did the ss californian sink

(The Ship That Stood Still, p. 15). Young Lord's first ship was the barque, Naiad, which traveled mainly to South American ports. 28 : The number of people on board the first lifeboat. Searching for a safe place for my family. And the titanic responded shut up! lights in the sky in the direction of this other steamer which I took to be

The initial distress rocket appeared little different from a Number of meteors he had seen that night. sinking ship panic was becoming common. The Carpathia had many more resources and a lot more bodies then did Californian. Certainly, they would have been bombarded by people jumping from the slanting decks. A picture of an elderly Rostron talking to a group of entranced schoolboys in the 1930s is included in small commemorative exhibition at the school. Her maiden transatlantic voyage from Glasgow to New York began on 12 October 1907.

Previously, I had thought it was some union organization, or something like that which helped him. I did not know what it was; I thought it mightbe a shooting star.".

Lord demanded a new inquiry to clear his name. Should he keep his trained seamen as lookouts, or put them at work on the lifeboats? It was amatter of much regret to us that he felt compelled toretire owing to indisposition. The Californian's best ever speed was 13 knots. Quoting... "For the next eighty years, official reexaminations of the evidence including one in 1992 all concluded the same results as the original investigations.".
Titanic – The Alternative Version – “God went down with the Titanic…”, Next post: Titanic: The Shocking Truth – The Biggest Conspiracy Theory of Them All. His ridicule even equal to that of J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, who survived the sinking. His vessel, the SS Californian was claimed to have been stopped for the night within sight of the sinking liner. By the time the Californian reached the scene, the Titanic had sunk and there were just bodies floating in the water. In the intership transfer examples cited, one of the common denominators were the ample resources which became immediately available. I do not agree with several points, but do respect the amount of thought that was put into it. It turns out that either way Californian was beyond effective range to assist Titanic in either case. ", This sentiment was echoed years later in Eaton and Haas' book, Titanic: Destination Disaster, 2nd edition (p. 151). It was not until 5:30am when the Andrea Doria's master and a few remaining crew members were finally removed from the ship.

I communicated that I had seen white Four days into the crossing and about 375 miles (600 km) south of Newfoundland, she hit an iceberg at 11:40 pm ship's time. Certainly, any attempt to save lives is a noble undertaking. If Captain Lord made the RIGHT "decision" in not going to Titanic's aid -- assuming for the moment that an actual decision *was* involved -- where does that leave Captain Rostron?

That was when the actual evacuation began.

Who doesn’t know about Titanic? Once alongside the sinking liner, Californian would have exposed itself to serious if not fatal damage once Titanic foundered. This incident resulted in momentous consequences and arguably changed the course of World War I. This is more difficult than it sounds. You are running out of people. The prudent method would have been to use lifeboats as ferries between Titanic and Californian. The attack on the SS California angered the U.S. greatly. Well, as a Captain (but also a researcher) I feel that Captain Lord should have made some effort, any effort. Californian simply did not have enough crew aboard to provide that many trained seamen without compromising the equally necessary proper watch in the propulsion plant and on deck. Trained Crew For Lifeboats – As mention earlier the size of Californian's crew is another factor overlooked by those who believe that it could have saved all 2,200 people aboard Titanic. Later that night the Californian spotted the flares from the Titanic. Lord was provided with a favorable reference from the Leyland Line, which read, in part, "We have always found Captain Lord a sober, industrious,and careful officer, good navigator and disciplinarian,and whilst he has been in command of our steamers, theyhave run free from accident.". Yet, what other method except jumping would have been available to load Californian's rescue boats when they came alongside Titanic? For the record, I do agree that the investigations put it too strongly that she might have saved "many if not all" of Titanic's passengers. 12,600 feet : The depth at which the wreck of the ship lays. He has built a clear lead over Donald Trump in key swing states where final ballots are being counted. Previous post: A Review of S.O.S. Lord was the captain of the Californian, a ship from the Leyland line. I'd take that personally. He  said, "She did not answer the Morse lamp and she hascommenced to go away from us." But again he wasn't told until 1:10am. Their son, Stanley Tutton Lord, was born on August 15, 1908. Former pupil Ann Willams is campaigning for a permanent memorial and has set up a website called 'Honour the Rescuer'. For nine decades, these official condemnations of Captain Stanley Lord and his ship, Californian, have been accepted and repeated as gospel.

So that is what he did. III. The ice encountered by califonia was field ice, quite different than icebergs..... Night time on the water is difficult at best. On 28 June 1914 California ran aground on Tory Island off the north-west coast of Ireland in dense fog with over 1,000 passengers on board. Captain David G. Brown has rescued 9 men and women using craft with similar gunwale height to a lifeboat. Lord himself went down and rescued the young man, which resulted in a lifetime friendship between the two. This would have increased by six fold the time needed to get all of Californian's boats into the water. Jan: You might find it interesting that the managers and supervisory personnel from Leyland Line who dealt with Lord directly... Read full post, Thanks to Tracy, Michael, and Erik! Small Numbers. Within the Titanic community, there are two factions of buffs and historian: Lordites and Anti-Lordites. Lord advised them that the rockets were probably company signals, and to try and reach the ship by using the Morse lamp. The conclusions of both Inquiries officially placed blame on Captain Stanley Lord of the SS Californian for his inaction of the disaster, a verdict that ruined both his career and his life. "Their own regulations on numbers of lifeboats, on 24-hour wireless cover, on ice patrols in the North Atlantic were found wanting," he said.

We have to remeber a couple of things in comparing the Carpathia and the Californian. Bridgewater who commented that Lord at age 20 was too young for an officer's position in the company.
As water poured into the stricken ship, the Titanic's crew fired off distress flares and hammered out SOS messages on the ship's wireless. The ship nearest by most accounts was SS Californian.Her telegraph operator turned off his equipment at 11:30 pm and never heard the distress calls. I've seen some very pedantic arguments over whether #4 actually went 'back' or whether she was simply in reach of swimmers (just as Frederick Hoyt was able to make it to collapsible D), but it seems fairly evident that while some people were able to make it to #4 after she pulled away and asked in at least some instances to be pulled in, #4 also returned *after* the ship sank and rescued more men. Instead, he accepted a temporary assignment to the Bernard Hall as 2nd Officer. That is assuming that Lord was told of the rockets at 110 am and immediately acted. The total number of trained seamen needed to supply crews to each of the six boats and to man the davits actually exceeded the total number of crew aboard Californian that night. Officers on the Californian watched the Titanic shoot off eight rockets without understanding their significance. All she could have done was to lower her own boats to pick up such people as were in the water, or were prepared to jump for it, and get those people in boats already on board.". No one could be expected to have survived more than 45 minutes. Roberts, of the Mercantile Marine Service Association, ruled rafting alongside the Titanic out of the question in 1912. The Board of Trade inquiry into the disaster was critical of Lord's inaction on the night. A result, he claimed, was due to shutting down for the evening. She was given the call sign "HLQJ", and the official registration number 124230.

At any cost. Still I think that even in this eventuality, the rescue work would have been... Read full post, Hi, guys! This turns out to be true whether the ships were separated by the minimum distance suggested by those who condemn Captain Lord or the maximum claimed by defenders of Californian's beleaguered captain.

In theory, Californian could have arrived on the scene at 2:45 a.m she would arrive just as Titanic is foundering. He observed: "The Californian could never have gone alongside the sinking ship. Had Captain Lord gone up to the bridge that night and identified the rockets as distress signals, he would most certainly have awakened his wireless operator.

THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL: then that did not satisfy you? All non-essential power on the ship was shut down as Rostron pushed his ship to the limits, ordering his crew to prepare hot food, blankets and medical care for the survivors. Cordially,


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