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She wasn’t out for 30 minutes of “cave” time, she was out for 30 minutes of “surface” time. Scared she returns but nobody believes her, so Taylor goes to check it out but when he returns to the surface the landscape is much different than what Cara had explained. As Hopper enters the cave, he sees a cowboy practically motionless. And just a little bit further in, they see a cosmic scrum of different characters set in a frozen fight. You do a disservice to both your readers, the filmmakers, and the fans. It was like he was dialing in a point in time to before he was injured. recommendations list.

I’ve seen many time travel movies, and Time Trap does stand out from the rest. While the film’s concept and its depiction were great, the acting was a bit of a letdown. They were able to revive characters from death, who were “reborn” also in a pool of water. So, the girl who went to go use the GPS was only gone for 30 min earth time perspective and virtually no time in terms of cave time perspective. 2010 a space odyssey somewhat helped explain 2001 a space odyssey. By then the air has changed, and the planet is swept by enormous dust storms.

Perhaps your time would be better spent not being so negative towards opinions that may be different from your own. And as I said even if she came back down a week a month or a year later for them would have still felt like seconds she didn’t age quicker outside the cave not really it just seems to like that to them cause they r moving so slow from there point of view but she didn’t leave the cave at all so there would be no time lapse, not for them anyway but just my opinion sorry repeated myself a bit there.

I might just be seeing this all from a teen’s perspective (which I am) rather than an adult’s (which I’m up assuming you are), but I don’t know. If only there could be a sequel where they discover a cave that reverses time! It’s right as rain. Concept was great. And this was a very intriguing movie. I just finished this movie and my mind was in so many directions and so confused that my eyes watered a bit (that happens when my brain starts going nuts XD). Time Trap Movie Timelines Explained and Discussed - or how this movie might be worth ago just for the mechanics of its 'time travel'... or not. Every time I try to reply to someone it makes a new comment. It must have to do with the water being able to slow down and even reverse time to a a previous point. Why is everyone frozen?

Maybe Cara could climb out sooner and sees something like what Prof. Hopper discovers. Like every second in a cave moves time on the surface back one year.

Time within each layer slows down drastically.

I would have liked it however if they explained how the water and time bubble worked, as well as telling us specifically, how many years had passed on Earth since they were in that cave. Because it wasn’t deemed some dangerous expedition. This was a really good movie. How does the water affect time and “heal” and revive them. Trash review. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (1) Synopsis (1) ... Armed with mountain climbing equipment and ropes, the group unknowingly rappels into a break in the space-time continuum, where time passes at a rate much slower than on the surface.

Just saying! Also they must be able to monitor time because he showed them the news where they went missing and how in the future earthlings figure out how to travel thru space and time!

His helmet device scans Cara’s face to play news clips related to her and her sister’s disappearance. Simply that while you’re in the cave, time flies by on the outside at a rapid pace. One cycle of seasons is seen in about 4 seconds, which means an. I felt the setting stayed the same for too long and there was no clear plot or theme really. I’ve seen worse acting. Also passing through a time dimension would rip you apart, or at least leave everyones backs extremely dusty haha. The ending wasn’t bad, but I wish it wasn’t a “leave it to the viewer/reader” ending. This movie is an interesting concept that falls short in the execution. I just really want to know what mars is like in this movie. The screenplay doesn’t even consider how orphaned these characters should feel. Heck, they don’t even more for the eco-bankruptcy of the entire planet. Taylor finds Hopper injured in front of another time dilation, containing Hopper's long-missing sister along with a legion of conquistadors in battle with the aborigines for the control of a waterfall at the center of the cave system. But Hopper discovers a cave with an immobile cowboy further back in the cave.

I wonder why. He sees the cowboy with the gun just standing frozen there. The whirlwind that we went through in seemingly standstill motion. I found that idea fascinating and made me want more. What happened to Earth in the future? Time within each layer slows down drastically. More cavemen attack, and the spaceman is fatally wounded, but he uses his dying breaths to show the group a series of media clips, explaining their disappearance and indicating that humans have become a spacefaring race. I disagree entirely!

That is what I thought at first but that isn’t the way it happened. From the perspective of the people in the world outside, thousands of years had gone past, but from the perspective of the cave people, it had probably only been a few days. This was pretty good.

This would have given the characters more time to realize and reflect on their unique and troubling set of circumstances. I know its just a dumb movie but its a fun exercise to play with in the mind and draw out hypotheticals from.. anyone else notice these inconsistencies/intricacies? Nobody wants to share the gift of the magical waters. So she aged for 30 minutes while her friends aged for a millisecond or whatever. I feel like the thinkers have wasted a lot of time not thinking. I came in just looking for something to watch and I ended up enjoying the movie. Assuming that one level down = 1 year per second and assuming the levels are equally impacted by the time differential, how on earth (or in space ;)) would anyone have been able to retrieve the little girl in any reasonable time frame pertinent to the main cast who is now on normal time, even if they sent that tube thing to grab her extremely quickly??? I would have preferred a longer ending which explained how the time bubble and the water both worked, as well as clarifying specifically, how many years had passed on Earth (and better still, what actually *happened to Earth* in the time they were in that cave). An old rope becomes brittle and snaps because of the weight of the person climbing down. No, it wasn’t great. That is for sure. You could see how it was such a shock to them. [1] It was released to video on demand on November 13, 2018. The group was in there for about 3 hours (I’m assuming twice the length of the film). But this article is not a Time Trap review, so let’s get to answering some of the questions the film raised. The second layer was a huge water fall that put a lot of water and the air. Especially people going looking for missing people. The sets were beyond cheesy (I kept thinking that sleestaks would arrive any second). I say oddly because it’s been only a few hours for them and they have lost everything and everybody they knew, including their planet! This is best illustrated near the end when the various characters are rescued by the “martians”: the big sis gets pulled out first, followed by the rest of her gang who are falling off the retracted ladder. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Furby was dead and Taylor was critically injured and possibly dead also. The Movie would have been so much more interesting if Furby would’ve came to look for them in the cave when he grew up to be an adult, because on the walkie talkie, he sounded like an adult, but later, we come to a realization that he was still the same age because he came down the cave like 2 days later, not 20 years later. The movie was amazing man. Models. It still gives me a headache to think about! Roots and surface water keep oxygen flowing even beneath us. When she returns back into the cave after a few minutes she should have aged many years relative to her friends left behind in the cave. I think any kind of movie involving time-travel needs to wrap things up neatly as possible. I’m super stoked you loved it and carry zero grudges when it comes to film creators that work outside of the big movie houses. He saves the dying Tayler but gets taken down by the cavemen. Just what the hell was going on in there?


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