environmental assessment and permissions branch

's of Lorne, Victoria and Glenboro-South Cypress, Wastewater Collection System/Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Biosolids and Sludge Solids Removal, R.M. Wastewater Collection/Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, R.M. There are 10 approved Class Environmental Assessments in Ontario relating to a range of infrastructure and natural resources project types. Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. Limited.

Triage meetings between ministry staff and the proponent to discuss the proposed project and public concerns. Gerdau Ameristeel MRM Special Sections Inc. Operation of the Mining Development Commonly Known as the Chisel Lake Mine (Chisel Mine), Constuction and Management of a Water Impoundment Suitable for Waterfowl Production, Upgrading of the 230 - 500 kV Transformer Capacity in the Dorsey 500 kV Switchyard, Constuction and Operation of a 9-Hole Golf Course, Relocation of Provincial Road #240 from Provincial Trunk Highway #1 to Provincial Road #331, Operation of an Anhydrous Ammonia Storage and Supply Facility, Constuction and Operation of the Brandon Crocus Plains 115 - 12 kV Station, Construction and Operation of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Steep Rock Beach Development Multipurpose Resort, Operation of a Sandblasting Booth and Associated Storage Warehouse Facility, Upgrading of Provincial Trunk Highway #68 from Provincial Road #278 to North of 17-25-11 W, Construction and Operation of the La Verendrye-Mohawk to Assiniboine Loudoun 115 kV Transmission Line and the Assiniboine Loudoun Station, Operation of a Wastewater Collection System and the Construction and Operation of a Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, Construction and Operation of a Wastewater Collection System and a Sewage Treatment Plant, Operation of a Dry Fertilizer Holding and Blending Facility, Construction and Operation of a Riffle Pool, Operation of a Custom Meat Cutting and Wrapping Business and Smoke House, Larry James Dyck, The Stanley Soil Management Association, Construction Operation and Maintenance of a Water Control Structure and Reservoir, Construction and Operation of the Nine Hole Expansion of the Existing Golf Course, Relocation of the Winter Road between Provinical Road #391 and Thicket Portage, Construction and Rehabilitation of the Upgrade of P.T.H. of Brokenhead, Buiding Products & Concrete Supply LImited Partnership, C.& B. Stirling Enterprises Ltd. - 2001 A.S.L. of Hanover, Crop Protection Products Warehouse, Town of Minnedosa. of Glenboro-South Cypress, Sunflower Seed Processing Plant, City of Brandon, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation - Milner Ridge Correctional Centre, Wastewater Collection/Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, R.M. of Shoal Lake, Wastewater Collection/Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, R.M.

of Arthur, Brenda and Winchester, Nelson River Construction Inc. - Unit #2032, Nelson River Construction Inc. - Unit #66-00, Wastewater Collection System/Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, R.M. Director, Environmental Assessment & Permissions Branch. of North Cypress-Langford, Upgrading of Provincial Trunk Highway 16, R.M. municipality and region. We appreciate your assistance in identifying of Siglunes, Newsprint Manufacturing (formerly Abitibi Company Limited), Malthouse and Grain Handling Facility, City of Winnipeg, Pointe du Bois - Sewage/Wastewater Treatment Plant, Town of Pointe du Bois, Irrigation Dugouts - Buffalo Creek Phase 2, Crop protection products warehouse, bulk Liquid/granular fertilizer blending/storage, anhydrous ammonia storage tank and Distribution Facilities - R.M. of Glenwood, Red River Drive Slope Stabilization and Realignment, Cabinet Manufacturing Facility, R.M.
of Glenboro-South Cypress, Maple Grove Colony Wastewater Treatment Lagoon, R.M. 38, The St. James Assiniboia School Division No. of Bifrost, Crop Protection Warehouse and Distribution Facilities, R.M. If you encounter problems with missing information or bad links, please email Pipeline extensions to a rural water supply system. of Shell River, Water Treatment and Supply System, R.M.
of Russell - Crop Protection Warehouse, R.M. Apr 01, 2015 - Change in Fee Schedule for Environmental Assessments (PDF:107k).


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