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Me: I’m going to search for Resident Evil cosplay pictures on DeviantArt. Botticelli. If I were to imprison you in a book-universe, which book would you go for? Would you rather eat a bathtub full of bird poo (one time only), or have a bird poo in your mouth every day? He seems like a really nice guy and I think we’d get on. Rule #3 tag 11 people then link them in the post. Also search by username.More features are certainly welcome. Unless you’re using the weird Northern English dialectic meaning of “pudding” as “dessert”. Moral of the story: trust your instincts, kids. How many characters/letters can have a tag? Which one will you have? These feelings are totally normal, but for the large part, there's a hope present. Here goes my day…, JFC MY LIFE WOULD BE 2000% EASIER IF THERE WAS MULTIPLE TAG SEARCHING. Lets us search multiple tags. 1. Saw a lot of shows, made very little money, living the dream. Am I the only one who wishes we could search for multiple tags at once? WHY? I want to search Batman and Poison Ivy but I don’t know how to search multiple tags at once :/. Are there others I could add to an artwork? Follow our young hero as he makes his way through the agony of existentialism, the crushing, soul-wrenching despair of life, and his hilarious antics when he finds out he’s into TWO girls! 8. However, it makes my life miserable. What’s your favourite pudding? In which case a decent cheese. Do you know the possibilities of this? Sit tight, as we’ll be rolling out the release to a wider audience soon! Zombies are here. Not one single person searches for tags the way you want them to. Thanks for your input. So what every categories are already on DA or whatever section you put it under, you don't really need them. YOU JUST USE #[Insert tag of choice here] #[insert second tag of choice] and so on. Exactly. I am going to grant you complete fluency over any language. activity for a month. There is probably some diabolical reason that Tumblr does not allow multiple tag search (from a technical POV, it should be trivial to implement). How can I find specific shit, post, or anything really, when I can’t fucking search with multiple tags? #i was gonna make an individual tumblr but i don't feel like tryna beat the system, #imma still be shitposting but im gonna start real posting as well and, #of course ill have a tag yall can block cuz u know me, #any questions feel free to ask no question is a dumb question, #that's what it kind of looks like to me but i'm not sure. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. It's been a few months since I left LA now, which feels both too long ago and also exactly right given the timeline of events, but it's still strange to me that so much has happened in such a small window of time. Tagging your work with words that relate to your piece is probably the most logical option to go by, but if you really want to experiment you can add whatever. If you find any bugs please message me on tumblr. It may become overloaded and crash, it may also be down for periods of time, and if this doesn’t make it to you before the address changes you may not get to see it! If you could live in any city in the world, where would you go? What was your least favourite subject at school? if I’m looking for shit about a science fiction film from 2007, “sunshine” is far too broad a search term. Obviously, replace “FIRST-TAG” with the first tag you want, then replace “SECOND-TAG” with your second tag. Nobody. Makes me think a bit. 7. The hashtag, number sign, pound sign, or even the original term "octothorpe". That feeling was pretty damned amazing, I’ve got to say. 5. Tags are represented by the "hashtag" symbol and the keyword. Tags are like"Verknüpfungen"Shortcuts or!? Pitch me a TV show! Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. YOU CAN SEARCH MULTIPLE TAGSNOW LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT, LIKE JUST TYPE IN #HARRY POTTER #FANART IN THE SEARCH THINGY. So there’s that. There should be a way to search multiple tags at once. 3. Open Deviations - Zoomed Out or Zoomed In: When you visit the page of a deviation, you can control whether or not you wish to see the fullview (Zoomed In, aka, the largest viewable file size) or the small view (Zoomed Out, aka, see the full deviation, even if the details are smaller) first. Me: It is really convenient how it can search multiple tags at once. No hesitation. or edit the post? You must be very selective and specific in the use of tags. Tag themes, genres, and ideas. Keywords on deviations were built to be an important tool to help discover artwork. Tags are our new way to label and create conversations around a topic. God I hate the tag system on this site. EDIT: Tumblr has now taken away this feature. Use more specific tags, such as #narutosmom (if the theme of your Dev is Naruto's mom)... You will get fewer results but you can easily find your …


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