impact on child of knowing their father's identity. A prenatal paternity test is for couples seeking answers while the woman is still pregnant. But, if you are married to the mother of the child in question. Our DNA paternity testing kit contains enough collection swabs to test one alleged father, one child and one mother (if taking part in the test). Establishing a child’s biological origin is recognised by psychologists (and judges) as highly important for a child’s sense of identity. The alleged father could perform a paternity test unbeknownst to the mother but would not be able to use the result for legal purposes. Our test is AABB-accredited, accurate, can be performed as early as 7 weeks, and is completely safe for mother … Here’s an example: If a non-custodial alleged father does perform a legal paternity test without the mother’s permission, and the alleged father decides to … The first over-the-counter paternity test kit will be on sale within weeks.


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