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Alphas take, and force, and control. Or... the apartment that used to be his.It's not mine anymore, is it? "You're too fucking easy. On your neck. If Levi could have just loved Hange as a mate, if she could have been born an Alpha, everything could've been easier. The Omega felt long fingers threading through his hair, and he pushed his head up into the touch. After a few moments the pressure increased, and soon the Alpha was rubbing fiercely against him, switching from one side of his throat to the other, marking both glands in kind. levixeren ereri erenxlevi attackontitan riren erenjaeger leviackerman aot eren shingekinokyojin snk yaoi lévi boyxboy ererifanfic rirenfanfic leviheichou aotyaoi anime fanfiction. Begged the Omega to let him bring him home. Levi couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't think. "Do you want anything else? Eren's smell was in his nose, and under his face, and all around him. Levi had seen Alphas watching over their Omegas this way, but never truly considered that it was the Omega who had the control. "It's okay. #ereri fanfics #ereri #riren #eren jeager #levi ackerman #a/b/o #alpha/beta/omega au #alpha/omega #snk #aot #fanfics #fic recs Anonymous asked: hi there i’m looking for a fic by teapotscandal and another writer called matched, and i can’t find it anywhere and ao3 is not showing it. Not an Omega in heat, though. He sighed in bliss, keeping his neck above the surface. Levi crossed his arms over his chest, glaring. Eren still held his face to the side, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the Alpha nod. Ich wusste nur noch davon das … "I- I don't know. He had not been prepared for his reaction to the Alpha's mating pheromones, had not ever felt them in his skin before, not even once. Or so he had thought, anyway. Levi had always known what he thought it was to be an Omega, but with this Alpha pressed up against him, calling to him, touching him, he realized he did not have a clue. Das Problem wurde den Administratoren automatisch gemeldet. The Alpha left without another word, door clicking as he closed it behind him. The Alpha made no move to head to the bathroom, however, just stared into Levi's face, expression torn. Fuck, no. Blue and purple marks ringing their wrists, eyes black, lips busted, sometimes with broken ribs and shattered hipbones. Not hot enough?" The Omega nodded, casting his eyes away again as pink danced across his cheeks. Levi was in no better shape, head still tilted to expose his throat, legs wide, pupils blown dark with lust. Shit, he was in the bathtub, what a stupid fucking question.


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