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DAVID VELEZ: There it is. But, it is a ghost key, ghost Keys, one after another as they've seen evacuation levels unmatched in recent memory. Power could not come back for a long time. Families lining up in cars, desperately trying to beat the storm north and Irma's possible historic hit, is not the only hurricane threatening tonight. Now, I don't want to scare anybody, but I think it's good to know, if you decide to hang out in a high-rise, the winds increase the higher you go off the ground. In 2018, she appeared in four episodes of “Anderson Cooper Full Circle”, the series which covers the news in interactive ways, and gives its viewers a … It is not safe. He is not mincing words. And back to the weather center. I want to go back to the weather center and our meteorologist Tom Sater. But this has surpassed Allen in another devastating category. I'm kind of wondering if you extended the lens of that, what the faces of the Republicans would look like because they were not so thrilled as Chuck Schumer. Of course all the aid shelters opened, the evacuations, businesses closing. He said he never told his dad. Erin? BURNETT: And Senator, you know, you mentioned, you know, you're right, in the center of this, your family. Homestead, Florida, 30 miles south of Miami. If he can get votes to get something done, he'll do them. But also Miami-Dade County, the coastal areas, you know, South Beach which is world famous, all of the areas there, they're on inland are vulnerable to that storm surge. SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA (via telephone): Yes, we've been putting up shutters at my home, too right in Miami. We knew it was going to follow suit. 4 and then Cat. It was unexpected by the president. They want that momentum to continue so it doesn't fall over. He made that even clearer today. BURNETT: And Senator, just before you called in, we had a report from Homestead which of course obviously was decimated by Andrew.

(END VIDEO CLIP) BURNETT: Senator, what do you tell her? That doesn't mean there won't be catastrophic conditions here as the storm continues. Now, when it comes to the maximum winds, 175 miles per hour with gusts to 215, that's just around the eye wall. What is the latest? So -- and she was, by the way, very warmly received and I think it went over very well. They can come and help you. BURNETT: Jen? The prime minister says upwards of 90 percent of the island has been destroyed. The governor of Puerto Rico telling me moments ago that winds there, in his words, are like nothing we have experienced before. We're going on hour 60 with this being a category 5. She is stranded on the island tonight along with her friend Kelsey Priest.

As Bill said, people heeding these warnings as they should. Let me tell you why this is perhaps the most vulnerable neighborhood in the United States right now. BORGER: He spent much of his summer dissing the Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. In Saint Martin, even more deaths flooded cars and debris found all over the island.

BURNETT: And, Governor, you know, we look at the models. So, Robert Mueller wants to interview some of the White House aides who were aboard Air Force One. BURNETT: Well, we don't want to use anymore of your battery up. Erin Burnett. BERTRAN: I just have to think positive. Not only is it the strongest hurricane to ever be recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, it is sustaining it for an incredibly long period of time and it also will pile up that water for a long period of time as well, different than Hurricane Harvey that was last week intensified at the last second, when it came in. And then we have a whole suit of radars that really help us basically take a cat. SATER: I think the biggest is this issue, Erin, when you have a path coming from the south to the north, you've got a lot more real estate, that's going to have some damage. Others talking about divisive issues like guns and immigration. So this is the strongest that has ever made land fall in the Leeward Islands and it is devastating island after island. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement.

And OutFront next, brand-new video of the devastation in Saint Thomas. We're not really in a zone, area prone to flooding. Palm Beach County, Broward County which has a lot of villas and then extending out to the southwest coast as well. [19:10:06] BURNETT: And of course, that eye wall (INAUDIBLE) spinning at least 70 miles from the eye of Irma. Are you prepared for that? This is -- the governor has said expected to be a catastrophic form -- excuse me, a catastrophic hurricane of a magnitude they have never experienced on this island. He wants to learn about what these people knew. It's too bad, Erin, that this front was not moving through this area come Friday or Saturday, because that would really help push Irma away from the U.S. but timing is everything. It's right now going through the Turks and Caicos where it must be incredibly bad. However, I do think it means that what Democrats got here is another chance to add something to a must-pass bill in December. I know that all eyes are on you and Puerto Rico. They barely have buildings that are in one piece right now. ADAIR: Well, if she's anywhere in coastal sections, I'd say that is a pretty big mistake. BURNETT: And I know you are both about, what, two minute walk from the beach and, you know, you're at sea level, if not below. Now, don't think that everyone in the state is going to feel that, but that's like a category 3 tornado on the ground for hours and of course that diameter and just outside. 5 before and this is my eighth hurricane season flying with NOAA. I think maybe we saw the tip of the iceberg where Facebook acknowledged that they found about $100,000 of Russian placed ads and a number of pages that they will subsequently in groups that they will take down. It's such a large storm that the impacts will be widespread. So, those are things that we're dealing with. Just north of that location that you're looking at, cars flooded, boats tossed. So the biggest things we're looking at are the exact location of that eye, that center. This is nosebleed sea, it's about as high as it gets. She says she's got baby formula and food for them and she's going to ride it out.


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