disadvantages of federal system of government

Each entity is given the power to share control over the same geographic region as another entity. Here are some additional Federalism pros and cons to think about. With regard to the United States, federalism has been an ever evolving relationship between state governments and the federal government. “Federal Government Will Pick Up Nearly All Costs of Health Reform’s Medicaid Expansion,” March 28. http://www.cbpp.org/research/federal-government-will-pick-up-nearly-all-costs-of-health-reforms-medicaid-expansion. Prior to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, several states had already granted women the right to vote. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, Christine Vestal and Michael Ollove, “Why some state-run health exchanges worked,”. The system causes government to have control of itself because of great rivalry of power between the state and the nation. Another advantage of federalism is that because our federal system creates two levels of government with the capacity to take action, failure to attain a desired policy goal at one level can be offset by successfully securing the support of elected representatives at another level. Unless there are exceptions in place for each geographic region so that individualized needs can be met in some way, it can take more than generation to pass national-level legal changes. Welfare reform in the US originated from regulation efforts made in Wisconsin, for example, and many environmental protection policies have originated from California. 2012. It can provide evidence of success… or failure. Regional laws can hamper the passage of national laws. It stops national policies from being implemented. (credit a: modification of work by Antti T. Nissinen; credit b: modification of work by Marcin Wichary). The system of checks and balances in our political system often prevents the federal government from imposing uniform policies across the country. Whereas only 28 percent of U.S. adults trusted Congress in 2014, about 62 percent trusted their state governments and 72 percent had confidence in their local governments.[4].

This table lists the number of elected bodies and elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels. 3. Imagine if the President of the US were to eliminate all other branches of the national government. Problems have risen over the years relating to the High Court’s interpretation of the Constitution which favours of the Commonwealth government. The benefits of federalism are that it can encourage political participation, give states an incentive to engage in policy innovation, and accommodate diverse viewpoints across the country. What level of government would best enable you to solve them, and why? It causes uncertainty. States are considered their own government entirely.


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